Bubble Top Camper: 1968 Dodge A100 Camper

It would seem that as the week progresses that cool vintage camper vans keep showing up for sale. These Dodge A100’s are great looking vans, and offer a great use of space with a nice range of drive-train options. Having spent nearly 20 years in a California barn, it would seem that this van has little in the way of rust. After its long sleep, this Dodge does start, stop, and steer, but the engine needs a little more tinkering to get it truly roadworthy. With 3 days remaining in the auction this van has no bids for the opening price of $3,350. Check it out here on ebay out of Venice, California.

Inside there are a few questionable things to be seen like a coolant overflow jug, and what appears to be either a birds nest, or a mouse nest, between the dash and the heater core area. It would seem that most of the upholstery is missing and the camper section is described as “gutted” and being a blank canvas of your choice. Some surface rust can be seen in the floors, and there looks to be some minimal rot where the heater core tubes run out of the front area of the floor. This van is not a coveted V8, but instead is a trusty inline 6 powered machine. Needing some fuel system help, and some wiring fixes, this van otherwise seems like it would be ready to drive. The seller mentions that he spent “$5,000” on the brake system and a new wheel and tire set up.

As a whole the body looks very reasonable with the only suspicious area being the front door jamb/step area. Rust stains can be seen on the paint from that area. The upper rain rail has what appears to be surface rust, and there are a few scratches on the back of this van that have formed surface rust as well. The rockers and quarters appear solid, and the only dent is on the passenger side just behind the front wheel arch. Part of me feels it is a dream finding an old gutted camper like this to engineer as I see fit, but the smarter side of my brain is telling me how much work, time, and devotion, it would need from me to complete this camper the way I would see fit. Either way, with the no current bids, this camper looks like a fun project for someone that could be “driving project” until restored to its true camper status. Would you take a chance on this Dodge Camper?


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    the interior is most important in this van so why has the seller not taken any photos. ???? typical lazy seller.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Or else it’s clever marketing. . . Could be really disgusting in there and they’d prefer to avoid scaring any potential buyers away.

  2. whippeteer

    If he spent $5K on wheels, tires, and brakes on this, he got taken!

  3. whippeteer

    The overflow tank makes me wonder if they had one from the factory at that time. This is definitely a hack, which makes me worry about over heating to begin with on this vehicle. Maybe if they knock off a zero or two from the price.

    Since they say electric bed, it must be from a much newer conversion van.

  4. Sparkster

    Horrible ad , it’s a Dodge A-108 the A-100 didn’t have a window between the front doors and the side barn door. There were NO electric steps back on these vans back then. It was a mechanical rod system. Our family bought one of these new. The mechanical step put too much drag on opening the barn doors which my father disconnected in 1968. I guessing the roof cross members got cut ( hacked ) to install the roof.

  5. J.B.

    Hey all. If you have any questions, I know the seller of this van. I could ask him any questions you have.
    I have seen the van. I know he’s had it stored so that’s probably why he doesn’t have too many photos. The seats are there. The drivers seat is in and passenger was in back last I saw. The back electric branch looks all compete. Just some parts like headlight and some trim in back I believe from what I remember. I remember we started the car. Hope that helps!

  6. Vince

    It is a A108 the difference between a A108 & a A100 is the wheel base

  7. Mike W H

    The first three comments sum it up. Any Camper buyer wants to see the inside of the freakin’ camper!

    I can’t even to begin to tell you how cool this was in ’68. If you were a surfer in LA or Orange County you needed this. Surfari trips were a real thing.

    I did my best to duplicate it in a ’65 Chevy the same year. It came out pretty cool ; I had a fridge, folding table with Coleman stove, paneling and wrought iron lamps from Mexico. Didn’t need a bed because thanks to my parents the entire floor was done professionally with triple padded moss green shag carpet which was the hippest thing ever. Remember, it was the 60’s.

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