Blank Canvas Project: 1950 Mercury 2-Door Coupe

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The owner of this 1950 Mercury Coupe describes it as a real blank canvas, and he is absolutely right. This is a car that the new owner could easily restore to original, but it could just as easily be the base for a rat rod or custom project. With no engine or transmission, the world is your oyster when it comes to driveline choice. It is for sale here on eBay with an open title and is just waiting in Tinley Park, Illinois, for a new owner.

There is rust to be dealt with in the Mercury, but it’s all repairable. The frame is said to be solid, and while the trunk pan will need to be replaced, the passenger floors are repairable. There is also rust in the lower quarters, lower fenders, doors, and rockers, but once again, it is all repairable. Personally, I can see this car dropped, with some nice wheels, a more modern engine and transmission, and finished in a color that would make all of that chrome and trim really stand out.

With the headliner, door trims and carpet now a distant memory, the interior is also a blank canvas. The dash looks good, and the covers on the seats also look quite good. Once again though, there’s a world of possibilities here, and replacing the covers with something more to your taste would not be a big job. I’m sure that most of you can probably picture what you would do in there. I know that I can.

The 1950 Mercury 2-Door Coupe has great lines, and it lends itself perfectly to a custom project. This one is a solid car, and it has so much potential. It was these possibilities that Sam Barris recognised when he used a ’49 model as the base for the first lead sled. For those interested in building something distinctive and individual, you would only be limited by your imagination. This Mercury offers you a world of possibilities.

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  1. AZD

    What would be unique is a Merc that isn’t a lead sled. To my eyes the factory lines are hard to improve, though the cars seem to sit too high, like most others from the era. Drop it a few inches and you’re good. Saw a perfect one in San Diege a few years back – what a beautiful car. Custom is cool, but these don’t really need the help.

    I’d put in a nice early OHV V8, a Caddillac, or Olds, or Y-Block. Better brakes. Black lacquer and nice interior. Done.

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      I’m with you. There’s enough chopped Mercs out there to leave this one alone. Drop an inch or two, put some wider tires on it, Black with a nice interior and done.

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  2. canadainmarkseh

    I was looking at the pic’s this car although rare especially uncut has extensive rust this car will require a rotisserie frame off restoration. I’d put in a 390cid and c6 trans. I’d leave the body stock but do a light custom on the interior. While the frame is off the body a full restoration with a few upgrades to go with the engine. Front disc brakes, two stage masterclyinder, 9″ rear axle. And power steering. I would not go with black to hard to keep clean I’d go with a nice wine colour with a dark gray interior. And $40k later you’d have a show worthy car.

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  3. Tempo Ray

    Good noteworthy comments gents. I always look at the lines of a car before I make any decisions as well. I believe the owner of this particular Mercury, more than likely felt overwhelmed with rust removal and refabrication…Very well understood. I am currently working on a vehicle that I purchased out of South America. Plenty of poor body work and rust removal but the overall bones are good. One day at a time, and the challenge will be worth it…

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  4. MartyMember

    Indelibly imprinted in my memory is George Kennedy shouting “Geronimo!” as he and Jeffrey Lewis drive one of these off the side of a road in Montana in pursuit of Jeff Bridges and Clint Eastwood in their stolen Buick Riviera in the classic 1974 film “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”.

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    • Vince H

      If my memory is right it was a 51.

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  5. Wayne from Oz

    Love the clear gloss over neglected bodywork. (NOT). If you like the chopped, channeled, lowered lead sled look, buy a stepdown Hudson, it’s already done for you, and a much superior car, and not another belly button custom.

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  6. stillrunners

    Buddy has two stock coupes….both flathead’s…..nice if you can find them. And is no one commenting on a $8500 car with no motor ?

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  7. Miguel Robinson

    Who here likes the 4 door suicide door version of this car?

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  8. Miguel

    Who here likes the 4 door suicide version of this car?

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  9. Tempo Ray

    Hey Miguel,
    My hand is in the air. The “novelty” of anything with suicide doors captures my interest when selecting a project. It speaks of a time where designers thinking was very innovative. I’m currently working on a vehicle with factory suicide doors. And as always, I’m sure we’ll hear all kinds of sour notes on the safety aspects though…”Keep innovating not duplicating”

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    • Miguel

      Tempo, I am trying to decide if I should buy this car. It is a four door but it seems like an honest car.

      I know it is not as popular as the two door, but there aren’t many of any of these left in original, unmodified condition.

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      • Tempo Ray

        Hey Miguel,
        Of course I’m not going to tell you what to do. However, with the pics. you’ve provided, I would be inclined to lean towards negotiating a deal. Cool looking cruiser. And you’re right, less of those models around. It’s always nice to have something so different, that it makes people green with envy. I love all things automotive especially very unique and less frequently seen units on the roadways. This cruiser reeks of pure “coolness.” Good luck with your decision…

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    • Vince H

      Rolls Royce is still making cars with suicidse doors. Even 2 doors have them on some models.

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    • ernst thornton

      Rolls Royce is still making cars with suicide doors. Even some 2 door models have them.

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  10. Miguel

    The engine appears to be original.

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  11. Miguel

    And some work has been done on the interior.

    The guy wants have the price of the featured car here, so it might be a good deal.

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    • jdjonesdr

      Hold a handful of cash in his face and see if he grabs it Miguel

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  12. Del

    Nice car

    Not many left rhat have not been molested

    Unfortunately the rust is the molester here

    Price a about double what it should be

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