BMW 700 LS Coupes: What Next?

BMW '62

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Who doesn’t love a good two for one deal? What about when they are two very rough BMWs? Listed here on eBay is a two for the price of one BMW 700 deal. One is a ’62 in black and the other is a ’64 in red. This duo is located in Ono, Pennsylvania with a BIN of $3,700. Is there any hope for these two? Both need total restorations or are they both just parts cars?

BMW '61 rear

The ’64 700 LS 2 door coupe is red with a black vinyl interior. The engine and transaxle are missing.

BMW '64 int.

There is speedometer, with the odometer showing 22,024 and most of the dash is intact. The ad states that there isn’t a radio in the red ’64, but it is shown in this image. So perhaps the black car is the one missing it’s radio?

BMW '62

This black with red interior example clearly has a speedometer and clock, but the radio is missing. The odometer is showing 19,186 miles with a “miles exempt” title. So did the seller get mixed up on which car has what or was this one originally red and the other originally black?

BMW '62 engine bay

The 2nd unit also has no engine or transaxle in the car and neither pieces are included. There is rust in and on both cars.

BMW '62 rear

The front windshield is broken and the rear glass is missing. Both cars will require full restorations to even be drivers. There are many more images with the ad, so you will want to give this duo a closer look before making an offer. Both cars do have titles. We don’t know the ownership history or what to do with them. What do you think, are they worth restoring or just parts cars? Do you restore both or just one?


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  1. DolphinMember

    Two cars with one transaxle and zero engines between them, and not much else that’s any good. My guess is the engines were used as replacement engines for a couple of R67 BMW motorcycles, which is what they were derived from. Those would have value, but these poor 700s don’t have much value left.

    Too bad, because they were actually an important step in BMW’s survival and development as a major carmaker, and they also had some racing success. Now they’re just used up old cars that need everything. I’ll be surprised if they sell for much more than the value of the small parts that are left.

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  2. Scotty G

    These would both be $25,000-$30,000+ cars if restored, which could be possible if a person did most of the work themselves.

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  3. David Church

    For a true BMW lover, this may be the last addition needed to complete a collection. If so it’s a great find at a good BIN price. For all of us who have rebuilt our personal dream cars, this is a really appealing package for the right buyer..

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  4. redwagon

    Ahh …… no thank you.

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  5. Mark S

    Boy thous two beamers have a long way to go to Be driver. I don’t know much about these, but your going need a lot of skill and determination to bring even one of these back. If it’s rare than maybe it would be worth it.

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    • Horse Radish

      Thous ?
      THOSE !

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  6. Wayne Thomas

    No engine is no problem because who really wants a stock engine anyway?

    The perfect solution is a newer BMW motorcycle boxer engine swap. These cars are not pristine to begin with so restomodding is an obvious path forward.

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  7. Barry T

    Send them both to the crusher.

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  8. Horse Radish

    I love it when these objects of neglect get a 15 minute (indoor) reprieve from harsh PA elements for a quicky photo shoot and off they go, back in the bushes of the back 40 ….how (very) sad !

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    • Mike

      they actually sat at a European car repair shop. One of our customers bought them, gave up on finding driveline components and traded them on another project. Your story is pretty close though…😐

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  9. T.Cook

    That guy can’t tell 2dr sedan from a Coupe!
    The coupe is worth somehing but those sedans are not. Very common in Europe.

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  10. Ralph Robichaud

    Some folks are having some pretty weird stuff with their breakfast cereal…
    $3700 for two rusted twisted hunks of metal, with very few usable components. These should be on their way to the magical genie that melts down the likes of this and incorporates them in a new Suzuki, etc.

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