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Bimmerfest: A Bunch Of BMW 2002s

BMW 2002s

We noticed that there were four 2002’s that were listed on eBay today, and since we had a recent request for one, we thought we’d give you a choice! First up is this slightly rusty 1976 is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is listed here on eBay for $3,500 with reserve not met. Although it’s not a desirable “round taillight” version, it does appear fairly solid, is a daily driver with some quirks, and appears to be offered by a knowledgeable seller. Continue reading to see the rest!

1974 BMW 2002

This 1974 is the less desirable automatic, but is offered here on eBay at no reserve with bidding currently at only $1,525. It’s located in Orange County, California. A great set of pictures shows that this one is in a little bit better cosmetic condition than the 1976 model, but I’m not too sure about that automatic.

1972 BMW 2002

My favorite of these four is this 1972 model, located in Boston, Massachusetts and offered here on eBay with bidding currently at $3,350 and reserve met. Another great set of pictures shows off the best points of this car, including the smaller early bumpers, round taillights and what to me is a terrific color for a 2002. With new paint, brake pads, lines, rotors, headliner, sunroof cables and seals, tires, head gasket, valve job, hoses, and clamps it sounds like a lot of work has been done and it shows.

1976 BMW 2002

Finally, there’s this one, another 1976, this time located in Beverly Hills, California and offered here with bidding currently at $1,285 with no reserve. This one is intriguing, with a 5-speed, lurid blue Recaro seats and several videos offered by the seller to illustrate its condition. The price is certainly starting low enough; let’s see if it stays there.

Which 2002 would you prefer? One of the less-expensive, more project-oriented cars? Or one that is fairly well sorted out already? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kenzo

    I’d rather have the Stude convertible in the background in the 2nd picture

  2. Grr

    That roundie is sweet…

    • rapple

      That one caught my eye too being close to home and all……until I looked a bit closer. With the resale red paint job (instead of the original and handsome Malaga seen under the hood), it probably caught the owner’s eye last May when the title says he or she bought it. Since then he has bought some cheapo tires and mismatched seats, has been hosed for an over-repair of a brake job, spent another $1750 on headliner/sunroof repairs and finally almost four grand for a head gasket and radiator cleaning (to the tune of 30 hours labor charged for what is at most a day’s work!). And what’s left? A tired 2002 with Bondo in the rockers (and probably other places that decent photos would reveal), a poor paint job and other obvious needs (check the front strut mounts in the photo). I feel sorry for this owner who will be very fortunate to get back the expenses incurred, much less the initial price. I hope the prospective buyer does a better PPI.

      • Felicia

        Thanks for the knowledgeable response. I am very new to the world of 2002’s and wouldn’t have known any of that. I am in the looking stage at this point. Can you answer one question for me? When you talk about the great cars, what do you call them? Do you call them Two thousand two’s? What’s the vernacular? I don’t want to sound completely stupid when I’m looking. Thanks for your help. All the way around.

  3. Horse Radish

    Watch out for this “Beverly Hills” curbside dealer, has/had 2 other (1 more 2002) cars listed.
    Check his feedback comments, I suspect serious shill bidding.
    What are your chances of 2 ! people bidding on your car only and wristwatches (?) ??

    • Horse Radish

      BTW: 3 buyers say he is misrepresenting the cars he is selling

  4. jim s

    how much time/money would it take to convert the automatic to a manual transmission? of the 4 it looks like the best deal to me, but that might change with the bidding. great finds

    • Tirefriar

      Jim, I’m not an automatic box fan on practically anything but after looking at the pics of the 74 car, I agree with you. I don’t think the conversion will be all that much – pedal box, trans, linkage. Possibly different drive shafts and guibos. The great thing about this car is that it’s smog exempt in Ca, the bad thing is it has 3 years of back fees due on the registration that are subject to penalties plus an upcoming registration for 2015-2016 yr. period. That could add another $600 to $800 on top of the sales price. Don’t forget the 8% Orange County tax rate. Of course, all that becomes a non-issue if bought and shipped to out of state buyer.

      • jim s

        yes if someone had to pay the back fees that would make a big difference and to avoid paying those fees a person would have shipping costs to take it out of state. what happens if someone tries to bring it back into Ca. at some future date? would the fees still be do?

      • Tirefriar

        If you take the car out of state and register it out of state, then you can re-export it. Tou need to fill out the statement of facts that the car was not operated on Ca highway after the registration expired and that the car was transported out of state on s flatbed ( note – not a conventional tow truck. None of the tires can touch the ground!). Then you should be ok

    • 912E

      So, what’s the consensus on the final price of $4000 for the white automatic? Did the buyer get a good deal or should they have kept shopping?

  5. pursang

    Those drivers side door gaps in the red one tell me it was hit at some point. Too wide at the front and too narrow at the rear. Shame.

  6. Tirefriar

    As the saying goes, a true petrol head must have owned at least one Alfa. I’d like add to that he/she must also have owned at least one New Class BMW. One of my first forays into euro car world was a 1968 BMW 1602. After blowing up the engine, I replaced it with a long block from a 78 320i. The 1602’s shorter ratio trans coupled to a larger engine really turned that little car into a “sleeper”. I remember smoking the new E30 off the line right by Pacific BMW in Glendale. Should have seen the look on some of the faces of those new Bimmer owners – priceless!

  7. booker williams

    I would prefer the first one. The 1976 is more of a project that i could restore to my liking. If the car is completely restored, i probably coudl’nt afford it.

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