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Black Plate Farm Find: 1965 Porsche 356


If you wouldn’t bid on the rust bucket 356 from yesterday, this one might be more up your alley! It’s considerably more expensive than that rust bucket, but considering how solid and complete it is, it’s worth spending more on! According to the seller, this 356 has been in a garage for the past 14 years. It isn’t a barn find per say, but it was found on a farm and is still covered in dust. After changing the fluids, the seller was able to get it running, so hopefully with just a little work it will be a nice driver! You can find it here on eBay in Huntington Beach, California with a current bid of $45k.


Like I said, this one costs a lot more than the rust bucket from yesterday. But then again, it would cost considerably more to get that one even close to the level that this one is at. I wouldn’t call this one perfect, but at least it’s solid and drive-able! With a good cleaning, a tune up and brake work, it would be ready to see the road.


It’s amazing how much people are willing to spend on these cars, especially rusty ones. If I were going to buy one, I would want one like this example. It isn’t perfect, so I wouldn’t feel bad driving it, but it’s also not so rough that I would be embarrassed to be seen in it. I’m still not sure if it’s really worth $45k+ though. I could buy a whole fleet of VW Beetles for that kind of money or just about any other classic I might want. If you are in the market for a 356 though, what do you think of this one?


  1. Luke Fitzgerald


    • Scot Douglas

      Well said.

    • Dolphin Member

      My own preferences haven’t ever led me to own an air cooled Porsche. But if your f o means what I think it means, then a comment like that isn’t worth the electrons used to make it show up on my screen.

  2. Dave Wright

    A fleet of beetles or one Acura that will depreciate 50% in 2 years.

  3. Trickie Dickie Member

    I have to stop pursuing current Porsche prices, and looking at offerings like this. I sold my wonderful 1965 Porsche C coupe summer of 1985 for $7500. It was easily an excellent #2 condition. How far and how long will this madness go?

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Hey don’t sweat it, with inflation that’s $16 800…oh…forget it.

      As for long this will go, I’d say up to the point of social collapse… Which might be as soon as late Tuesday night!

    • EU Broker

      An old friend sold his gull-wing Mercedes in the early seventies for $3800 because he’d just gotten married and needed a down payment on a house…

  4. redwagon

    what’s that?

    another barn find porsche, complete with dust and inattention.

    here comes stupid money!

    at least the seller says they got the motor to turn. and it is an oddball cool color but no 45k is not fathomable for me.

  5. brakeservo

    I’d heard the bubble had burst – it appears some haven’t heard yet . . .

  6. Claus Graf


    I would buy 19 squarebody chevy trucks and 19 Porsche 914s.

    Then I would have an even 20 & 20.

    • Dave Wright

      And you still wouldn’t have a 356……..

  7. Mark S

    If you look at what your actually buying you’d question your sanity at these prices. But your not just buying a simple small car with a boxer engine. your buying a hand built not masproduced car designed by one of the great designers of the 20 th century. These cars were built to the highest standards of there time as well. And the Porsche motor car company literally had to rise from the ashes of what was left of Germany after wwii. I used to think these cars were glorified beetles before I saw how well they’re made. Nice find.

    • Dave Wright

      I agree mostly, Porsche manufacturing company did not exist until 1947 after the war in Austria unless you count the tanks he produced during the war. Off course, he was a great designer before and during the war. I have been to the factory many times, they still have the same high quality standards. One reason the 914 cars have not held up with the test of time, they were built by VW in Wolfsburg and did not have the same standard. Porsche was helped by the huge effort by both US and Germany to rebuild the economy of the country after the war. Porsche actually studied mass production principles while visiting Henry Ford and his Detroit factories ( before the war I think)……and he was off course a very well educated engineer. I am very happy that you appreciate his work and genius as I do.

  8. SFM5S

    This one actually looks pretty solid under all the dust. I would wash it, do the necessary maintenance to ensure it runs well & safely, and then I would drive it like I stole it, hopefully watching it appreciate!

  9. David Miraglia

    Hmmm good looking 356………

  10. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    They are up there with a lot of desirable collector cars, a buddy that restores Healeys bought a 356 I told him about in the 80s, around $3500 if i remember correctly, not easy these days. I’m kicking myself for not jumping on a decent 1957 VW Oval window Beetle for $1500 yesterday about 3 hours from me, I am really slipping.

  11. EU Broker

    I remember back in the 80’s you could buy these for nothing. I used to collect quite a few cars back then, and was always surprised for how cheap these could be had .

    • Trickie Dickie Member

      I have owned a string of Porsches since 1965. My first was a 1955 Super Speedster with a roller bearing crank. OMG, what fun! Tried to sell it a few years later and move on to my 64 C Coupe. Had it advertised in LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle for……..$1750. The car was perfect, a gem. Got no calls. Ended up selling local in Central CA to a farmer for $1500.

  12. Jubjub

    Yeah. My 911SC wasn’t perfect but was an awesome ride and it had that Porsche engineering and hand built quality. They are pretty special.

    Now my BarnFinds Tasmin is handmade in England. Something totally different. Like it was built in someone’s garage! Still strangely cool though.

  13. Bruce

    I am by far no Porsche expert, but I was a career body man. I do NOT understand why that rusted hulk of crusher fodder yesterday was worth anything more than crush weight ( and it was over 1500 last time I looked…) and people are amazed that this solid, running, presentable one is at 45….This one is a STEAL by comparison !!!!

  14. hhaleblian

    With all the whining about P prices I’d say buy all the 90-96 300 ZX’s you can. Drive the hell out of em and which them spiral up. At under $10g’s they’re a stupid cheap buy and great car. Recently drove one back from San Diego to the city of the winner of the World Series. What a great ride. My divest my P collection so stay tuned.

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