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Black Plate R/V: 1966 Dodge 300


When I visited San Diego a few weeks ago, I was amazed by the sheer number of people who were living in rickety motorhomes parked near popular surf spots. A bit of a stereotype of Southern California, I suppose. However, there was something to be said for simply re-locating whenever the seasons changed or a better surfing hole emerged, which is why this survivor-grade Dodge 300 motorhome here on eBay makes a compelling argument for an R/V lifestyle.


Now, most of the motorhomes I saw were not vessels I wished to inhabit. They had spent too many years providing shelter and not enough time being cleaned by their occupants. This Dodge, however, is said to be a genuine 60,764 mile example with its original 318 motor still purring away. Although there are some updates you may wish to make, this rear deck setup complete with sliding doors should definitely survive any attempt at modernization. There’s a lot of originality included with the Dodge, down to the window curtains and California black plates it used to wear.


The interior is in decent shape for the age, with the only pressing need being fresh upholstery. The dash remains clean and uncracked, though the bus-like steering wheel (and I’m guessing generous turning radius) will both take some getting used to. The seller discloses there are some issues with water intrusion with the above sleeping quarters and material will need to be replaced, but it’s not confirmed if that’s the mattress or roof insulation. He also recommends a full evaluation of all the appliances, which includes an original CB radio.


Although all of this could use refreshing, there are plenty of ways to update the cabinets and living quarters without upsetting the environment of a vintage R/V. There’s a loyal following for old-school campers and trailers, and given the high level of originality present in this Dodge, I’m sure it will find a new owner who will make the proper updates without distorting its character. The seller has listed a $7,000 Buy-It-Now with the option to submit a best offer.


  1. David Wilk Member

    Great RV. Looks alot like this 1969 Dodge RV I wrote up in January: http://barnfinds.com/hit-the-road-in-style-1969-dodge-d300-camper/
    Though today’s looks to be in much better condition. Nice find!

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  2. grant

    7 grand for a leaky old camper. What’s the world coming to.

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  3. cj32769

    This thing is great too bad these old campers can’t talk. I think I saw a similar interior in an R rated movie back in the 70’s. I can’t remember if it was a horror or an adult type of movie, seems like so long ago now. I would take this rig and fix the leaks and any underlying damage have it thoughly flushed and freshened and drive off into the great unknown. Maybe even one day pull a Fastball and go the way.

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  4. angliagt

    I believe these were “Open Road” brand campers.
    I used to have an MPC model of the Chevrolet pickup based one.

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  5. Charles Brand

    Yeah, metal dash is, indeed, uncracked…

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  6. tirefriar

    Lovely to look at when standing still but a different story when driven on a road similar to PCH. Brakes, suspension and tires would be the first thing addressed if I would get into a vintage motor home project. At $7k asking and all the issues needed to address here, I wonder if there’s something worth $4k hidden inside that the seller is including in the sale….

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  7. christopher

    sorry…with all the work that needs, it’s worth $2500…but as my Grandfather would say when dealing with auto buyers…there is a sucker born everyday…or…a fool and his money are soon parted.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      My grandfather used to say “There’s an ass for every seat.” I think that he meant the same thing.

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  8. boxdin

    Open Road also had a fold down rear deck that folded up and protected the sliding glass doors while traveling. Cool no.

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  9. Steve B

    Love the patio window on the back, a rolling tailgate party and baby boomer flashback. D300 1-tons are no toys, and even with power assist steering, this is your father’s truck.

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  10. boxdin

    In 1966+ we had a GMC dealer here to marketed these strongly and sold a lot of them. Kinda the first affordable chassis mount of any real production numbers. I still see one occasionally. No Dodges here though, all GMC.

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  11. jimbosidecar

    I have the modern equivalent, a 1995 Chevy Kodiak moving truck converted to motorhome use. Big ol’ Cat Diesel and 6 speed manual transmission.

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  12. Eric Dashman

    This is one cool RV! It might be interesting to do some serious mechanical upgrades (such as electronic ignition, fuel injection, front disk brakes, electric power steering, suspension) and maybe some luxury enhancements (power windows & locks, upholstery, sound/GPS system) and then do the interior fittings with modern efficient stuff. Yeah, probably far more than its worth, but it has so much more character than the new fancy RVs that cost half a million.

    Every time I see one of these, I have fantasies of the open road. Then reality sets in and I really like being in my castle/garage.

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    • RichS

      I’m totally with you on this. Go find a Ram 5500 donor truck and go to town. How great would this be with a modern diesel drivetrain, disc brakes all around and updated camper guts?

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  13. Cindy

    I found Cleo! We bought her in Santa Cruz California in 1988 we stayed in her after the earthquake for over a week because the aftershocks kept coming. She ran great, good shape, a couple trips to Yosemite and a trip or two To lake San Antonio She pulled our 66 Avalon Glasspar. She moved to Bakersfield in late 1989. Unfortunately over the years we’ve kind of stopped using her and sold her around 2010. I know this is an old post, three years old as I write this comment. I know this is her because I reupholstered the cushions around the table. I hope whoever ends up with her will enjoy her as much as we did. Urk189

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