Boxer Needed: 1975 Subaru DL Wagon

This car has been for sale for years it seems like, but thanks to Miguel for sending in the tip for this 1975 Subaru DL wagon, we can spend some time checking it out again. This 4×4 has been listed here on Craigslist in Twisp, Washington for a year or two at least it seems like and they’re still asking $2,000 for it. Let’s check it out.

This Subaru Leone, or DL (DL = two round headlights, GL = four square headlights) in North America, has been popping up on several Subaru and oddball car sites for quite a while now. It’s another case of major head-scratching for me when a seller lists a car for years without taking additional photos. There are still three photos and the same $2,000 asking price. It may have been $2,500 at one time, I can’t remember now it’s been so long. It really does look like it’s in pretty good condition but dang, there is no way this is going to sell without at least whacking some of those weeds around it and taking better photos and more of them.

The DL/GL wagons were Subaru’s first foray into 4×4 vehicles for North America. It’s hard to tell the real condition of this car from these photos but they say that it “is fairly rust free, glass is good along with the interior.” Fairly rust free for a decades-old Subaru is a scary thought. I have been burned on that in the past and never again. Oh yeah, did I mention that this one “Needs an engine”? They say that they’re “pretty sure its a 1300cc and is out of the car.” I believe that they’re referring to Subaru’s EA-63, 1.4L (1,361 cc) boxer-four which would have had around 60 hp. Old Subaru 4×4 wagons are desirable but an engineless car that has been sitting outside for a long time may be more work than a lot of us are hoping for. Is this one worth saving?

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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    “Is this one worth saving?”
    Not at the $2K entry fee, and apparently that feeling is widely held if it has been around so long. $200, and it would probably be a project worth taking up.

  2. Chebby Staff

    A 1975 Brat just sold for $46,000 on BaT, so the dreamers are gonna dream.

  3. PDXBryan

    These were such a revelation in Alaska back in the day.

  4. Dave

    Those cars rarely lasted more than a few years around Pittsburgh but the workers bought them like hotcakes! They also couldn’t understand why the factories were closing and their jobs were going overseas.

  5. cyclemikey

    You would really think that after a year or two the seller would figure out that nobody is going to pay that much for it. Apparently he doesn’t care; must not need the money. I’d be surprised if he got $1K for it.

    You wouldn’t want the 1400 engine anyway, so that’s no loss. the 1400s were a wet-sleeve design that had problems. The 1600 EA71 that replaced it in ’76 was a much better engine, will run forever, and bolt right in. Trouble is, those are pretty thin on the ground at this point.

  6. James Martin

    I have a low miles 1600 out of a 79 brat. Would give 200 if he ships it to Colorado

  7. Patrick Huot

    Boxer needed?
    What’s that mean?

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      The Subaru engine is a “Boxer” type, a flat four with opposing cylinders. (2 on each side of center) Has also been applied to other engines with the same layout and more or even just two cylinders.

  8. 433jeff

    Thats a nice car, noone cares( okay mostly)about the orig underpowered motor anyway, sooner or later someone will see it. And do it. Ots far away otherwise i would be on it.

  9. Doug

    I pulled a Japanese market 1800 cc engine out of Pick’n Pull a few years ago as a spare for my ’86 Brat – it’s still sitting in the garage….. Easy to spot a Japanese
    take-out one of these engines- there is a sticker on the valve cover saying ” Do Not Adjust Valves”, as the Japanese market engines had hydraulic rather than solid lifters.


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