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British Frightpig: 1969 Aston Martin DBS

1969 Aston Martin DBS

We don’t often see rare cars the likes of vintage Aston Martins listed on craigslist as projects, but here we are with a 1969 Aston Martin DBS for sale here on craigslist in Florida. The seller is using a rather annoying means of determining price by asking interested parties to email him best offers; if you have the patience for this nonsense, you can find it in Orlando.


The seller is quick to point out how these cars are poised to jump in value, making the purchase of such a project well worth your time and money. It’s amazing how frequently ads for complete cars are far less verbose than those trying to dump the remains of a disassembled projects onto the next guy. If it takes you that many words to convince potential buyers to take a chance, it doesn’t pass the sniff test. And by the way, in which state does the car currently reside – are the doors mounted or just chucked inside the cabin?


Don’t get me wrong: this is a beautiful specimen with the potential to become something great. But why not tell us what the state of the engine is? Does it have the upgraded Weber carbs? What body work has been completed? How are the seats and other interior surfaces? Does it come with all original glass? Will the wheels need refinishing? Spare me the production numbers and James Bond references – I can look that up myself.


And of course, like so many of these ads, the picture of what it could look like, after you pour in untold hours of labor and piles of cash to get it done. I’ll give the seller that an original manual transmission plus A/C car is desirable. And who will ever turn their nose up at the chance to hear that Aston straight six at full song? Or to see those knock-off wire wheels polished to a stunning shine? All of this would come to mind more readily if sellers didn’t try to sugarcoat the massiveness of a project like this. Thanks to Barry M. for the find!


  1. MH

    What an amazing car. No price given. I can’t imagine what he wants for it. 50K or more? I don’t really know.

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  2. randy

    Email him a “fair” offer. You never know, I guess it’s kind of like a sealed bid auction.

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  3. Chris

    i am not a fan of British cars but these old Austin martins are amazing.

    I can’t imagine what parts must cost.

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  4. Cassidy

    Excellent write-up, Jeff! Unlike the Mustang fastback’s ad from yesterday, this guy’s ad stinks something awful. If he wants to run an auction, eBay is the place. How many potential buyers is he going to get from the CL ad? Best thing to do with this ad: read it, learn that’s the wrong way and then wait patiently for a better Aston to turn up.

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  5. randy

    Not many, but he is fishing for a value. He apparently has no idea how much it’s worth, and Ebay will cost him to find out I reckon. There are better ways for sure.
    I agree, good write up.

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  6. Frankie Paige

    Yeah, I’ve seen ads like this before, “taking offers”, saying basically he has no idea, wants somewhere around 70k. Fantasy games are so much fun.

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  7. Frankie Paige

    Found one that sold for around 70k, looked to be original miles too. Also saw one that was up for 31k.

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  8. Joe Howell

    Maybe we should all send him ridiculous offers just for fun :)

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Careful, Joe…I’ve ended up with a car that way! And I have a friend who genuinely won (I watched) a car on eBay for $2.00 (not a typo) and then traveled several states away to pick it up. Admittedly, it was a Triumph…

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    • Ed Williams

      Yeah…. Great idea! How about $1.98 and you get Vise Grip steering, too! Ha, ha!

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  9. Dan h

    The Vice-Grip steering wheel is all I needed to see. Pass.

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    • skloon

      Those are genuine David Brown Vice-grips !! don’t discount them when you make your offer

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  10. Hoby

    It soul cost a hundred grand or more to sort it out to a concourse like level.

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  11. GreaserMatt

    How does such a great car end up like this? Damn…

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  12. ClassicCarFan

    Yes, agree with all previous comments this is a very poorly presented ad. I much prefer to see a sale price presented, even if it is not what I’d want to pay at least you know where the seller stands negotiation-wise.

    I don’t know enough about Astons to know exactly what this would be worth when properly restored, but you can see it is going to take a lot of work – and with a car like this you’d want to invest in doing it right and to a high enough standard to fit in with the exotic world it would be part of. I mean, this isn’t one that a good amateur restorer would want to do to “driver” standard at home in the barn?

    I think the seller is right that Aston prices are definitely still on the up if you look at what the real iconic DB4, DB5 and DB6 cars are going for. Having said that, this is probably one of the least desirable Aston models of the 1960s. (I don’t mean it’s not a desirable car – I’d love to own it if properly sorted – but just relative to other Astons). My understanding is that the DBS was a bit of a stop-gap crossover model introducing the heavier, bigger new chassis and body but still using the old 6-cylinder motor because the all-new quad-cam V-8 wasn’t ready yet ? They were relatively slow compared to other Astons.

