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Bullet Nose! 1960 VW Single Cab

While Type 2s are generally sought after in any form, the rare variants tend to command even more interest. Take this single cab truck with the earlier-style bullet nose and smaller rear turn signals: while we see plenty of camper vans, these commercial trucks show up far less frequently. While it has some rust, it still looks like a worthy project. Find it here on The Samba for $7,500.

I dig the rear tent, making this look like a true work truck, or an escapee from a military base. The combination of bullet-style turn signals up front and small rear turn signals are some of the smallest details that make the biggest difference on a truck like this in terms of its collectibility. While it has plenty of rust, it’s far from being past the point of no return.

The cab is particularly nice, with a clean, uncut dash and bench seat with decent upholstery. The original radio is missing but it doesn’t look like the opening has been cut for a wider, aftermarket unit. The floor is said to be pretty good – although you can see a hole here – and the seller says trouble spots like where the seat feet meet the floor. Door panels are said to be original.

The listing does an excellent job of identifying numerous rust trouble spots – you should check it out for the full break-down if you’re interested in the VW. The cargo bed is definitely one of the weaker spots, as the seller notes the lower cargo floor metal is rusted through and needs replacing. There’s some rust in the frame outriggers, too, so there’s definitely some metal repair of the next owner – but this is still a Type 2 that deserve restoration.


  1. Avatar photo Bill

    My first vehicle was a 1960 bus like this. Had been my dads work van. Just a front bench seat and two sides of double doors to load donuts onto racks in the rear. Modified 40hp engine. Top speed 60mph. No gas gauge. Ten gallons and a two gallon reserve. Starts sputtering, just pull the reserve lever and you got about 50 miles to find a gas station. My Dad sold it when the tranny went out for SIXTY EIGHT DOLLARS!! In about 1969.

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  2. Avatar photo UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Lots of potential, lots of work. Worth saving though.

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  3. Avatar photo local_sheriff

    There’s a reason these don’t show up very often; they were simply used up as intended! Together with the DoKa they were simple and cheap use-until-gone vehicles. Now when every Samba or camper seem to catch unimaginable prices these remaining few truck variants pop up to join the VW party.
    Well worth preserving and probably rarer than regular buses today?

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  4. Avatar photo John b

    In very good condition…what do these bring?

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    • Avatar photo local_sheriff

      Not necessarily comparable markets, however this newer 64 popped up advertised at 275.000Nkr in Norway one year back. That’d be equivalent to $31.500 today.
      It was put away in ’71 then brought back to life and refurbished recently by an enthusiast. Considering it had only 6years service and road salt wasn’t introduced at the time it was probably of the ‘easier’ VW projects

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      • Avatar photo Eric

        When you use periods where commas belong, it severely changes the value of the numbers you are stating.

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  5. Avatar photo John

    Bullet nose? Ha ha!

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  6. Avatar photo Roy L

    I would guess north of 50 grand restored.

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