Boss Clone: 1969 Ford Mustang

It’s always sad to see a project stall when the finish line is in sight. These feelings only increase when you discover that it has happened due to ill health. The current owner has been trying to finish the build that his uncle started before contracting Covid-19. However, he admits that his own back issues mean that it is now beyond him. The expensive and challenging work is complete, meaning that the buyer will have relatively little to do before this Mustang takes to the streets once again. Located in Lebanon, Ohio, you will find the fabulous Ford listed for sale here on eBay. The bidding currently sits at $35,105, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

The owner’s uncle spent three years transforming a rusty Mustang into the Boss Clone that we see today. It seems that the gentleman was thorough in his quest to build the car of his dreams because he scrapped anything that didn’t meet his high standards. The panels that he replaced would have kept someone in hot meals for a while because he spent a pretty penny on this one. The list of parts includes new rear quarter panels, along with front fenders, the taillight panel, hood, and deck lid. With all of the new steel in place, a fresh coat of Grabber Blue was laid over the new panels. The owner says that the paint isn’t perfect, but it still presents well. All of the correct stripes and decals were applied to create the Boss clone, along with new front and rear spoilers. The shopping list was extensive because it also included new bumpers and other trim pieces, new lenses, and a set of Magnum 500 wheels. If a buyer is seeking a trailer queen, this Mustang isn’t it in its current form. However, getting it to that point would not be difficult. However, if a buyer is searching for a rust-free driver quality classic, this Mustang appears to tick those boxes easily.

This single photo of its underside can best sum up the physical state of the Mustang. As you can see, there isn’t a spot of rust anywhere. The owner’s uncle went through the entire process of ridding the vehicle of tin worm, and there were no corners cut to achieve this. He replaced all of the floors and the trunk pan, along with the torque boxes. While he was at it, he slotted in a new set of outer wheel wells for good measure. When you add this tally to the work that we’ve covered on the panels, it means that the buyer will be landing themselves a Mustang that is 100% rust-free.

In creating his clone, it appears that the owner wanted to capture the aura of the original, but in a package that was as trouble-free as possible. The 302ci long block that resides under the hood is of 1989 vintage. To this, he added a new timing chain and a set of reconditioned cylinder heads, along with a new oil pan and oil pump. Hiding under the air cleaner is an Edelbrock intake and carburetor, while virtually every other component has been replaced or reconditioned. Bolted to the back of the 302 is a 3-speed automatic transmission. While that combination won’t offer the performance potential of a genuine Boss 302, it should be relaxing and civilized to live with. When you look beyond the engine bay, the rest of the mechanical components are rebuilt or replaced. This includes the entire suspension and braking system, along with the steering components. Whoever buys this classic won’t need to spend a dime on the Mustang’s drivetrain because it’s all been done for them.

If you are going to compile a list of interior trim parts that have received attention, the short answer would be “everything.” The interior is essentially new, from the upholstery to the carpet and from the dash pad to the headliner. There are a few minor things for the buyer to tackle, but it is limited to getting some of the interior lighting operational. This includes the indicator lights for the turning signals and items of that nature. The builder has fitted an aftermarket stereo and speakers. Still, when you consider that he wasn’t focusing on complete originality, that is something that most potential buyers will be willing to accept. Once again, there should be no money to spend here. It seems that all that is required will be equal helpings of time and patience.

To see a project build brought to its knees due to the owner’s failing health is heartbreaking. That it should happen twice is a tragedy. By the owner’s admission, this 1969 Mustang will not be a prize winner in its current form. However, it appears that the buyer will own a clean and rust-free classic where its condition is a rung or two above driver quality. Someone needs to complete this build because it would be a sliver of sunshine in what appears to have been a dark time for this family. I hope that one of our loyal Barn Finds readers is that person because I would love to see this classic once it has returned to the road. Will you be the one to provide that ray of light?


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    The fact that our primary race car is painted ’69 Grabber Blue should tell you I really like this car. If there is anything out there that looks any better than this car in this color I don’t what it is. Pretty biased, huh? Beautiful.

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      To answer your question, but not start a debate or argument, my personal favorite has long been silver blue in the 1st gen Mustang. It was the color of the first Mustang (65 or 66 – the memory fades) I ever drove.

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  2. RGSmith1 Member

    He did a great resto. Would love to have seen what it looked like when he started it.

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  3. 19sixty5 Member

    I realize automatics aren’t for everyone, but this one to me is a huge disappointment based on how this car presents itself. I don’t have issues with clones either, as long as it is disclosed. To me (and I’m not much of a Ford fan) this just doesn’t work for me. Kind of like a 1st generation Z/28 clone with an automatic. Other than that, this is a great looking car. I had a 69 Boss 302 waaaaaay back, another of the ones I wish I could have kept. $35k and two days left. I’d say the seller is doing well!

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  4. Steve R

    It looks nice, but isn’t a decent clone with an automatic transmission or a 302 Windsor.

    Steve R

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  5. Jonny

    The sad thing here is if someone is going to go to all the work and expense to make a ’69 Boss 2 clone, it needs to be in an original ’69 Boss color. And, while it was in body work, it also needed to have the 1/4 panel scoops removed and filled in with smooth metal if you really want the correct ’69 Boss 302 look.

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  6. Truckeemtnfords

    I agree with Jonny, for a Boss 302 clone this car is lacking in so many ways. It takes more than Boss 302 stripes to make a clone. Clean car but just a ’69 Mustang Sportsroof, 302, drum brakes,’70 seat covers, speaker holes in the rear fold down panel, I could go on but you get the point.

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  7. gaspumpchas

    I hate to use the overused, worn out yuppie saying “it is what it is” but its how far the guy took it to make it look real. The automatic and the 302 smog motor really sink it for me. You would need to see how the workmanship is. I suspect shill bidding is what most of the bids are, you have one clown is doing has 346 feedback but has pumped it up from 30k to 35k; plus you have the usual zero feedbacks. Looks like its being sold by a dealer. Stay safe, good luck, and know what you are buying.

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  8. JoeBob

    This is a nice looking Mustang. At the ebay site there are several pictures under the vehicle, and it looks solid, but, in this picture the tailpipes look to be exiting through downturned exits near the rear diff. From the picture, I’d think those would fail a safety inspection. If I were going to drive it I think I’d put some different tailpipes that exit beyond the car’s body.

  9. Howie Mueler

    I had a 69 Mach 1, this looks good, but for me that steering wheel has to go.

  10. Mark

    This car looks like a Mach 1 with Boss 302 decals… It’s not $35k nice.

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  11. Mercury Man

    In 1969 the Boss Mustangs did not have the quarter panel scoops, they also had front fenders with a rolled edge. This car is far from a Boss or a clone, paint and wheels do not make it “Boss”

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