Bronze Pony: 1973 Ford Mustang Grande

Just look at this Saddle Bronze pony! I know the 1971-73 Mustangs aren’t as popular as some earlier models, but their supporters are more in number every day and this one is a pretty nice example. It’s for sale here on eBay and has already attracted 20 bids–the high one now is $5,600 but there’s no reserve. You can find this beautiful car in Mesquite, Texas.

This is a “Grande” model–one of the Mustangs that were made more as a personal luxury car rather than a sporty model. It’s pretty clear from the plain wheel covers, the vinyl roof and the “normal” specifications of the car.

There are some “artsy” photos included in the ad, like this one, that show off the original paint, original vinyl roof, and completeness of the trim. It’s really original looking and very much a survivor. As a matter of fact, only one family owned the car until this year. I’m going to let you decide for yourself on the mileage, but I will tell you that the odometer is showing only 16,854 miles. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Under the hood we have a factory 351 cubic inch V8 attached to an FMX automatic transmission. Both are original. We’re told that it runs very well–actually that it runs “grrrrrrreat!”. I think someone may have watched too many Frosted Flakes commercials?

Could this interior look any more 1970’s? Seriously? Yellow brocade fabric with tan vinyl? Wow. It looks like the steering wheel is cracked in places, but I don’t see anything else that looks like excessive wear. What do you think? Could it really be less than 17,000 miles on this cool example of 70’s luxury? And, more importantly, would you be interested in purchasing it? Please let us know in the comments, especially if one of you has owned a “Grande” before!

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  1. Jay E.

    I think there is a reserve which has not been met? “Drives like it has 16K miles” is not the same as saying it has only that many. It looks like a nicely cared for one that has just turned over. I like Mustangs, but never cared for this style unless it is the convertible. A nice set of period Cragers would help.


      Currently the listing shows Reserve Not Met.

  2. Bmac Bmac Member

    While these mustangs might not be the most popular, they are in my opinion the nicest driving mustang built. And with the Grande option you get a taste of luxury. If I didn’t already have a couple of these, I’d be all over this one. Interested in what it goes for.

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    • King Al

      Other than the far out looking 71-73 fastbacks, I would choose a 71-73 Cougar coupe or convert over the comparable Mustang counterparts. They just look classier to me, especially the XR7.

  3. Charles Hocking

    Had a 1970 Grande as a teen. Loved the car. I am interested as to whether it has the 351 Cleaveland or the winsor engine.

    • Ray Smith

      From what I can see of the valve covers it looks like the Cleveland.

    • Jay

      That’s a Windsor.

      • z28th1s

        Jay, that is not a Windsor. As Ray Smith said looking at the valve covers tells you it is a Cleveland because it has the ‘hump’ near where you put the oil in on the driver’s side valve cover. The Windsor valve covers are flat across the top.

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      • CATHOUSE

        Absolutely a Cleveland and not a Windsor.

  4. Superdessucke

    I’d love to see them bring the Grande package back on the current Mustang. Not because I’d buy one but because it would be hilarious lol! Amazing how automotive tastes have changed.

  5. Don H

    My favert.mustangs are 71 to 73 fast backs ,there kind of like the Smokey and the bandit trans am ,more show than go ,but I still have great memories in one

  6. JW

    I would rather have this car than the rusted 68 Mustang convertible posted earlier.


    That is a 351 Cleveland , there was not a 351 Windsor available in 1973 .


      In 1973 an H code car could have either a Cleveland or a Windsor. Granted there were far more Clevelands put in than Windsors though.

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  8. RoselandPete

    The interior looks like it has 16k miles but I don’t know if the seller is being cute by saying it drives like it has 16k miles and it really has a lot more miles. I couldn’t see where the steering wheel looked cracked.

  9. Paul

    I like most mustangs up to 73, however in 71,72,73 the convertibles I also like best. I didn’t like this style or the fastback in those years I can remember being very young in 74 and a neighbor bought a 73 sport roof I can remember thinking it was very ugly and I was just a dumb kid 8 or 9 years old at the time.
    I heard an adult say back then that he felt that it was the ugliest car he had ever seen as well……it stuck with me for years
    Today a kind of like them or a least appreciate them.

  10. RS

    Many years ago my best friend in HS bought a Mustang very much like this when he was 17. After he bought it we found papers indicating it had been owned by someone named ‘Dagney Quandee’. Everyone had no end of fun telling him he was driving the ‘Dagney Quandee Grondee’.

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