Bronze Project: 1968 Dodge Coronet 440

When I first spotted this Coronet here on eBay, I thought the $6k asking was rather unrealistic. There’s rust in the floors and quarter panels, the original engine is missing and Coronet 440s aren’t the most sought after trim level, but then I read that the seller has a 440 V8 that comes with the car. It needs to be rebuilt, but that definitely makes this a more interesting deal. The asking is still a tad high, if you ask me, but having the engine saves time and money. The car is currently located in Grovetown, Georgia, so you are likely to find additional rust when you start tearing into it.

The seller is a dealer, so I’m going to guess they are flipping the car. And that’s alright with me, as long as they are honest about the condition and are willing to negotiate. If this were a Coronet R/T or a Super Bee, than I think their asking would be right on the money, but 440s just don’t bring the kind of money higher option cars do. Having a 440 V8 in it, would definitely increase desirability in my book, but that doesn’t necessarily add value for everyone (especially considering the engine isn’t even in the car). If they are willing to come down a grand or two, it would be a great buy that would be fun to build.

The rust is a major concern, but thankfully all the replacement metal is readily available. It isn’t going to be a simple project, but it sure would be fun once done. Given the condition, lack of originality and the front bench seat I would build this into a stripped down sleeper (sort of like the Road Runner). Whether you go that route, restore it and build it into an all out street monster, this could be a great project for the right price!

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  1. DAN



    God Bless.I own Dillon Rods and Classics,MOPARS BRING BIG MONEY,

  2. Rock On

    You should take the truck wheels off of it!!!

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  3. Dave Member

    Ah no! The wagon wheels are perfect!

  4. jw454

    Since the original parts are missing, you could build a Super Bee clone. That may raise it’s value. I’m not a mopar guy so I don’t know if it would or not.

    • LAB3

      Clone or better yet resto mod!

  5. Shelli Anne

    Reminds me of way back when a neighbor kid bought a used Ford Fairlane 500 thinking it had a massive V8 engine in it, I ran all over him in my Mazda R100 rotary. He still doesn’t understand how I did it !

  6. Dan

    Would this be a fun car when you are done? I dunno. To me it looks like it would just be a on old boxy car. Lots of my friends had these back in high school, and to be honest, they all seemed kinda grim and cheap. But, I also know that, based on mopar prices, I am in a tiny minority!

  7. Gunner

    I own a 69 440. It is a black plate cali car. It needs work, but it is all original complete with a 383-2/727. It is also a AC car with all the plumbing. I also have the build sheet for it. Most of the trim on the car is also mint. I consider myself very fortunate to come across this car for the reasonable price that I paid. Mopars are not cheap, especially 68-71. There were 2532 made with the options of mine. I will give it the TLC it needs when I can. For me, I see it as my one shot or find that all gearheads hope to happen to them. I can tell you that should I have passed on the deal, then there were abut 15 other people lined up to buy it. :-)

  8. Loco Mikado

    A good friend of mine had one of these ’70-74. Bench seat, black interior 2dr hardtop. But it came from the factory with a 383-325hp with a 4spd. What a sleeper and his insurance was low because it was listed as 2 dr Coronet-440 model-V8 with manual transmission. It was a fun car. Never saw another one equipped like that, but that doesn’t mean it was a one off.

  9. Barzini

    Well, lately Barn Finds has been a stroll down memory lane for me. First the Firebird and now this. My first car in 1978 was a 1969 Dodge Coronet 500. It taught me a lot about auto repair – the hard way and out of necessity.

  10. stillrunners lawrence Member

    There a 68 Bee under a carport….I pass all the time….the ski boat beside it hasn’t moved in a long time either….not for sale…..

  11. Big Ed

    Just saw the segment of Graveyard Cars when they did a Challenger (?) for SEMA. At the same time they were putting some work into other rusted hulks. Thats a lot of hours; can somebody tell me what kind of money are they getting to stay afloat.

    • LAB3

      A TV show could easily let it go for $1, they make far more by selling the show to a network than the money they make from cars they work on.

  12. Joe Muzy

    If the guy owns Dillon Rods why isn’t he restoring it? Must be worse than advertised. I was turned off by the tone of his ad he acts like the world revolves around him and he doing you a favor buy selling you his JUNK.

  13. Oingo

    This a nothing special low D model and not original in good shape or complete. It’s worth what the seller​ paid.

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