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Only An Idiot Would Bid: 1963 Porsche 356B


The prices of Porsches have gotten a little less crazy these days. Not long ago this Porsche listed on eBay might have sold for $25,000 or more like this one I wrote up about a year ago. What attracted me to this one was the seller’s subtitle “Only an idiot would bid on this thing!” Well, with no reserve and an opening bid of $500, there are no idiots yet… Sorry, spoke too soon, someone just bid. The top and doors are included and are piled in the car. Thanks Peter R for this amusing find.


It would take lots of imagination to enjoy sitting behind the wheel making engine noises and pretending to be driving your Porsche.  Perhaps with some cardboard and markers one could create some imaginary instruments. It does have a steering wheel, pedals and glove box door.


There is a transaxle and the option to purchase the numbers matching engine case with a crank and a few small bits.


I don’t see much straight sheetmetal on this end. I have no idea what to say about this Porsche except I hope the buyers neighbors can appreciate this yard art. There is more rust than metal and, well, it has lots of patina! Thanks again to Peter R! It’s not often a seller starts out by telling bidders they are idiots!


  1. RichS

    Correction, TWO idiots!

  2. Rad

    Put a glass top on it for a hell of a home office desk

  3. KeithK

    If you think this is too far gone I’ve got two words . Sunken Samba. Somewhere someone is driving it!

  4. bcavileer

    Looking at the bids so far, 1 looks to be a schill with no history. I think it will bring a surprising amount for what it is. Glad to see i am not the only idiot out there. But Porsche is not my cup of tea. .

  5. ccrvtt

    In the words of P. T. Barnum, “There’s one born every minute…”

  6. Mark S

    I recently watched a you tube video documentary on the story of the Porsche 356. It was interesting to see how much effort went into these truely hand made cars. It’s kind of sad to see how beat down this car has become after seeing what a work of art these truely were. I don’t get why some guys think it’s ok to put something like this on the market its alway seemed kind of shady to sell junk like this. I hope that the seller doesn’t get very much for this.

  7. Dolphin Member

    Lawn art.

    Bad lawn art.

  8. angliagt

    It’s up to $1025 !
    Rust Free NC Car?

    • Jeffro

      Seller has Georgia phone #

      • brakeservo

        Area codes mean NOTHING anymore – I’m in New Mexico with an Oregon number, my son in Los Angeles has a Washington number

  9. tim williams

    someone will liberate the serial number and any useful markings and build a new car. other than that, about 5¢ a pound

  10. doug6423

    Buy the tub/VIN cheap, get the matching crankcase at a good price, obtain a clear title, flip it for a bunch more money…

  11. Another Bob

    Nice photography…the seller should market some numbered prints. GLWS

  12. Dave Wright

    This car will get rebuilt…….but the parts alone are worth more than the current bid.

  13. BMW Racer

    Looks like you could save the fuses!!

  14. Scott

    I’d take it!!!
    If they paid me $500 to haul it off.

  15. Tre Deuce

    Most Americans would never attempt a project in this condition, but give that same opportunity to an Australian, Canadian, or at the top of the can doers, an Englishman, and like a Phoenix, a beautiful car or motorcycle will emerge. I have seen it numerous times over the last forty years, amazing effort and results.

    I was was waiting for a Ferry in BC when a beautiful 31′ Buick roadster pulled into line, I went over to see it and the owner gave me a tour of it and then showed me his restoration picture album. He had pulled the car out of a salt bog, the pic’s showed it in place and then on the trailer after it was pulled out, basically a frame/engine/tranny, what was left of the grille shell and radiator, the firewall and wheels, no visible body parts except the tops of the fenders and the bumpers. I was amazed by what he accomplished and he was a amateur restorer working in a one car garage and his driveway.

    And, by the way, a couple of comments last year on another car blog called me an idiot for paying $32,000 for an E30_ M3. Now they are going for 50k-60k in the condition and mileage mine has. And so it goes…………….

  16. Rustytech Member

    Is there a car here someware?

