Black Plate Bargain: 1965 Mustang GT Fastback

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As we all know, certain interior and exterior color combinations can make or break the look of a car.  Of all the possible combinations, black on black is the most sought after choice.  Not because it is easy to live with.  It isn’t.  The combination just looks so cool and , dare we say, sinister.  This one owner 1965 Mustang GT fastback being sold on eBay out of Newport Beach, California is all that and more.  It is a relatively rust free original black plate California car that was built with both a black interior and black exterior paint.  Amazingly, with just two days to go, bidding is sitting at $12,200 with the reserve not yet being met.  This pony needs work, but it might end up being a bargain for someone wanting a distinctive Mustang without all the usual body work.

Yes, we know that it looks to be either silver, black, or even metallic green depending on what picture you look at.  However, this is because the car was given an all over (maybe) Honey Gold paint job in the past.  Unfortunately, it has sat in the same spot since 1975.  The body itself is said by the seller to be rust through free except for some bubbling in the passenger rear bottom quarter and a dime-sized hole in the passenger rear floor.  Everything else is described as surface rust.

The seller also makes a point of this likely being one of the first fastback Mustangs built.  While the car was introduced in both the coupe and convertible body styles, the fastback was offered later in the 1965 model year.  Later the basis for Shelby’s famous GT350, the fastback style has a sporty look that made the car look less like a cruiser and more like a racer.  Even in weathered paint and sporting surface rust, it is obvious that the styling on the fastbacks was well thought out and handsome.

Other than necessary chrome work and the usual nickel and diming for every little part that comes with a restoration, there is little on this car that could not be fixed by a competent amateur restorer.  The seller tells us that the car has never been in an accident, and the condition backs up that claim.  There are various dents and bent panels here and there.  However, it is amazing that the vehicle is in such good condition when we have seen restored cars on these pages with rust popping out.  The ad also contains a number of pictures of the bottom of the car.  Underneath, the car seems to be plagued by nothing more than surface rust.

The door reveals not only the original Raven Black paint but the door plate as well.  Running the numbers through Mustang Decoder Online, the plate tells us that the car was built in Detroit, Michigan on April 5, 1965.  It was built as a 2+2 fastback, with a 289 cubic inch V-8 with a four barrel carburetor.  The exterior was painted Raven Black, and the interior was the standard interior with black crinkle vinyl.   It has a conventional axle with a 3.00:1 ratio and a four speed manual transmission.  Once built, it found its way to the New Orleans district sales office.

Inside, we see that the years outside have not been kind to the interior of this Mustang.  The seller tells us that what we see is original to the car (except for the automatic-more on that later).  It obviously needs a full interior kit and dash pad along with restoration of nearly every surface.  The good news is that interior pieces are very easy to come by.  The bad news is that I don’t believe that is a GT instrument cluster.

The back seat area looks much better, likely because it must have been folded down during the car’s extended nap.  The parts in this area might be reusable  after some clean up and new foam.  Every penny counts.

Under the hood is the sad part of this story.  The original drivetrain, according to the owner, is long gone.  There is a 289 V-8 under the hood, but the seller is unsure of its condition.   We also saw in the interior picture that an automatic has been added.  Unfortunately, the clutch pedal has been removed or the whole assembly has been switched out.  We are told that the car doesn’t run or stop, but it does steer.

The missing drivetrain hurts the value of this car a lot.  It has everything going for it but the drivetrain problem and that some GT specific pieces are missing.  Where are the fog lights, five-gauge instrument cluster, and the GT badges on the fenders?  As with every Mustang of this vintage, a thorough inspection of all the problem areas is a wise decision and money well spent.  You might also want to have an expert make sure this is an actual GT car.

It is hard not to like this Mustang, and you can imagine how handsome it would be after a full restoration back to its original condition.  Who cares if black cars are hard to keep clean and black vinyl interiors are smoldering hot in the summer?  This car in that combination would be worth any suffering once restored.

What would you do with this neat fastback Mustang?

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    How can the seller say that its unmolested? Wrong tranny but he says its a 4 speed? some gobby welding boogers on that lower quarter panel seam. notice he didn’t take the trunk mat out, bet its ugly in that trunk floor. finally all the GT goodies are gone- light bar, etc. Better looker over and under real good, Best of luck!!

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    • PaulS

      It’s not a GT. The 65 GT’s has the round 66 speedometer. This has a 65 speedometer…. This is a regular 65 fastback that the seller wants GT money for.

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      • CATHOUSE

        The seller clearly states that the instrument cluster is not original to the car.

