Body Shop Find: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

I have covered Alfa Romeo Giulias here on Barn Finds several times before but upon reading the listing for this 1963 example, my interest was piqued and I decided to dig a bit deeper. That said, let’s take a look and see what’s really here. This Alfa is located in Ravena, New York and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of  $7,100, reserve not yet met.

The seller states, “This was rescued from a body shop after being forgotten and neglected for some time“.  That seems unusual, who leaves a car at a body shop and then forgets about it? While the seller claims that the “frame”, looks good and there is very little rust, the “paint is terrible” – is this the reason for the body shop visit? Perhaps so. The floors have already been replaced and that may be another reason for the long and forgotten trip to the body shop. The metalwork is pretty straight, the bumpers are fair but the windshield and frame are missing though the “supports” are supposedly available. It appears that some, or most, of the removed trim, is included in the sale. The car’s height is curious, it looks as if it’s sitting on a lift that is not in the fully lowered position but that doesn’t appear to be the case – it just has a jacked-up stance.

Under the hood is a less than complete 91 HP, 1.6 liter, in-line, four-cylinder engine. The seller adds, “the engine is bolted in for transport only and should be considered a core/starting point“. Yes, it could be a starting point but it’s tough to start there when the engine won’t and it’s not clear what’s missing. The seller mentions that the flywheel and driveshaft are MIA, and then adds, “Unfortunately, there are lots of parts missing from the car” – so probably there’s more than just a missing flywheel and driveshaft to contend with, things like a distributor would definitely make the list. Assuming it’s in place, the transmission should be a five-speed manual unit.

The interior is gutted, ostensibly for the floor repair. There are seats included but they’re pretty tired looking. Also included, are what appears to be new, uncovered door cards that have been formed. Also good to see is that the instrument panel still has its gauges and switchgear, so there is a restoration starting point from that perspective. The metalwork performed on the floors looks pretty good topside, underneath is a bit less reassuring but that may be due to the noted scale and tangle of wires traversing the length of the underside.

The statement that really caught my attention is, “Please look at the photos to see what’s missing from the car and the drivetrain“. What? So a potential buyer has to ascertain from eBay images what’s there and what’s not? The seller concludes with, “The fact that this car is not rusty makes it an excellent platform despite the parts you’ll need to collect along the way“. And it’s that “despite the parts you’ll need to collect along the way” business that brings me to a conclusion: a potential bidder needs to examine, closely, what’s really there and ask all of the necessary probing questions or he/she will end up with a pile-o-parts instead of a restorable Alfa Romeo Giulia, right?


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    If this car is truly rust free then it’s well worth restoring. Very few of these cars survived because of rust, which is a shame because they are one of the best driving sports cars ever made.

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    The comment about “who leaves a car at a body shop and forgets about it” brings back memories. I once looked at a MG Midget that was at a body shop for some work to be done, but hadn’t been completed. It was partially finished and when more $$ was due the car owner just ‘left’ it there. The body shop filed a mechanics lean on the car and was selling it. It was more like the car owner just ignored the money request rather than forgot it, but the shop was selling the car. It looked pretty good with one exception, the hinge area of the drivers door was rusted out, had that not been the case I probably would have bought it.
    As far as the Alfa goes, I’m not really into them but it’s an interesting car none the less. Someone more knowledgeable will have to determine if it’s a good value or not.

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  3. Chas H

    The engine presently in the car is an early 1.3L “750” item. It is not a 1600 engine. Not much rust, but who knows what is lurking under the paint?
    A person with knowledge and skills could make a very nice car out of this.

    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Wouldn’t that be a swapped, incorrect engine? I believe the 1.6 was standard equipment.


      • Chas H

        Yes, the engine is incorrect. It is from the ’50s and is 1300cc not 1600cc. The engine has value to someone with an early car, but it’s rather puny compared to the 1600 engine.

  4. Eve23

    Could be that It was probably not paid for or the owner ran out of money so the paint shop took ownership in lieu of payment. And it probably wasn’t finished bc the paint shop didn’t want to pay for it so he’s getting his money out.

  5. V12MECH

    A jewel, definitely worth a 100 pt.resto.These cars are not subject to muscle car market price variations.It maybe sold by now, I notified a customer about it. An attorney would be needed to make sure about legal owner ship.

  6. Glenn Member

    Any title with this one It was left at a shop ?

    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      If the shop filed a mechanics lien on it and went through the courts then they can get a title to sell it, at least in the states I’ve dealt with in the past.

  7. Howard A Member

    Most awesome cars, despite my brother’s in 1971 for $500 bucks, which included a very tired TR4. I know, same old views, BUT, at least I have the luxury and privilege to say, I got to drive and “wring one out”. It was the 1st 5 speed I ever drove, and high winding motor, was exhilarating, to say the least. Handled like a go-kart and stopped on a dime. This was kind of a screwdriver in the old mans eye, with his policy on Italian cars in his driveway, somehow, my brother got around that ( he was dads favorite) and for once I’ll say, if you are going to shell out 5 figures for a vehicle, this will be well worth it, unlike a certain 5 figure IH Scout,,,for example. Fantastic cars,,,

  8. Alan Brase

    From the pictures, then the seller name, I recognize the seller as a Porsche guy. Unobtanium.
    A straight shooter, for sure.


    Personally, I think this Alfa is ripe to be turned into a vintage racer. It looks like a great start, especially at $7,000 reserve. With all of those “missing parts” I suspect someone started a race car build and never finish. That happens, sometimes, when life happens.

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