  17. Ck

    Really ? A little common sense goes a long way .This is a pile of junk people. …J U N K

    • Tre Deuce

      Junk to you…an opportunity to someone else. It’s a matter of perspective. You have yours, they have theirs.

      I have, had, an uncle, who would have looked at this, assessed the situation and got to work. In a couple of months in his evenings and weekends he would have this unfortunate Porsche ready to paint, and then he would do a preliminary assembly, take it apart, paint it and reassemble it with the mechanical parts I had probably rebuilt for him. And he was an amateur body man with a passion for cars. In his day job he was a Boeing engineer.

  18. Roger

    That’s the most sincere title someone has given to an ad :D

  19. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Think about this for a minute:

    EVERY part to restore this car is available. If you have smaller rust holes in the floor panels, fenders, rockers, etc, you still need to cut the entire panel out if you re going for an authentic restoration. So the labor is mostly the same to restore the body. If you have a well-worn interior, you will still need to replace all the interior. With this car, you need to install a new interior. Ditto the top.

    With the $ these things are bringing if they are done correctly, if you have the skills & money to invest, and you do buy the numbers matching case, one could actually come out with a sizeable profit

  20. Dave Wright

    You are singing my tune………..people pay a lot more for cars that look better but in reality take the same to bring back………

  21. Scott

    Ok, Tre Summer’s Eve Douche if your going to insult American Craftsmanship, to start with 1931 Buick Roadster & this Porsche are two totally different beast. If that Buick started out as a shell like you claim & a high end restoration there had to be a donor car if not two for that build & also some off different years would work. You’ll never find a donor or after market parts for the for it. Now let’s talk drivetrain the seller has the original engine but not complete at least the crankshaft is there, your looking at anywhere from $3000 all the way to $6000 just for the crank by itself. The expense would astronomical. The juice just wouldn’t be worth the squeeze.

  22. Clinton

    If it was only $500 I’d be the idiot to buy it. I’d leave the body alone; get it running and piss off some purists at coffee & Cars. No seriously I’d buy it for $500 but I’d bet that the bid is much higher (can’t view auction)

    • Tre Deuce

      If it was only $500.00, I would buy it and hang it upside down from the ceiling of the shop. It would be keeping company with a 28′ Oakland, a complete 29′ Nash chassis and running gear, a couple of Model T’s, and a Citroen SM already hanging up there along with bits and pieces of mangled race car parts, various grilles and grille shells, and other detritus from many years of an all consuming hobby.

      I got the idea of hanging cars from the ceiling from an installation in the entry hall of the Seattle Art Museum where Cai Guo-Qiang hung a bunch of Ford Taurus’s.

  23. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    Wait!! It looks like the roof is included, too! I think its inside, upside down. Now we’re talking! Where’s my checkbook! I see a 912 motor and outlaw treatment. Pick your color!

  24. Peter

    Thank you Tre Deuce (above) for recognising the resourcefulness of us Australians. After reading these pages I’ve come to the conclusion that you Americans are such wimps when it comes to restoration. All an Australian needs to fix this Porsche is a few rolls of duct tape and some fencing wire and in fifteen minutes we would be on our way to Pebble Beach. Over here we just normally start our restoration with only an ignition key and work our way backwards.

    • Tre Deuce

      LMAoff! Thanks for the laugh, Peter. i always enjoy the Aussies who come to Bonneville every year. A fun bunch of blokes with a very enjoyable, unique sense of humor as displayed by you.

      And, there are Americans who do take on seriously challenged near impossible projects, but in my experience and my international view of the the field/hobby/profession, the Aussies/Brits/Canucks, and Kiwis are without doubt the most likely to take on and complete these very involved projects that many consider hopeless.

  25. Rolf Poncho 455

    Dolphin: Lawn art it is

  26. Dave Wright

    Sold for 3350 with 48 bidders………of which I was one.

  27. Scott

    Good luck with it who ever bought it. That person obviously has a great love for Porsche and I’m sure a healthy bankroll or Hillary got them too.

  28. RobertG.

    Rod Emory. Look him up.

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