Buick Powered: 1952 MG TD/C

This little MG looks nice from here, but for any purists or even MG fans, you may want to move on. No, it’s not a kit car but it has been, well, desecrated. In 1968 a 1964 Buick V6 with a Buick two speed automatic transmission was installed. The bumpers look homemade. It was apparently put away in the 1990s after the transmission failed and then purchased by the seller in 2015. The seller has done the necessary mechanical restoration to make it driveable. The TD is now listed on craigslist in El Mira, New York for $8,700.

This MG has had an interesting history, a history many would consider unfortunate. It has bee enjoyed by several owners, though, and has survived mostly intact, except for the drivetrain swap of course.

The seats appear to be aftermarket seats. The dash has had some “interesting” alterations and the steering wheel is an aftermarket wheel. There have been many modifications to this unlucky MG, but it’s still better than a kit car, is it not? If it is truly well sorted, this could be a fun little car for the buyer. Or, of course, the pretty paint could be hiding a poorly done engine installation and a nightmare electrical system even worse than Lucas.


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  1. Rock On Member

    I guess that the Buick V6 swap is so common that the seller thought that there was no need to provide a picture of it!

    • jerryagan

      This car was previously listed on Barn Finds in July 2015 as GOF survivor. I guess this could be a success story as a non running MG has been given new life. Aftermarket steering wheel is being replaced by a quick release wheel which will make entry easier. Paint is not as good as photo shows but the body shell is rust/repair free. Not for the purist but a fun classic driver.

    • jerryagan

      Here is an image of the engine.

  2. Marvin Granger

    I’ve seen one of these with a 455 buick engine in it. I bet this would be a little easier to handle.

    • jcs

      It would certainly be easier to keep the oil pan off the pavement with the V6 than with a 455.

  3. Chuck Cobb

    Is Elmira, NOT El Mira, one word, not two.

  4. Stu

    What’s up with the steering wheel? The steering shaft is either at an odd angle to clear the exhaust on the V6 or I need to see an ophthalmologist.

    • Red'sResto

      That’s the biggest word I’ve ever seen used in the comments. Well done!

    • jerryagan

      A quick release steering wheel has been installed to give better driver access.

  5. Kiwi Glen

    The steering shaft is likely at an odd angle as the original motor was an in line 4 when you put a more v6 engine in you have to change the steering to clear the much wider motor. I know this ad I had an MGTF replica that I put a Yamaha V max engine in – it’s on you tube if you want to take a look

    • jerryagan

      You are right on. The steering was offset for clearance issues. Stu’s eyes are perfect.

  6. Tom Lange

    Seems like a shame to basically destroy a TD Mark II or TD/C, one of only 1710 made. But these were just old cars in the 60’s, and swapping engines and doing transplants was nothing big. Who thought they were going to be collectibles?


  7. Mark S

    If the v6 can be swapped into this car it cam be swapped back out again. This could be put right back to a stalk MG once again. It is not the end of the world that this is modified. Personally I’d like to see a Jag inline 6 cyl In there with a corresponding jag transmission. One thing that people don’t seam to get is in the hands of the right guy just about anything can be put back to what it started out as, and the bank does not have to be broken doing that.

  8. ROAR

    Once upon a time–the 50’s and 60’s car enthusiasts ACTUALLY worked on their cars and frequently modified them. grab a road and track or sports car graphic and you’ll find ads for cams, webers, big articles about how to race prepare your whatever etc. That’s when someone not rich could roadrace! now it’s $50.00 to autocross~~

  9. Chuck

    I bet if MG had done this themselves along with modern brakes and decent electrics they still be selling um. I know I could see one in my driveway.

  10. WES

    Great ! A Brit car that might not leak oil !

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