Brawny Survivor: 1985 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE 4X4

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The Ramcharger was Dodge’s answer to Ford’s Bronco and Chevy’s Blazer. Introduced in 1974, this two-door SUV had a removable roof, four-wheel drive, and a variety of available engines. It sat on a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Ram truck. (Anyone know what they called the Plymouth version? It was Plymouth’s only SUV….) By 1981, a redesign gave the Ramcharger an egg-crate grille, a welded roof (after 1981), and different trim levels. Dodge was always a bit penurious though, so it subtracted several engine options, leaving buyers with just its 318 cu. in. or a 360. At least buyers could choose among plenty of transmission options. Here on eBay is a top-of-the-line 1985 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE 4X4, bid to $17,500, reserve not met. Located in Chester, New York, this truck has a clean AutoCheck report with plenty of service appointments recorded. Other than regular maintenance, the seller indicates the SUV has been partially repainted, from the Bronze center of the truck downward, including its tan bottom.

The motor is Dodge’s 360 cu. in. V8 with a four-barrel carburetor and about 170 bhp. Considering the vehicle weighs over 4300 lbs empty, it’s no wonder the slant six was no longer an option. In 1985, this truck’s automatic transmission cost about five hundred dollars over the standard manual. By 1985 four-wheel drive could be engaged on the fly, without exiting to fiddle with the hubs. The seller indicates the truck runs and drives flawlessly. The odometer reads 80,000 miles but there’s no claim that it hasn’t rolled over.

The interior is almost perfect. We note a couple of smudges on the back seats, and that’s it. The Royal SE trim – adding about $1000 to the base vehicle cost – includes high-back cloth and vinyl seats, carpet, color-keyed dash, and a chrome trim package along with air conditioning; power steering and brakes; power windows; a tilt steering wheel; and cruise control. The carpet and headliner are new. The capacious rear cargo area holds a ton of… whatever, so long as it will fit in about 105 cubic feet.

The underside was left au naturel by the sellers, who make a point to say they want prospective buyers to see that it is rock solid. For emphasis, the listing includes six undercarriage shots, and yes, they are all spiffy. We know that vintage SUV prices have gone to the moon, a phenomenon that is creeping up the model year scale. It does not surprise me that this handsome survivor hasn’t met the reserve. What do you think it’s going to take to find this one a new garage?

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    Wasn’t the Plymouth version called a Trailduster?

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    • Michelle RandAuthor

      Absolutely! You win!

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    • Randy

      Yes indeed.

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  2. BA

    The plant I worked at molded the the lift gate for these (Budd Plastics NB) so I always feel a connection to them & they are nice trucks . A shame they didn’t slide a 440 in these but a LA 360 is pretty good.

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  3. Jeepman82

    I had an 84 Ramcharger with a 318 2 barrel and not a 4×4 had to lift it 6 inches with oversized tires just not to get stuck in the snow. It was listed as a two wheel drive utility vehicle it had a lift gate and with the rear seat removed was very roomy. However these trucks did not have the removal roof

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  4. guggie 13

    Had one for 9 years loved it

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  5. JLHudson

    Again! Why is this vehicle in the AMC section? There are only two connections between AMC & Chrysler products: Chrysler bought AMC for the Jeep brand and trashed everything else. Charles Nash & Walter Chrysler were friends.

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  6. Don Otto

    I had one that was a 4×4 with a 318 auto trans and plowed snow with it and out plowed both Chevy and Ford that the other guy that plowed with me . Their trucks were breaking down all the time I loved my ram and bought a dodge Durango then I bought a Ram 1500 big horn.

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  7. angliagt angliagtMember

    We had one of these in our Fire Department.It was a
    Chrome Yellow color,& looked sharp with the light bar and
    insignias on the doors.
    I drove it once,but just on-road,so not impressive.

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  8. Jay McCarthy

    Nice looking truck and the 4bbl is what Dodge should have put on it

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  9. Brian

    I don’t know how you do it. Just when I think you couldn’t possibly comment with more misinformation and BS…… You manage to take it to an all new low. You bring fact-less and just plain wrong to a whole new level. You should write a book or become a politician of that hasn’t already been included your claims to have worked and retired from every occupation known to mankind while previously living in every single town and county in WI. With at least one that doesn’t even exist per WI. That book could just be all the comments you’ve made on Barnfinds. If you need help with a title, just say the word. There are several here that would like to help you out. You have my permission to use the one where you swore at me in a different language for asking you a question. And yes, I realize you didn’t/don’t know what the word means let alone the language….

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  10. Bobbie MillheimMember

    Trail duster, Plymouth Trail Duster, as I recall.

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