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Brave Soul Needed: 1966 Ghia 1500 GT

Buying a disassembled project of a well known and common classic is a bit scary, buying a rare exotic that’s in pieces is a downright terrifying proposition. This Ghia 1500 GT is one of maybe 600 built, so you aren’t going to find a shop manual with instructions on how it goes together. Thankfully, the drivetrain and suspension that are included are from an Alfa Romeo, so at least you’ll be able to figure out how those components go together. If you are brave enough to finish this Ghia, you can find it here on eBay in Los Angeles, California with a $12k BIN.

These Ghias were built on and powered by a Fiat 1500 Sedan, so it might not be all the difficult to figure out how this car goes together. The real issue will be figuring out the interior and electrical systems, as those were unique to the Ghia. This one was stripped down to the bare chassis, repainted and has been sitting ever since. The seller points out some damage to the paint and body that have occurred since the paintwork was done.

The seller provides photos of some of the trim and parts that come with the car, but it’s hard to tell what all is here and what’s missing. There’s no word on the engine and transmission, other than that the car had been powered by an Alfa engine at one point. And I don’t see either component in any of the photos, so you will want to contact the seller to see if an engine is included. An Alfa drivetrain could get expensive to source, so that’s definitely something to take into account when making an offer.

This beautiful little sports car could be a great project or an absolute nightmare. It will all boil down to what all is here and how patient you are. If you enjoy a good puzzle and want a truly unique classic, it might just be up your alley. So, is this a project you’d be willing to take on?


  1. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Howzbout I just buy an already finished 240z and call it good.
    And PS – it looks like a meat locker for metal parts in there…what could possibly go wrong with all of that dangling, heavy metal?

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  2. Jim Mac

    OK. But anybody can buy a finished car. I think being a “brave soul” is what this site is all about. Finding a worthy project. And this is that! Certainly money to spend is needed, but for a far greater satisfaction than just writing a check and turning a key.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Cool lines on this beauty. If I can be blasphemous for a second, this baby is perfect for a repower. Looks clean and much work done. I don’t know how much body work has been done, but the paint and body work could easliy be 12 large, the asking price. Like Jim Mac said– a worthy project!! Good Luck to the new owner.


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  4. Derek

    That’s a good case for building your own wiring loom using modern components – a fusebox, for example, that takes blade fuses. Pretty much a blank canvas; as long as you don’t mess with the structure of it, it’s unlikely that anyone’ll castigate you for doing it.

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  5. YankeeTR5

    I doubt it could have ever run an Alfa engine as the exhaust exits the wrong side in the engine bay (drivers side) and some cutting would be involved. The Ghia exhaust exits the other side and goes thru a hole in the inner fender well. Looked at one that was restored including an expensive Alfa engine that could never get installed for this reason. Funny.
    Not a bad project – seems pretty complete. Bummer on the windshield crack as glass is scarce. Drivetrain is relatively easy to source as they made lots of 1500’s. Better yet drop in a later Fiat 124 Lampredi twin cam and now you’ve got a sports car! These cars have jumped in price quite a bit in the last three years, but I think they’ve far overrun what they are (were). The restored one was three years ago and offered for less than this.

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  6. bog

    It’s quite “pretty”, and I’ll bet, being an Italian specialty “pretty” small for a guy like me. I may have seen one or two when I lived in Germany during that period. But then I saw many small sports or sporty cars. Loved the Fiat Dinos and a friend had an OSI. My new Fairlane GTA was massive next to almost everything on the roads. Even full-sized Benz’. BTW, the listing does say that it comes without engine, and I saw no mention (nor photos) of a transmission. The complete one you listed 2 years ago was apparently sold for over 22K, and that was a ’67. Sadly, no space to even attempt restoring this, and my Alfa/Fiat friends have become older….like me. Much good fortune to the person buying this beauty !

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  7. t-BONE BOB

    These are based on a Fiat 1500 with a push-rod engine. Quite stylish when finished. Nice drivers, too

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