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  2. Anthony

    I think the drivers door came from a black GT. Real dumb of Ford to put the data plate on a part of the car so easy to swap out in an accident repair

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    • Gord

      I’ve seen that before where a door is damaged in an accident and replaced with a door and data plate from another car. One would need to check the serial number under the hood to see if it matches

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      • Brian b

        The paint over spray is a good indicator that the door has been repainted

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    • Brian b

      It’s most certainly not a GT. It appears to have always been an automatic. The color looks to be original but it’s not a black car from the factory

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      • CATHOUSE

        The brake pedal shown in the photos is the correct one for a manual transmission. If the door data plate VIN matches the inner fender VIN stamping then this car did originally have a 4 speed transmission.

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  3. TimM

    The solenoid on the passenger fender is missing along with the wiring!! Who in there right mine takes a 4 speed out only to replace it with an automatic??? Then removes all the badging to not identify the car for what it really is!! A dime size hole doesn’t mean there is good metal there either!! I don’t see this as a $12,000 car!!

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  4. OhU8one2

    The GT car’s also came with front disc brakes,and I do not see the front fog lamp switch either. So I don’t think this was originally a GT. And since it’s missing the original powertrain,if I was building this for myself. I would install all the correct GT options, including factory GT wheels and change interior to the Pony Style interior. Paint it black and factory A/C,and build a mild 289 with the toploader transmission back where it belongs. When completed, you would have a top notch Stang.

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  5. Steven Ligac

    Seems as though someone is trying to sell a Pig in a Poke!

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      More like a Pig on eBay!

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  6. tiger66

    A CA black plate starting with “W” would not be original to a ’65 Mustang as the W series plates weren’t issued until about 1968. So this is not a “California black plate car” as that term usually means a car that was sold new in California and remained there its whole life (in CA, the plates stay with the car even if ownership changes). Either the car was sold new elsewhere and brought into California around 1968 or the plates are from another car and “repurposed” to this ’65. In any case, going by the plates, this is not an original California car.

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    • TomMember

      Nice info. Never thought to question the “black plate”. Really good catch. Good job!!

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      • tiger66

        Thanks, Tom. I’ll just add that I’ve owned 2 original 1967 black plate CA cars, one of which was bought from the original owner in 1976, the other bought from the 2nd owner in 1977. Both ’67 plates started with “U” so there is no way a ’65 would have a “W” plate originally. ’65s would have an N, P or possibly an R plate though I’m not certain about the R.

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      • Paul S

        65 speedo, automatic…. just a 65 fastback with owner trying to get GT money from….

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      If the VIN on the door data plate matches the inner fender VIN stamping then this car was originally sold in the New Orleans area. That most likely would explain the later CA plates.

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  7. TomMember

    AS to all the commentary on this car it hardly seems to be what is it said to be. Additionally I think someone said the original drivetrain is gone?

    I can’t believe bidders on ebay are this, um, uneducated?

    Go to there are dozens of 65 mustangs of all sorts. Done, drive it to the car show for like $30K.

    This car will take $80K just to get it right, maybe more. IF….IF it were a real GT with original drivetrain, a 4 speed car, etc….it MIGHT be worth the resto. so you will have what $95-100K in a car worth 1/3 of that???

    seller should restore the car himself properly, enjoy it and sell it someday MAYBE for a profit. UGH !!! Sorry, I am a broken record lately.

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  8. TomMember

    Going back and reading the ebay add….how does a car live a life as a Black on Black Mustang GT 4 sp car AND IN 10 YEARS TIME, undergo a complete color change, lose its drivetrain, lost all of it’s GT identity and be UNMOLESTED, undergo panel changes and welding BUT never in an accident…….oh……look generally “neglected” and …lot’s of surface rust for a CA car in my opinion.

    Sorry just frustrated. Hope the ebay bidders are reading this. that last poor sucker with the 12,500 bid better be praying someone outbids him !!!

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  9. Bud Hennessy

    I have to agree with the prior responders. Not an unmolested car, not a GT and probably had the door switched out with one from a GT. The vin number on the fender apron should be the actual factory number. I think the seller is naive or dishonest. Buyer beware.

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  10. Steven Smith

    Bidding is over 15K now for a car that is obviously a scam.

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  11. Mountainwoodie

    Barn Finds ought to have a yearly contest.

    Submissions accepted for the most misleading and ridiculous car for sale advertisement. You could divide it into different categories. Most obvious lies, most incorrect and not yom parts etc………it would relieve a lot of our collective frustration with the either clueless or ethically challenged sellers. And be a lot of fun. :)

    Just a thought.

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  12. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    SOLD for $15,498..I fear for our species.

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      The car did not sell. The high bid was 15,498 but the reserve was not met.

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  13. Steve

    My friend went and looked at this car. The seller is shady. Didn’t;t show a bunch of rust. It was brought into California in 93, those black plates are not original. Buyer beware!

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