Black Plate 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Having resided for virtually its entire life in California, this ’69 Malibu is solid, albeit lightly toasted. The owner claims that not only is the car free of rust, but due to the fact that the original, long-term owner was a mechanic, it has also been kept in mechanical good health. The time has come for this old beauty to move on to a new owner. It is currently located in Munroe Falls, Ohio, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

I tend to agree with the owner when he says that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an original Malibu of this vintage that doesn’t have at least some rust issues. This car seems to be the exception that proves the rule. There are shots of the trunk floor and of the underside of the car, and while there might just be a few spots of surface corrosion, there certainly doesn’t appear to be any rot visible. There is also no visible rust in the body itself, and while the Glacier Blue paint has been toasted in a few spots, the overall condition of the body is really encouraging.

As if the lack of rust wasn’t enough to celebrate, under the hood are the numbers-matching 350ci V8 engine and the matching 3-speed automatic transmission. The engine was given a rebuild in 2008. The owner doesn’t make mention of how the car runs or drives, so we are a bit in the dark there. Power steering and power disc brakes are part of the package, as are aftermarket exhaust header, and a few dress-up items on the engine.

The interior is complete, and while there doesn’t appear to be any major issues with the upholstery, it does seem that the same California sun that has baked the paint, has also taken a bit of a toll on the finish of some of the interior components. Some of the vinyl trim looks to have been discolored by UV exposure, while the faces on the gauges have become cloudy. There is also an aftermarket stereo fitted, with speakers set into the rear parcel tray, and the steering wheel isn’t original. What is still present are the floor console and the horseshoe shifter, and both look to be in pretty decent condition.

The popularity of the Malibu is still running strong, and there’s really no indication that this popularity is going to end at any time soon. Finding one that is complete, is free of rot, and still has all of its original sheet-metal, is becoming increasingly rare. The beauty of this particular car is that the new owner can choose to either restore it or drive it exactly how it stands. The owner has set a BIN of $17,500 for the car, or there is the option to make an offer. You would have to believe that this is a car that will be heading to a new home in the very near future.

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  1. Steve R

    It may not be a bargain, but it’s not outrageous either. Rust free, bucket seats, what appear to be factory disc brakes, straight body, those are not easy to look past. For the asking price, there are more than a few pigs with lipstick wallowing around. It would be easy to do worse than this one. I’m sure the naysayers will be glad to chime in about how this car is overpriced, it would have been, but isn’t nowadays. It seems like an honest car that looks like it could be driven as is or will make a solid foundation for a project.

    Steve R

  2. Keith

    Did they have the 350 back in 1969? I thought a six, 307, 327, or 396 was only offered in 1969?

    • Steve R

      The 350 became available midway through the year.

      Steve R

      • Don Member

        The 350 came out in 1968, I had a Camaro RS with a 295 HP 350 cubic inch motor.

      • 68custom

        The 350 became available as the base engine in the SS camaro in 67 the 68 nova SS also had the 350 as the base engine and for 69 the 350 became available for any chevy that could be equipped with a V8.

      • belinda

        @Steve R. An older sibling of mine bought a new 69 El Camino in the fall of 1968. He ordered if in Oct. I think. Took delivery early Dec of 68. It was built @ GMAD/Fremont (later NUMI now Tesla). Perhaps some assembly plants do not have 350s early in the model year? I do recall it cost about the same has ground beef pound per pound basis.

  3. Mark

    Nice car, dump the rims, look my trucks rims, add corvette rally’s .

  4. Miguel Member

    A base model Malibu with aftermarket parts and other parts missing for $17,500?

    No thanks

  5. Skorzeny

    A good honest car. Price is ok. Lose the wheels and add a 4 or 5 speed. Then down the road…

  6. Arthell64 Member

    While it is a solid car if you had it repainted and repaired the ac system added wheels it wouldn’t take long to be underwater. I do like 69 chevelle’s.

  7. Jbp Member

    I much better want this one, than that 1970 gto from last week. Here is at least a good base, for a future muscle car. Imo.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    It’s definitely a treat to see a ‘69 Chevelle that hasn’t been made into a ‘NUMBERS MATCHING’ SS396. It’s just as much of a treat to see one that hasn’t rusted away to oblivion. Of course I would still prefer a 300 Deluxe coupe with a 230/3spd. manual. But that’s just me. Maybe now that these are now turning 50 and I’m lot older than that I shouldn’t be so fussy…


    I had one very similar in the mid 70’s, was a great car until I totaled it in 79. I too, would prefer this over the rusty Goat. These are fun cars to drive, parts are readily available, and can easily make great stop light to stop light stormers. Easy to work on, and every auto parts store on earth has a starter, or a water pump for it.
    I agree also, that it is nice it hasn’t been converted to an SS, which is easy to do, as 69 was the first year that didn’t use a special VIN for the SS.
    I didn’t see in the listing any mention of the AC, but yes this is an A.C. equipped car, which makes it more desirable to me. I wish I was in the position to get this car, as I would like to own it. Good luck to buyer and seller.

  10. Troy s

    Countless Chevelle’s were used for local short trackers, drag cars, hot rods, etc…a few decades ago so it’s nice to see one that avoided an early fate.
    Choice of rims for me would be torque thrusts, but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing and just enjoy the ride. Well, the glass packs might have to go!

  11. Jay B

    My parents owned a 1969 Chevelle Malibu sedan. 307 powerglide. When I learned to drive, the car was over ten years old but still a good car. I have always thought the ’69 Chevelle was a well styled car and that its style embodied the Chevrolet brand well.

  12. sluggo

    This is a fair deal for what appears to be an honest car, not some suspect Barrett Jackson faux SS. I follow prices and this is not a bargain but fair. We have a 68 & 69 Malibus, Bought the 68 from a guy who was going to make it into a dragster and saved it, But wife wanted a 69 and one popped up at a good price while looking for parts for the 68. So Ill be finishing the 68 as a driver and sell it eventually but the 69s a keeper. the SBC is a much better engine than the BBC if you are into driving the car. so drive this is as is, or do some tasteful mods. We dont care what people think of ours, Just enjoying a classic that we both grew up with so a bit of nostalgia.

  13. Chuck Simons

    All the cars I went through in my teens and twenties.. 64-69 Chevelles, Mustangs and Impalas. They were fun for awhile. Just like girlfriends…

  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jan 20, 2019 , 12:06AM
    Sold for:US $17,500.00


    Relisted, buyer didn’t pay


    dont know why everybody rips out the air-conditioning is that for racing the hell out of it

    • sluggo

      Bob, I resemble that remark, Sadly, I did exactly the same to multiple cars I worked on, sold and owned over the years. On some, it never would have made a difference (We had a Pontiac tuna boat for a while with a 455, ANYTHING to improve gas mileage!) But others, Sheepish shrug, Never considered long term what the impact would be. Many others did the same. Back then in places like Oregon & Washington or even desert locations like in Idaho, AC is not considered a MUST-HAVE accy like Eastern Texas, Arizona, NM, NV, or So-Cal. At the Airbase I was at in Idaho even in the heat of summer it was dry and tolerable so AC was just a lot of power robbing weight. Some capped off and sealed the AC box on the firewall and could be restored, but others ripped it all out and tossed the stuff. You know the old saying about selling snow to a Eskimo?
      What about selling AC equipped cars to Alaskans and Canadians? Now Block heaters?? Different story.


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