Black Plate: 1967 Ford Mustang GTA Fastback

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Sitting in the back of a California barn is what appears to be a largely preserved 1967 Ford Mustang GTA Fastback, complete right down to its period-correct California black plates. The thick coating of dust suggests it’s not turned a wheel in some time, but the overall condition looks quite good. Amazingly, this is the same seller that we’ve featured a Mazda RX-7 and Pontiac Trans Am from recently, so kudos to them for stumbling on what seems like an incredible collection of barn find projects. Find the Mustang here on eBay where bidding is over $33,000 with a Buy-It-Now of $50K.

While the nose may look somewhat clean, the rear of the car hasn’t been exposed and shows you just how long it’s been stationary. The seller has several additional vehicles for sale, all of which are total projects but none of them are so desperate as to look like lost causes. Overall, despite the outdoor storage, the cars and trucks are surviving incredibly well. I don’t know the climate of Groveland, California, but it must be fairly hospitable. The fastback body Mustangs continue to be desirable specimens, and the GTA package puts this example over the top.

Better still is the condition of the interior, which suggests that the GTA was well-loved before its long barn-parked hiatus began. While some of the cars like the RX-7 were quite filthy on the outside, the interior was still quite nice. This Mustang is a case of the same, except it was helped with the partial indoor storage to keep the pine needles from piling up. The seats were likely redone at some point, but everything else appears as it left the factory. No word on an options list, or a Marti report, but the seller does say the car is for sale as-is – so perhaps he’s not too worried about documentation, especially given the current bidding.

I’ve seen GTA Fastbacks no-sale at almost $50K, so the sellers in this market must see the potential to clear that magical number. The GTA was a one-year car, so it’s not surprising to see big numbers and high asking prices for original examples. With the front fog lights in the grill, it’s likely that other GT Equipment Group components are with the car, including a limited slip and upgraded suspension components. The wide tires and wheels are slightly concerning, and I’d be asking if the original wheels are included for the current price. Do you think the rarity factor will help this GTA Fastback achieve its asking price?

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  1. Steve R

    It’s been sitting semi-exposed to the elements on a dirt/gravel surface for how many years? Why didn’t the seller remove it from its resting place to take better pictures if the car would stand on its own merits? Detailed, up close pictures would increase interest and generate higher bids.

    I’d also expect the seller to have current up to date title and registration before spending that much money. It’s one thing to gamble on a parts car, not something selling in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    Steve R

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    • scott

      Your expectations are to high, that was the proper thing to do years ago, now it’s find em, take a few pics, advertise “barn find” slide the title, (convince the seller not to fill out the date or release of liability form) and advertise!!!

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  2. Stillrunners


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  3. Miguel

    It is too bad it doesn’t have it’s original steering wheel.

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  4. Rick

    You probably shouldn’t leave important details out. Like the fact this is a 390 car!

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  5. Jerry Long

    That is the original steering wheel not the cheap Grant version.

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    • Miguel

      I thought all 1967 Fords had the big pad in the middle.

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      • Retired Stig

        Miguel, that was the hideous ’68 steering wheel.

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      • Troy s

        Yeah, the ’67 Fairlanes had that bumper car steering wheel too.

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      • Grumpy

        So did I. Maybe the GTA was different. The 68’s had a much nicer wheel. A fat horizontal bar across the center.

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      • Miguel

        Retired Stig, no the 1967 models had that safety steering wheel.

        They went back to a normal steering wheel in 1968.

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    • Grey

      That steering wheel is off a 65/66 Mustang. All of Fords, Lincolns and Mercurys had a large circular pad in the middle of steering wheel for 1967 models. I believe it was to meet energy absorbing standards .

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  6. JBP

    He also had a 1961 lesabre. But didnt even take the tarp of so you couls se the bubble top, and the condition for real. It sold for not even a grand, for a decent projekt. If i didnt have the red 62 invicta comming in next week or so, i had taken it. Shame

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  7. Jack Quantrill

    These rednecks inherit a farm and find out what’s in the barn is worth more than the farm!

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  8. Jim Anderson

    I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how cars like this end up like this!!!! I can see an old 4 door cutlass or some beat up P.O.S. sitting in a barn and nobody wanting to do anything with it but a car like this?!? I would do just about anything to have something like this and I WOULD TAKE CARE OF IT even if I didn’t have the money to fix it right away!! Just DUMBfounded…

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  9. Mark

    The pictures are obviously from an auction.

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  10. Paul

    Wish I could find a car like this in a barn, garage, shed or even field!

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  11. bog

    I like this model “enough”, but it’s not the 390 GT I should have purchased. New. Not a fan of this color scheme at all. So, if I were in the market today I’d buy something else. BTW, I ended up buying the ’67 Fairlane GTA off the same dealers lot. Basically identical drive-train and other important tweaks. I always thought the shift lever was too skinny and sort of cheap looking compared to other shifters I’ve had. Also, the steering wheel in mine was factory original and did NOT have a big pad as some of you either suggested or insisted. Why did I opt for the Fairlane, you might ask…I was headed for Germany and had 2 footlockers, 2 duffle bags and a bunch of other stuff to haul across the States to be shipped overseas with car. Would never have fit in the fastback. Sad…

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    • Miguel

      bog, do you have a picture of the steering wheel you had?

      I believe it was a government mandate that Ford and other companies have some sort of safety system for the steering wheel and all ’67’s were equipped with them.

      Here is a link for a 1967 Fairlane GTA. Notice the steering wheel.

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      • bog

        Miguel – Sadly, I don’t have that picture. 99 % of the pictures and slides I had from when I was in Europe and the years immediately after return have been “lost” . Then I ordered and bought a BOSS 351, so no reason to go take pix of a car I no longer had. Actually have no interior pix of the BOSS either.
        The link you say was attached is not….

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