Bargain Brit? 1974 Triumph TR6

With 5 days left in the auction, this 1974 Triumph TR6 is only bid to $2,275 here on eBay. The TR6 is located in Guilford, Connecticut, and was acquired by the seller through a barter. The car is thought to have been sitting since the 1990s. We appreciate Bill Cawley bringing this little gem to our attention.

The interior looks better than some of the TR6 cars that we have featured lately. The car comes with paperwork, tools, jack, books, and some extra miscellaneous parts. The car is said to run and drive but will need some repairs to make a safe weekend driver. The Signal Red paint looks pretty good in the pictures and there is not much rust that can be seen in the numerous pictures provided by the seller.

All Triumph TR6’s were built with 2.5-liter inline six-cylinder engines that were fed through dual carburetors for US versions. From the factory, they delivered 150 bhp. The UK versions were fuel-injected and performed a little better than the US exports. This TR6 transfers its power to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual transmission that features overdrive. This car appears to have the “overdrive” insignia on the satin black rear valance.

Aftermarket parts are not cheap but this TR6 looks better than some of the other projects that we have examined lately. The top looks nice and the interior can be cleaned up. The seller states that the car has a Monza exhaust system and the odometer reads 62,298. Do you think this one will get bid higher as the auction comes to a close?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Dang, clearly a can of worms for the next owner, but a great buy, possibly the best buy on a TR6 I’ve seen, proof, the market is softening. And there you have it, the 1 in 20(?) that has O/D. I think people are finding out, while every nut and bolt is available, it’s cost prohibitive today. It never ends with these, and the driving it might not offset that cost today. Personally, I think it’s a great deal and would put up with it’s shortcomings. Judging by the prices ( the other red one a while back) I don’t think many want or can do the work, probably the deal here. I tell ya’, if I had a place to tinker on it, and not baking in the Colorado sun, this would be on it’s way to me.

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  2. Brian

    US versions are 105hp, not 150hp. 150hp were the UK fuel injected cars.

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  3. Cobra Steve

    Not sure what the author is basing the assumption of “aftermarket parts not being cheap”. Compared to what? I respectfully beg to differ as Moss Motors, The Roadster Factory, Victoria British, Rimmer Brothers, BP Northwest, and many others offer competitive pricing. Just shy away from Chinese-made parts as they are unreliable. When ordering parts, specify “ABC”–Anywhere But China.

    Part of the charm of LBC’s (Little British Cars) is their simplicity and ease of maintenance. If you don’t know the difference between a crescent wrench and a torque wrench, are not willing to invest in some basic tools, or have the desire to do so, then one better have deep pockets.

    On the other hand, if you want the modern conveniences and the spirit of a LBC, then buy a Miata.

    This car appears to be wearing its original Pimento Red exterior with New Tan interior–a desirable combination. Carmine Red exterior provides a better contrast–personal bias as my ’73 TR6 has this combination. The overdrive is a VERY desirable option, but unsure if it is original to this car as the VIN typically had an “O” at the end to indicate such. This car has SU carburetors which may perform better but a pair of Stromberg CD175SE’s were original to US spec cars. Finally, the Monza exhaust is sometimes too loud and raw sounding. Personally, the ANSA systems are far superior but difficult to find unless they make a production run.

    My two cents. I noted some rust bubbles in the sheet metal and might be a good idea to spend a few $$$ for a PPI to check the frame’s integrity…last time I bought a car on eBay it was a horrible experience. Seller grossly misrepresented the car and even though eBay advertised the “Buyer Protection Plan”, it was all BS as they would not help. They told me to contact the California DMV (where the seller was located) to pursue action. Report filed and nothing ever resulted. A few hundred dollars spent to a professional appraiser would have saved me thousands in the long run!

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    Yep, everything Steve said. Good post Steve now I can keep mine short

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  5. Malcom Ward

    Someone has converted the carbs to SU’s a fairly easy conversion that work a lot better than the factory Stombergs.

  6. malsal

    Someone has converted the carbs to SU’s, easy conversion and much better than the factory US spec Strombergs.

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