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Have you ever wanted to start your own BMW parts and restoration business? This parts and project car lot here on eBay may be just the ticket to doing so. For $25,000, you’ll get a host of parts cars – including a Glas GT – and a trailer full of parts from a former service and restoration business. 


This is the most prized piece of the collection, as these rare Glas GTs can sometimes fetch a good price. Just over 5,000 were made, so it’s definitely a rare find. Its condition is obviously a big unknown, especially since the seller says the Glas isn’t one of the cars that was driven in and parked in 2003. There’s some chatter on the BMW boards that the Glas alone could make this a worthwhile purchase, with the extra parts cars icing on the cake.


There are a number of 2002s included, which are supposedly all rust-free cars from the drier regions of California. They include a ’69, ’70, ’71, a ’72 sunroof shell as well as ’75 and ’76 models. Suffice to say, this lot is designated for the 2002 fanatic in your life. Since most of the cars are far from complete, my guess is you’d either try and sell the shells or use the parts in the included trailer to build a few complete cars.


Here’s the aforementioned trailer, supposedly full of parts including two complete Tii engines along with mostly good, clean used parts. There are some NOS bits included but I would plan on owning just a lot of used stock in varying condition if you took a run at this collection. The risk here is you’re not really going to know what you own until you crack that trailer open, and it could just be a lot of ordinary parts that aren’t hard to find. Every BMW guy I know has this problem of owning a lot of potentially usable parts, but not particularly valuable. The question is, does the Glas GT and the ability to assemble one or two decent 2002 projects make it worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Bobsmyuncle

    On paper this seems like a no-brainer but let’s remember this is what’s left from the initial sale of the business in 2007.

    That means after picking through everything this lot was considered undesirable.

    Has the market changed that much that something that wouldn’t sell then is marketable now?

    Maybe I’m certainly no expert.

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    • RayT

      Most likely these cars weren’t thought to be worth much — if anything — by the shop owner. Stashing them out in the weeds was probably cheaper than having a scrapper haul ’em away.

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  2. jim s

    you would need to be close because shipping this would be costly. do a PI then make an offer. the 2002 bodies might make a good starting point for a race car. nice finds.

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  3. Doug M. (West Coast)

    I do quite a bit with 2002’s. I think a person could have a lot of fun, and do well on the project as a whole (especially with some tii stuff mixed in) with only one major concern (as mentioned above): transportation! I live in Oregon, so it’s not a problem to drive down and get any one car…. but to have the bodies shipped, we’re talking $5-700 per rig, and then there are all the loose parts! But it is an interesting proposition.

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  4. ron tyrrell

    Left over, after 1974 cars, core transmissions, I did these for years and what I see are dregs of past projects. Maybe 10k but even then you would have to look or inspect most every thing and then the transportation. I would not be surprised from 2007 to present most of the high quality items have been sold.

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  5. bcavileer

    I agree with Ron, dregs only. The Glas is cool, but ROUGH!
    2x over priced.

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  6. Ed Williams

    A little off the subject of these cars & parts for sale but I remember when the Glas was being introduced to the U.S. public at the L.A. Auto show. They had a red one on display and people were invited to sit in it and have their picture taken. So my mom sat in it, had her picture taken and got a finished card that said along the bottom edge,
    “You’ll look good in a Glas”. We sort of liked that car but never bought one.

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