Blank Canvas Project: 1955 Chevrolet 150

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This 1955 Chevrolet 150 has been sitting since 1982, and that has been long enough for its dark blue paint to gather a reasonable coating of mold. For the new owner, this is a car that represents a blank canvas, as it comes with no engine or transmission. The car has generated its share of interest, with bidding already sitting at $7,700. Located in Dalton, Georgia, you will find the Chevy listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner states that the car is solid, and there certainly isn’t any major rust visible in the body itself. The chrome trim from both sides of the car is absent, but I have a feeling that it may be inside the car. There is a single shot of the floor on the driver’s side, and while it has its fair share of surface corrosion, it does appear to be free of actual rust. The owner doesn’t mention the condition of the frame, but what we can see of the rest of the car looks quite encouraging.

The interior needs work, but the seat looks like it might come up trumps with a good clean. The gauges are missing from the dash, and I’m unsure if they are present. The new owner can probably bank on new door trims and carpet, but everything else appears to be present, and it all looks like it could be restored or cleaned. It’s unknown which motor was originally fitted to the 150, but both it and the manual transmission are long gone. This is where the car becomes a blank canvas, as it could be configured however the new owner wishes.

This Chevrolet 150 shows a lot of promise as a project car. I can see this looking really smart with a repaint, and with a small-block under the hood, it would perform pretty nicely as well. It looks like a solid project car that you could really leave your mark on. That sounds like a very tempting idea.

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  1. canadainmarkseh

    I would hazard to guess that it was 235 inline 6 cyl car Which was usually the case when a 3 on the tree was present. I would go back to that if an engine / trans could be found, otherwise I’d go to a fuel injected 350 with a 700r trans. Either choice be fine but front disc brakes and a 2 stage masterclyinder would be a must. I’d also go with the classic 2 tone paint skeem which for me would be white over red. With matching interior. Finally make no mistake that floor is rusty and I would bet that there are places that you could put your thumb right through it, but then you’d have to go to a medical clinic for a shot.

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  2. Doug Edwards

    Just pay the extra money & buy one that’s finished.

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  3. jw454

    This would be a perfect foundation to build my “Two Lane Blacktop” replica. I’m usually for keeping them stock as possible but, sometimes you just have to go a little nuts.

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  4. r s

    If that’s a deep layer of chunky gravel the car is sitting on then the frame is likely to have been spared a situation encouraging rust. I think most of the battle of refurbishing one of these old cars is not having to fix rust, especially in things like frame and floors.

    What gets me is that the car was parked like this when it was 27 years old, and has been sitting for 36 years. It’s spent most of its life (about 58% of it) sitting right in that spot.

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  5. Tom

    The 150 model is hard to find. Seems like they were the first to get trashed and tossed. This is not a 150. It is a 210. Note the chrome around the windshield and back glass. The 150 does not have that chrome. Also the holes in the quarters and around the side windows where the chrome, which is laying on the floor, would be if it hadn’t been taken off. Also the 210 steering wheel with horn ring. 150’s are hard to find.

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    • morrow

      its a delray 210 150 had rubber on windows no chrome

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      • TortMember

        Also has holes in the quarters for the 210 trim. Didn’t look close enough to see if the front fenders have holes for the Chevrolet script but it’s definitely a 210.

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  6. Steve R

    I’m more interested in what appears to be a bubble top Chevy/Pontiac sitting to its right.

    Steve R

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    • TortMember

      Looks like 1960 Chevrolet 2dr. HT
      next to the 55. The headlight trim!

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    How about an Ls and six speed. Usually I’m a restore to stock person but with this one restomod is the way I would go.

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  8. Bob McK

    If the top turned green from moisture that I would be VERY concerned what the frame looks like, if there is a frame left. Buyer beware… I hope I am wrong.

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    • IkeyHeyman

      Dalton, GA is in a heavily forested part of the state, the green we see on the car might be more of a build-up of pine pollen than mold.

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  9. Little_Cars Saul

    Pine tar and pollen. The mold probably protected that metallic blue repaint. I would wash the car with buckets of Simple Green, put some center caps and trim rings on those Chevy rally wheels, deep clean the black reupholstered seats and wait for my order from Danchuk to arrive for the rest of the interior. Oh, and I’d bring back the stovebolt 6 and thrifty 3spd on the tree.

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