Boop-Oop-A-Doop! 1971 Chevy Nova

This Nova may seem pretty boring but it is mostly original and has a fun name; Betty Boop!  The original vinyl top and rust have been replaced with paint that’s probably close to the color of the original vinyl. It’s got only two doors and a V8., so that’s a plus! Thanks to “J” who found it listed on craigslist in Newport, Oregon. It’s got a few nicks and scrapes but it looks pretty solid, so perhaps the $8,500 asking price isn’t too bad. The transmission was just rebuilt, it’s got new tires and is ready to drive and be enjoyed.

It even includes Betty Boop floor mats. The front seat was redone and the back seat is in good shape. The interior is really plain (it reminds me of the taxis I used to drive) but it is in really nice condition.

Here’s the 200 HP 307 CID V8. It’s a low compression engine designed to burn unleaded gasoline and get better gas mileage. It doesn’t take a lot of work or money to get these little V8s to 300 horsepower using the stock block. The first thing a lot of us would like to see added would be A/C, of course.

The body molding looks like it might be an aftermarket accessory from JC Whitney or Pep Boys and I’m thinking the roof should have been painted to match the body, but otherwise, it looks original. This could be a nice driver or the basis for a custom car. There aren’t too many of these survivors left, so it would be nice to see it left as original as possible. Modern brakes and suspension modifications could be nice, but then one could dream of custom wheels and tires, an engine upgrade, custom paint and interior, the list goes on and on. The same folks who think $8,500 is too much for this car wouldn’t hesitate to spend more than that on custom wheels and tires. It would be interesting to know what the new owner intends for his Nova.

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  1. Steve R

    If it was located in or closer to a large city I could see it either getting that number or coming close. The days of finding decent 68-72 Novas for $500 are long gone.

    Steve R

  2. Den

    Boop-Oop-A-Doop ? Hold on, let me go back and see what car we are talking about ! OK, the Nova is not in bad shape.

  3. Steve

    I had a near twin to this car back in the early 90’s. &0 2 dr., same color exterior, black interior, no vinyl top, 6 cyl with 3 spd on the tree. Very clean car. Even had original paint still. Bought it for $1200 with intentions of a v8/ 4 speed swap, but someone offered me $4k and I sold it. Obviouslty I wish I still had it.

  4. jdjonesdr

    I had a 72 6 cylinder 2 speed automatic.

    I was happier than a pig in poop with that car. Ran nice and smooth and was a joy to drive.

    Ex got it in the divorce and wouldn’t sell it to me for spite.

  5. Bruce Fischer

    I had a 69 chevy nova.6 cylinder and 3 speed on the column .I Promised my dad I wouldn’t change anything on it. Ist pay check I got I made it 3 speed on the floor with a hurst shifter, then the rear shachels and then rear wide tires. I put a ford small hood scoop on it too. The went from a faded blue to a bright yellow with a black hood scoop. The car could beat a car with a 283 motor off the line. She was a real nice car and had the black front bench seat also. Bruce.

  6. Loco Mikado

    Must not be from the Oregon coast originally. Cars there rust in all directions at once, not just from the road up like areas that use salt on the roads.They are oftentimes worse than the rustiest Midwest car you could image, seen them start to rust in days after arriving at the coast. Looks to be nice but I would check it carefully if I were buying it. Too bad about the owner.

  7. Wrong Way

    I have a friend who has a 69 SS he says he thinks everything matches! I am just curious, in 69 do any of you know if bucket seats were option? I can’t remember any I have seen that have buckets! Those were my high school years and I saw a lot of them! His does have 3 on the floor by the way! The body is rust free! No issues under it either! What would something like that be worth? He inherited it and we are thinking about deleting stuff! Let’s be clear that this is not a advertisement! ! We are at this point curious! Thanks!

    • Steve R

      Without a thorough description and some pictures it wouldn’t be possible to give an informed guess as to value.

      Steve R

  8. Rustytech Member

    I see an SS clone in the future for this one. I know that by 1970 bucket seats and console were on the option list for the Nova, but I’m not sure about the 68’s. These were a good driving car, I had a 1971 SS with the 350 ci. and 4speed. It was fun and fast, but as with most cars up here in the mid-Atlantic the tin worm stole it early on. I still miss it.

  9. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Nice one…getting hard to find….my plain jane 1971 was ordered with the big 350 and three speed with factory floor shift. It also came with the non-posi 12 bolt rear end which both the latter would soon be changed. Passed the dad test for the original owner that I got it from in the late 70’s.

  10. ACZ

    Why are the good ones always 2000 miles away?

  11. angliagt

    I had one of these,a roller,that a neighbor moved &
    left it to me.The body was in great shape. I thought that I’d make
    a lot of money for it.Sold it for $300.
    These are great transportation cars,even with a six.

  12. J

    Love it! Had a ’63 two door hard top and it is time for another Nova–1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen. I would love to be able to check this one out, but alas, at over 5000 miles away (as the crow flies) it isn’t in the cards just yet. Hopefully someone can snag this and keep it on the road!

  13. Rob

    My first car was a 1970. I want another one.

  14. dm

    Love these Novas. Those body side moldings are U-shaped aluminum extrusions that are commonly attached with pop-rivets. They have slide-in end caps in various shapes and the open “U” is filled with a push-in plastic filler that came in various colors. The fillers here have shrunk over time exposing the ends of the channel riveted to the body. Some channels may have been installed with double-sided tape, but more commonly they were riveted on, making removal difficult.

  15. Will

    Seems like a great price for such an original car. Here’s the ad archive with all the images and details

  16. Richard

    Have a 1971 Nova 307 2bl 3 speed hydro. Purchased in 1973 by my wife for $1750. Car was in pristine shape. Normal replacement of parts through the years. Rebuilt engine and trans. Car was a daily driver. Repainted same basic lime green a little brighter. I can work on this girl… Done some car shows and received awards. Car brings back memories to people. Fun to share them.

    Like 1

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