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Buggy with Doors: 1977 Maxi Taxi

We’ve all seen or heard of the Meyers Manx VW-based dune buggy kits that were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, and today command a premium if its heritage can be proven. Lots of copy cats have sprung up over the years which tend to trend lower on the price chart, but some anomalies like this 1977 Maxi Taxi here on craigslist do exist. Its scarcity makes it a favorite among fiberglass kit car fanatics, and this one looks practically mint with only 17,000 miles. 

Originally made in Bremen, Indiana, there’s a fair amount of misinformation out there about the Maxi Taxi, mainly because they are so hard to find. Some folks with dune buggy kits that aren’t obviously Meyers Manx-based make the assumption their car is a Maxi, but there’s a key difference: the Maxi Taxi had actual doors that swung open, whereas most other kits with a roof did not. Those doors are apparently quite hard to repair today, and a common issue for project cars. This example is highly preserved and appears to have a mint body.

Although specific production numbers aren’t available, the overall consensus is that not many were made. Still, I was able to find another Maxi Taxi for sale, listed here on Gateway Classic Cars’ website in Florida. Speaking of the Sunshine State, the Taxi reminds me of the tourist-trolley that runs through downtown St. Augustine, as the miniature train has a vehicle in front that is very similar to the Maxi. This example is listed for a cool $19,995.

Image courtesy of Collector Car Price Tracker

Speaking of prices, how do you put a number on something this unusual? The tan example here sold at auction way back in 2011 for a mere $3,000. Given they were likely already hard to come by then, and the interest in genuine Meyers Manx cars has only increased over the last few years, oddball kit cars like the Maxi Taxi are sure to command a fair price given their obscurity. Despite their simple mechanicals, however, body parts are still hard to find – which is why buying a nice one should be a priority. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find!


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Boy oh boy! Where did I put my surfboard and top hat?

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  2. Rock On Member

    Almost looks like something that the Munster family would drive to the beach!

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  3. Coventrycat

    How much you want to be seen driving it determines the price you pay. One of the better looking ones, but those coach lights are kinda cheesy.

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    • Bill

      Coach lights look good to me…….

      But what do I know ?

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  4. Keruth

    330 is Ohio, 413 is Canton, just saying!!

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  5. Jesper

    That thing is not ugly…..

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  6. Alex B

    Now I can finally enter the Wacky Racers competition! :D

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  7. Dean

    Does anyone have any idea how to actually wire one of these up. Do you have a wiring harness laying around would love to purchase it.

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  8. Meadowlily Bruce
  9. Dean

    Can anyone help me find bumpers for my Maxi Taxi? Mine are okay but I would like to buy some new ones? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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    • Tony Richardson

      I have a Maxi Taxi that had different bumpers on it. I have the originals. All they need is rechromed or polished I’m not sure what they are made of.

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  10. Justin Schibley

    I have a Maxi Taxi. Original decal on the back. Only difference is it doesn’t have doors. It’s not the mini mark at any of the other models it’s the maxi taxi. Can’t find anyone else who has one. Anyone know about it?

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  11. TOMMY

    Just asking about the year? I have a 1971 Maxi Taxi that looks just like that.

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    • Dean

      Tommy if you still have the Maxi Taxi looks like you could sell it to Richard. I am sure you could make a few bucks on it after reading this article. I know the motor alone was over $4,000.00.

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    • Tommy Catoe

      I have a 1971 Maxi Taxi as well with doors. I’m looking for the exterior hinges. Any help would be appreciated. Where are you from?

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  12. Richard Sammons

    Would you like to sell it?

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  13. Richard Sammons

    Would you like to sell it? Looking for a maxi taxi to buy?

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    • John Evans

      I have a maxi taxi going up for sale, unlisted as of yet…old timer on the block passed away, and this was his baby.

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  14. Donna Stevens

    What are the specs on your maxi taxi? I might know someone interested. Donna

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