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Buick T-Type/Grand National Hybrid!


Here’s a different kind of hybrid–a Buick T-Type that now has the heart of a Grand National! Thanks to our own Jesse for finding and sharing this find, but you’ll need to hurry as the auction is almost over! It’s located in Sarasota, Florida and is up for sale here on eBay.


The seller explains that the previous owner had the engine and seats from his Grand National installed into his T-Type after the Grand National was wrecked. It was then driven a lot in that configuration. Now it shows the wear and tear of a lot of driving.


You can see the perforations and paint issues in this shot, and the fact that both filler panels are gone. I should note that the fourth factory wheel is included, despite the Chevy wheel that is on the right front at the moment.


The T-top is of interest, but unfortunately some leakage has led to some rust on the floor panels. So there are certainly some cosmetic issues that you’d have to take on. But the price is right if it stays down where it is now ($2,500).


Unusually for a car featured on this site, the engine probably looks the best of any part of the car. The seller has done some work; having the turbocharger professionally rebuilt and both cylinder heads as well. However, they mention some issues with “inner engine noise” that may require an engine out lower end rebuild. So are you willing to take the chance? Given the non-original specification, would you build a Grand National clone? Restore the car? Or just fix it so it’s driveable and have a great sleeper?


  1. Rock On Member

    Would probably just pull the engine, transmission and rear end for this price. Stuff them in something light, like a Vega or Nova.

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  2. Howard A Member

    “Grand National’s” aren’t exactly rare, and by the time you buy this for say 3, and the GN from yesterday which is now at 7, and all the fun of making one good one, you could buy a decent one for what seems like 15-18 ( pristine ones seem to go for up to 30) all day long. IDK, I’m sorry, but these things have to go for cheaper than this, it’s just not worth it. Historically, the GN put Buick on the map for racing. It was the hottest stick out there for a while. Also, I’d stay away from any car that had a T-top.

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  3. dj

    Those T Types actually came with the GN engine. I actually preferred them over the GN. They didn’t look like a GN but ran the same. We sold a lot of them when I worked as a tech. The T bar is rusted out of this one.

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  4. 68 custom

    2500$ but reserve not met, so this guy wants more than that with a bad motor and rust in all the bad spots. looks like a parts car to me. to bad I am close and like the T-types.

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  5. Chris

    Being a teenager in the gloriously cheesy 80’s, I’m a huge fan of all of the GM G-bodies. I’ve several and enjoyed them all. I would probably pass on this as I would rather have a real GN, but I’ll bet it’s a blast to drive. I would love to find a nice ’79 Monte Carlo or Cutlass Supreme and drop in a nice 383 stroker motor.

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  6. Mike

    These cars are EXPENSIVE to build as several have stated.

    The last one I did I spent over $800 on a fuel pump, fuel pump hanger/sending unit and a new and correct gas tank just to get fuel to an engine that had been parked for 4 years.

    That’s what the parts cost for these cars and that’s just the beginning!

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  7. jaymes

    junk,no way

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  8. HeadMaster1

    In 1987 I was 19yo and had a decent job. almost bought a GN that was one of the last batch the dealer was getting (production had ended). I never made it down to the dealer as a 88 Shelby CSX-T caught my eye at the Dodge store, not as quick, but it had a 5-speed and only 1,500 made…….

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  9. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    I didn’t know that the T-Types ran with the GN engine. Makes sense hearing that now, but it never crossed my mind before. I knew there were fast but didn’t put one in the other. That must’ve been my half a clue hard at work.

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  10. ACZ

    Take the mechanical components, the front end sheet metal and the doors and add one El Camino shell and Presto! It’s been done before but it makes a really nice ride.

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