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Bone Stock Busso: 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 is one of the more chronically underappreciated hot hatches of the 1980s, and unlike many cars from this era, you can still buy a very nice example for reasonable money. This is the classic case of trying to avoid the upfront purchase price only to end up in the same place price-wise when you attempt to restore a car like this. And given values are still trending towards an average of $20K for a nice driver, it doesn’t make much sense being cheap. Find this nicely presented 1984 GTV6 listed here on craigslist as part of a larger collection for $19,984.

The seller’s car is in very nice shape, and is said to be a genuine California blue plate example. The Alfa looks to be very original, right down to the factory Campagnolo wheels. The GTV6 for years has been a popular platform for modifying, so it’s not surprising to find many of these with custom tweaks courtesy of a previous owner. While swapping out aftermarket wheels for stock examples isn’t a big deal, it’s always nice to find a  car that hasn’t been messed with. While silver isn’t the sexiest color out there, it’s a nice change of pace from the usual red.

Inside, we’re treated to a standard GTV6 interior in excellent condition. This is a good news story as the factory interior is one of the best in the business. I can’t recall if these are actual Recaro seats or simply Alfa’s version of the classic sport seat, but either way, they are supremely comfortable and hug you in all the right places. The wood-rimmed 3-spoke steering wheel is a reminder of how gorgeous factory steering wheels could be before airbags became standard, and this GTV6 also appears to have a crack-free dashboard.

The Busso V6 is absolutely up there as one of the more significant engines built in the last few decades, if for no other reason than it provided spirited performance for a wide range of Alfa Romeo products, all while delivering one of the best soundtracks in the business. Timing belts and tensioners are must-do jobs on these cars, so hopefully the seller has detailed maintenance records in his possession; otherwise, plan on doing this work on a preventative basis, regardless of how good the car looks in photos. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Todd K. for the find.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    As service manager for the new Alfa dealer in 1984 I got to spend a lot of time with the GTV6. Very nice cars and they carry on Alfa’s reputation of being one of the best drivers ever made. Nice to see one without rust.

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    Oh my god that car is in beautiful condition! From the perfect bodywork to the pristine interior to the no-curb rash wheels, and I think the price is worth every penny. The only thing that would tempt me is wider wheels and tires, and a turbo kit or maybe drop it off at an Alfa specialist and have them build it for revs and top-end power. But it’s in such fantastic shape I might just leave it alone and enjoy driving it. Coming from the northeast, these Alfas are usually a pile of rust and trashed interior with deferred maintenance. Can’t believe how beautiful this one is. If I were in the market, I’d fly out to California and make a vacation out of driving it across the country to hit as many twisty roads as I can.

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  3. Rob

    Lovely example. Pop had one back in the mid ’80s. 2 items: that’s an aftermarket steering wheel–but a very nice one(looks like the same Momo that was OE in my old 308); and in addition to the ‘big-belt’ service, absolutely essential is the camshaft end-seal replacement/upgrade–they would fail, dribbling onto the belt with catastrophic results. (Pop’s GTV6 suffered this fate).

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  4. Donald

    Is it an interference motor?

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    • Martin Horrocks

      Yes it is.

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    • Christo van Zyl

      The holy grail of GTV6s are only to be found in South Africa where a 3 litre version was developed.

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  5. Glemon

    Very nice looking car. A few years back there was one parked, presumably inoperative, in the lot of an apartment complex not too far from me. I kept leaving notes on it with my name and number, but no luck, then one day gone. Maybe will catch up with one someday. Like everything else they have gone up, seems like a nice one was $10k not too long ago.

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  6. JLHudson

    When dad gave up on Citroens, he went for ALFAs. After the Alfetta, he purchased a GTV6. Both cars handled like they were on rails. His second wife’s worthless son stole the GTV6 and raced it around until the brakes were shot. He then purposely side swiped the Olds station wagon. My father ordered me to not use a crow-bar on the punk’s head because he had “mental issues”. i should have ignored my father’s good advice. Now, these cars are climbing in value & the Alfetta & GTV6 are not “hot-hatches”. A VW Golf is a hot-hatch.

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  7. Martin Horrocks

    Yep, not a hot hatch but one of the best driving sports cars of the era.

    A GTV6 in this condition is $30K in Europe, so some Alfa enthusiast should check this car out quickly

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  8. Michael D Eisenmenger

    Great price if in good running condition and has had recent timing belt and bushings.

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If those Recaros are stock seats, they sure didn’t change much between 1984 and 2000. They look exactly like the ones that came in my 2000 S4.

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  10. t-bone bob

    Located in San Francisco area

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  11. Aussie Dave Aussie Dave Member

    A GTV6 was to be my first car, my dad decided, and would match dollar for dollar (and more if needed).
    Sadly I loaned my uncle my money for a car. When I got my licence, I had no car, and no money.
    My dad “repossessed ” my uncles car because he couldn’t give me my money.
    I’m alive today, because Volvo’s crash exceptionally well.
    I still want a GTV6 tho.

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