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Breathtaking Survivor: 1956 Cadillac Eldorado

56 cady eldo 11

Cadillacs are considered to be the ultimate cruisers, with plenty of luxury to spare, and a smooth ride. It is hard to believe when looking at the photos, but this ’56 Eldorado is an original survivor. The exterior gives no indication of this, but upon close inspection there are very few flaws to be found, on this otherwise mint Cadillac. Appearing almost showroom new, this Cadillac is priced at $26,900. Find it here on Canyon State Classics out of Tempe, Arizona.

56 cady eldo 33

Have you ever seen an engine bay this clean on a survivor? The Cadillac 331 cubic inch V8 with Dual Quads appears in like new condition and plenty clean enough to eat any feast off of. The paint in the pay, on the engine, and on the air cleaner look as if they were sprayed yesterday. It is incredible how brilliant the paint is. There are some dents on the radiator, so perhaps some touch has been performed on this Caddy.

56 cady eldo 44

The interior of this Eldorado starts to validate the originality status of this Cadillac. The interior is clean and complete from what we can see. The interior is the biggest let down to this Cadillac. The interior hasn’t held up as well as the exterior has. The dash pad looks slightly faded and the dye on the seats just hasn’t been able to hang on. It would be a small under taking, but if you had the right man for the job, the seats and the dash could likely be re-dyed. The seats appear in good shape aside from their color appearance. The carpet, and dashboard accessories look clean and unabated by time. Aside from the interior this Eldorado appears flawless from the outside. There is no evidence of rust, dents, dings, or filler.

56 cady eldo 2

Looking at this Cadillac is just incredible. It really is difficult to believe that it is a survivor. There is evidence of its survivor status, but it is still mesmerizing to look at and study. This is an excellent example of a survivor and excellent example of a ’56 Cadillac Eldorado. There aren’t many survivors out there in this grade of condition. Who would love to own this Cadillac? We know we would!


  1. Dan

    I love that ole doll….

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  2. Ralph Terhune

    I want it, I want it, I WANT IT!!

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  3. Roselandpete

    I just sit here and soak in the design.

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  4. packrat I’m with the Stray Cats on this one.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    My Dad worked as a Saturday mechanic at an old time garage that did everything—gas, oil, body, and mechanical. My dad was the mechanical. The owner had a ’56 Eldorado like this one, but a convertible. He let my Dad take all of us to Florida in it one Christmas.

    It was a beautiful rider, very smooth, and very luxurious inside—-everything but room. It was tough for 3 kids in the back, pretty cramped, but no seat belts to hem us in. I was fascinated by the Autronic eye, the light-sensing gizmo on the dash that sensed lights of oncoming cars and dipped the lights on the Caddy automatically. It’s that thing sticking up on the top of the left side of the dash—3rd photo from the top, above.

    I remember that Dad & Mom spelled each other off on driving and there was a strict rule to not cruise above 50 to 55 to keep that second 4-barrel from kicking in and gulping more gas. It was a long trip on the old Rt 301 with no Rt 95 back then, but I’ll never forget the interior of that car.

    This car looks good, and probably a good deal if it runs and drives well, since it’s about $13K under auction prices. If it’s as good as it looks somebody could get the Eldorado of their dreams for an OK price.

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  6. Alan Brase

    Wow. Just don’t see them often with such character. The leather is a little weak. Way to good to replace, but I wonder if it could be re dyed or coated. I think perhaps just surface stitching on the few splits. Kinda like a favorite old pair of jeans pick up a few patches.
    Just think: twice as much as a Corvette when new.

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  7. Bill

    Yes it’s a lovely car… but come on guys.. NOT a survivor! If it was wearing original paint, it would look as beat up and worn as that interior. You just don’t get the interior worn out and sun damaged with stunning paint… doesn’t make sense. I would bet 90% or more of the car has been painted..maybe not the rear lower quarters, which is the only part of the painted exterior that has patina…save for the chrome which is shot… another indication of a LOT of exterior wear that should be present.
    And that engine compartment… FULLY RESTORED!

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    • Jesper

      That i was also thinking, a beautyfull cruiser, but never resprayed?
      It is simply to good looking to be org.
      Maybe im wrong.
      Good weekend, to all of you.

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  8. Jesper

    Engine room and trunk is redone. It had a damage on one frontfender, and that you can see. So survivor its not.
    Am i the only one, there read the whole sales announcement?

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  9. Djs

    No its been touched up in spots but stilla fantastic auto.

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  10. Jeff V

    Just beautiful, true American car elegance of the era for the price of a new Camry…take ur pic? Duh!

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  11. Boris

    Should be a 365 V-8 in a 1956 model. She’s a beauty.

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  12. Prowler

    You know the guy that bought this one new…was somebody
    If you drove a caddy in that Era you were somebody…a real status symbol

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  13. Badnikl
    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Ahh yess . . . Tin Men. Shot in Baltimore by the city’s own Barry Levinson. As a Marylander and the owner of the State’s largest antique car dealership & restoration shop, I was contacted by various studios when making movies in the area, and I provided many cars & trucks over the years, both my own, and fellow car owner’s vehicles.

      Note that the Cadillacs that were wrecked in the movie were purchased by the studio, not rented. They were in pretty rough shape, and only the parts that would show to the camera were restored.

      If you watched the above mentioned video trailer, did you notice the 1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk hardtop [turquoise & white] & the red 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood sedan, both in the background? I provided them both, as well as about 6 others.

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  14. Big Andy

    AWESOME! I’d love to have it!

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  15. TJP

    All’s I see is a lot of perfume and my BS detector just went up in flames. Not a bad car at the asking price, but SEVERELY misrepresented. SURVIVOR ??? NOT!!!

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  16. Woodie Man

    So…close reading of the dealers narrative shows a couple of things that as many have observed are obvious….a completely redone trunk, a “refreshed ” as the dealer put it, engine compartment, read completely redone, blended body panel paint, a new windshield. The license plates are mid 1980’s California…..Pacific Beach is of course part of City of San Diego and Guy Hill Cadillac is on Garnet Avenue I think. So car came from San Diego at some time. I would suspect the exterior, windshield, trunk and engine compartment once reflected the condition of the interior a little more closely that they do now. If it had been me I would have had the seat skins redyed……I mean what the hey! If you’re going to the trouble to put lipstick on the ole girl give her some some panties. IMHO the rough seats don’t say survivor as much as they someone fiddled with the rest of the car. Still we dont make ’em like we used to!

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  17. john taggart Member

    love the old caddies my dad an eventual buick electra guy had 3 early 5o’s ones great lines and drivers and when cars were made like tanks

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