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British Hatchback: 1970 MGB GT

This 1970 MGB GT has been under the same care since the day the car was sold new in England. After getting the car to the States, the owner took good care of the car and it’s spent all of its life in their garage. It has had a resent cosmetic refresh and is looking great. It can be found here on Craigslist or in Carroll, Iowa for $6,000.

Being a one owner car doesn’t count for much if the car was abused and neglected by that owner. This car’s owner obviously loves it and has babied it since new. After undergoing a cosmetic refresh, it looks almost as good as new. When MG decided to build a coupe version of their successful MGB, they went to Italian design house Pininfarina for the design work. The product was a great looking coupe that is often credited with launching the sporty hatchback style.

This car has been well loved over the years and hopefully will go to someone that will enjoy it and treat it right. This is a very nice well sorted driver and at $6,000 is a bargain, as long as all the mechanical and electrical systems are working properly that is. Special thanks to Dennis F for sending us this find!


  1. 2VT

    “……………………..Boxes of parts”?

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  2. Freedom

    How did the owner buy a left hand drive in England???

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  3. mikey

    Set up properly these are great little cars. Install a crossflow head and BAM! Parts are easy to come by. I prefer these over the verts.

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  4. 767driver

    Is this not the same car listed for sale in the September issue of Classic Motorsports magazine on page 131 with a $10,000 price??

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  5. Mkke

    How many left hand drive cars are sold in GB?

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  6. philip Millward

    wow Lovely and even has UK plate so has it been driven here ? BIG fan looks good wish I could convince the wife it was a good winter cuirser!

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  7. scot c

    ~ for $6000 dollars? hold me back!
    (plus Carroll, Iowa. you can’t miss)

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  8. randy rush

    Bought in England? WHY IS IT LEFT HAND DRIVE? Did I miss something? Good looking car.

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  9. Leland

    “as long as all the mechanical and electrical systems are working properly”

    Electrical system working right on a British car. LMAO

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  10. scot c

    ~ ‘but I am getting stiff in the joints and time to sell’
    then again, i’m getting a bit stiff thinking it’s time to buy.

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  11. Ron Southan

    Kudos to the owner for taking such good care of a down right spiffy little car.

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  12. Richard

    Great car. Love the color too.

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  13. Dolphin Member

    Still early enough to escape the emasculation that happened to engines during the early to mid-1970s, this car should be a good performer, and it has overdrive too. Chrome bumpers, really good looking interior and body, a very sympathetic owner—this kind of survivor is rare. If it looks as good close up as it does in the pictures—and I suspect it will—this is a very good buy.

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  14. Steve Hughes

    FYI this car was a personal import, a car in US spec bought through a US dealer but delivered in England. The giveaway is the licence{number}plate it has a yellow border this means tax exempt for export, you get to drive it for up to six months then it is shipped to the US. Apart from that this is a great car someone should snap it up if I was anywhere close to me I would.

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    • Chris Bater

      Steve is on the right lines here. This type/method of purchase was often taken advantage of by serving US military personal whilst based in the UK or NATO in Germany Whilst living in Bedford (UK) I made a very good friend of a Master Sergeant at RAF Chicksands who lived in the apartment below me. One day he turned up in a brand new US export spec TR6 in Carmine red, which he enjoyed for his 2 year stay. I,m not sure if it completed its journey to the States when his “time was up” of if it was sold on to another USAF owner on base. Strangely I went on to collect 70,s monster receivers, (Pioneer, Sansui and the like) which are/were rare in the UK and many have been purchased and shipped from the States, many of which were originally military tax free purchase, some from Germany, which means these have travelled the Atlantic twice,… its a small world!

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  15. Anonymous

    A miracle if it is not gone yet. Its a steal even if it doesn’t run and isn’t rusty.

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  16. Phillip

    I have a LHD Cortina sitting in the garage that my Dad bought new while stationed in England. It was pretty common on the base to see a lot of LHD drive Brit cars that servicemen had bought to bring home.
    My Mom lives in Carroll, its about 2 hours north east of Omaha in west central Iowa.

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  17. Karl

    When I was in high school in the late ’70s, one of the upperclassmen had two of these, one green and one white. He bought one, loved it, then ran across the other for a killer price and said to himself, hey, two is even better than one.
    His two cars were unusual among the parent’s castoffs and half-built musclecars that you would expect to find in a rural Louisiana high school parking lot. We were close enough to New Orleans, though, that it was no problem to zip into the city for parts.

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