    Like I said it would still be a pretty cool car to own and drive if it were in better shape. This one….? I think I’d pass unless you have enough disposable income to just drop it off at some top professional restoration shop and sign the check when you get it back in perfect shape. Even then, I suspect you’d still have to spend more money on this to rescue it than a reasonable example would cost you in the first place.

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  13. 64 bonneville

    looking at the pictures on CL, this is sort of a parts car, or “some assembly required” as a parts car, if everything or most everything is there, worth maybe $19K a top of the line in #1 condition, but not a concours or trailer queen will top out about $150K price wise. Maybe Gullwing can get it for $10K? And sell its’ rarity for $30K? ( no offense Gullwing, you got to make a profit to stay in business)

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  14. Doyler

    These types of ads are truly the worst of the worst, if only for the pricing. Ugh.

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  15. Doyler

    Also, I’d be tempted. But I just had the pleasure of paying my SF property taxes today :(

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  16. edd

    I love the Lincoln in the background of the main picture. It looks like a factory built stretch. I’ve never seen one.

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  17. Jeff Staff

    Great commentary guys – I’d love to know what he eventually does get for it, but agree that eBay is the place to find out.

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  18. brakeservo

    Hey, I want it!!! but only if the vice-grip pliers “steering wheel” is included!!

    That kinda says it all . . . doesn’t it.

    But as much as I have to hold my nose as I write this – I think the guy’s right – it is both a very rare car, certainly the most desirable version of a 6-cyl. DBS and, they are in fact becoming desirable, hence valuable.

    Compare to the P.O.S. RHD automatic DBS that the infamous Beverly Hills Hair Club has been trying to pawn off on some sucker for some time – this appears to be a much better car.

    Nearly 15 years ago I drove the Beverly Hills Hair Club car about 200 miles from somewhere south of Bellingham, Washington to Portland, Oregon, of course that was back when it still had an engine . . . my description then was “wow, what a reasonable facsimile of a junky Aston-Martin made primarily of Bondo & fiberglass!”

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  19. Tom S.

    I think the best photo is the one with the transmission balanced on top of the engine.

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  20. Imperialist1960

    I’ve done a few cars that were challenging to find parts for.

    This would be a good buy for someone who has a car like this already that they plan to go out of feet-first or that’s missing some expensive item(s) that this thing has. Take this one apart and store the parts (or the whole carcass) in a shed and you’ve just bypassed the parts mongers when your driver has a hiccup or even a dented fender.

    If he’s a motivated seller, and you’re the highest offer, then perhaps a conversation can happen. If he’s unmotivated, then the car may not really be for sale and he’s just trying to demonstrate to his significant other that he IS TRYING to sell it, but maybe he’ll just have to give it more time to appreciate….?…

    Best wishes to all involved on this “sale”.

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  21. Evan

    Sweet find!! However, I would prefer the 2 opposing vice grips steering option.

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  22. tom z

    Wow what an attitude! I made him an offer and look at his response;


    Sorry, you have no idea what the selling price is. You restore, and I sell for a full time living for 30 years!

    The offer you gave me is for the inexperienced “dumb ass”. IF YOU CAN FIND THEM, I GUARANTEE I CAN SELL FOR ALL THE MONEY.

    Please send me one at $150k at what you call “high standard” and we will make a killing. I have buyers ready to go worldwide!

    I just sold a 70 like this to the country Oman for $75,000 http://www.ebay.com/itm/281813457941?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

    I appreciate your input, and respect what you are doing.


    Best Regards,
    Dennis H. Nell

    The Ebay ad is for a 1971 (70?) Datsun 240Z that was a no sale at $14,800 but he claims he sold it for $75K to Oman!!!? He refuses to answer any questions about condition of the DBS or provide a chassis number. I agree with everybody else, something doesn’t smell right, be cautious of sending a deposit you may never see it again! I have restored similar Astons and know how difficult it can be to source missing parts let alone restore/rebuild back to original. This is a very ambitious project for even qualified shops and restoration will exceed the value of these cars for a long time.
    Tom Z.
    catzauto dot com

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  23. Dougm

    A legend in his own mind!
    what I can’t figure is he’s been on eBay since ’01 but hasn’t ANY feedback rating……

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  24. David Frank David Member

    The ad was flagged. And now it’s on Craigslist in LA!

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