Blurry In The Barn: 1967 Triumph GT6


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What I would give for decent pictures sometimes! This Triumph GT6 is actually in the small town in North Carolina that I’m moving to when our house is finished, so I’ll be checking it out in the next day or two. Supposedly trees had to be cut to get to the barn to pull the car out. It’s in Pittsboro, NC and is up for sale here on eBay, where the opening bid is $1,500 without a reserve. Thanks to Jim S. for this great find!


The seller does say there will be more pictures posted eventually, but for the moment all we have are from the rear. The early GT6’s like this do not benefit from either the later Mk.2/Plus rear suspension geometry or even the Mk.3’s “swing spring”, so there are certainly some handling deficiencies left over from the early Spitfire origins. They can be corrected, however, with a camber compensator.


The wheels are unusual period aluminum wheels that I’ve only seen a few times before. The car is supposedly complete with the exception of a few lenses and the gear shift knob, all easily sourced and replaced.


The rust on the roof is a little troubling, but still can be fixed relatively easily. It’s hard to tell whether the sills are solid or not from these pictures. The seller tells us that he has a TR6 that is being restored, and tried to fit in a GT6 and discovered it wasn’t comfortable. I’ll attest to the fact that if you are over a certain height or girth, it’s a pretty tight place to sit!


The red interior isn’t common, and the completeness of the dash components and general condition of the car tell me it can be refurbished or restored if you want to. I’ll let you know what I think once I see the car. My son-in-law absolutely loves early GT6’s–as he put it when I emailed him this find, “it’s a shame we’re out of the market.” Who knows?

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  1. Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

    Well, my wife went by the shop this morning and didn’t see the GT6, but they weren’t open yet. So I’ll try to get out there later this week.

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  2. Dan h

    Would one shot of the front of the car be too much to ask?? Just one shot!?
    Even the photo with the brochure and title, the nose of the car is clipped out-aargh!

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  3. Van

    Fun fun
    My wife had one when we got married.
    I’m 5’11” and fit fine if I got the moves right.
    If not you had to crawl out on all 4.
    Ran with 71 trans am through 1st gear.
    In 2nd he pulled away.

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    • Julles

      Do you remember how if it was raining the GT6 would lose its parking lights if you went over a speed bump? Do you remember giving me a chrome valve cover for it for my anniversary? How about sitting on the wheel adjusting the carbs? How about frying your feet while driving from the engine heat. We had such good times in that car and I was one bad ass mama driving it. To bad it had metal cancer and we had to sell it.

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  4. Gary

    Camber compensators are about impossible to find. A guy ( I think from Texas) has them made when he gets enough orders. His name is Joe Curry – you should be able to find him by googling his name and camber compensator. So if you buy this car then get an order in fast and you should have one by the time you actually need it.

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  5. Ben T. Spanner

    I drove a 1970 GT6+ as a daily driver for 3 0r 4 years in the mid 70’s. Very few problems, I replaced the Delco distributor with a used unit, and rebuilt the Stromberg carbs at least once. I paid $1500 from a used car lot that specialized in Cadillacs and Lincolns, they were happy to get rid of the GT6.

    I am 6’2, and fit fine, but my height is in my spine, not legs. I’m sure that I could not fit now. YMMV

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  6. RobM

    Those are rare “two fin” Minilites. I believe they were made only one year. I have a set on my very early X1/9.

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  7. bcavileer

    enough pics for me, i am in!

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  8. Steve

    The main problem as I see it is the engine. As a very early GT6, the head, manifold etc are extremely rare now. Probably your best bet would be to source a1969 engine with its high compression ratio and available parts. Of course, many may see this as an opportunity to drop in a more modern Toyota engine with a 5 speed transmission as well as a Subaru or Datsun LSD differential as the diff in the triumphs has always been a weak spot.

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  9. Rosso

    I had a ’69 Plus in the ’70’s and it was a fine, fun car, same color.
    No electrical problems, ever, nor engine problems whatsoever.
    I was 6’4″ but thin, plenty of length for legs, probably had to duck to see traffic signal-lights, don’t recall, but rarely drove it where there were STOP lights anyways.
    Seat is low to the ground to be sure.
    Hot inside the cabin.
    Great memories up and down Star Route 1 Bolinas to Fort Bragg.

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  10. Mark S

    Cool looking little car don’t know a lot about them but they look like the sort of fun that I’d get myself in trouble with the LAW in. Good luck to how ever ends up with this car.

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  11. James
  12. Van

    When you sit at a traffic light and a 4×4 is behind, you can see under the truck to the cars behind him.

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  13. Pete

    My first car was a 65 Spitfire, I am 6’5″ I had to unbolt the seat to get it slid back far enough to be able to drive it. I tried to get in a GT back in the day and it was a serious chore. I had actually thought about putting a drive train from a GT into my Spit at one point. But then I bought a 280Z and the feeling went away. :-)

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  14. Jim

    Had a ‘68 GT6 in 74/75. Replaced front trunnions, rear and clutch. Took off the wires and put steel wheels on it because of spindle failure. Pretty to look at, pretty to hold, but in the end had to mark it sold! Still miss it.

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