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“Bullitt” Tribute? 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

I guess that if you are going to sell a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, now is the time to do it. With the “Bullitt” Mustang selling this week for a record $3.74 million, anything less must almost look like a bargain. Well, that’s the theory anyway. This particular car is a true blank canvas vehicle and is just waiting for someone to make their own mark on it. The Mustang is located in an undisclosed location in Texas and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $12,499, but the option is available to make an offer.

Being a 1st Generation Mustang, it will probably come as no real surprise to learn that it does have some rust issues that will need to be addressed. These have afflicted all of the usual spots that you would expect, including the rear quarter panels, the lower fenders, the floors, and the frame rails. Having said that, the frame rails really don’t look as bad as some project Mustangs that we’ve seen, although we don’t get a look at the torque boxes and surrounds. Interestingly, the bottoms of the doors look really nice, while the rockers look to be surprisingly good. The paint is but a distant memory, with the exterior wearing little more than some primer in amongst the healthy coating of surface corrosion. Virtually all of the external trim and chrome is now missing, but all of the glass appears to be both present, and in good condition.

The owner doesn’t supply any engine photos for the simple reason that the car doesn’t have an engine. What used to occupy the engine bay was a C-Code 289ci V8, backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission. This is what makes this such a tempting proposition as a blank canvas. Some people hesitate at the prospect of modifying a numbers-matching classic, and the thought of it tends to play on their conscience. That isn’t an issue with this car, so, it could be restored to its original specifications, or the opportunity is there to create something very different. As you can see from this photo, the floors have got rust in them, but it really isn’t that bad. They will need to be replaced, but if this is indicative of the condition of the rest of the vehicle’s underside, then this would appear to be a solid car.

There’s no hiding the fact that a full restoration or refurbishment is going to be required inside the Mustang. There are a lot of components that appear to be missing, and what remains is all looking pretty dilapidated. Once again, it really is a case of the world being your oyster, and how the interior is eventually finished would only be limited by your imagination. Who knows, maybe a Pony Interior takes your fancy, or maybe something a bit more modern could be on the shopping list.

I quite like this 1968 Mustang, and I think that the reason that I like it is that it really will give the next owner the chance to let their imagination run wild. There are so many possibilities that it does boggle the mind. If you bought it, what sort of path would you follow to create the Mustang of your dreams?


  1. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    I went to Kissimmee on Saturday and saw the Bullitt Mustang in the big glass box. Yes, it was cool, and the whole mystique of the car was interesting. The guys at Mecum certainly created the requisite amount of hype that resulted in the big sale price.

    But actually the car wasn’t in great shape, as compared to the endless beautifully restored and original cars for sale at the event. The five Imperial Crown convertibles, all pristine and just off-the-chain with fins and chrome and bling were more interesting to me.

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    • Avatar photo jerry

      save your money buying this rusty hunk of junk, and come north of the boarder to canada and get into our great beer up here and canadain club whisky your buck is worth a buck thirty with exchange when you sober up you will be glad you stayed away from this heap!

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  2. Avatar photo Andy

    It might be worth something with Steve McQueen’s butt print in the seat, but with no seats, how would you know? For that money I can get a super clean ’68 Triumph Bonneville (or a pair of ’73s) and the only wrenching I’ll have to do is to mount the plate.

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  3. Avatar photo Jack Hammer

    It’s got new body panels, a new engine, and a new interior, but it’s still my Grandfather’s Mustang.

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  4. Avatar photo Bob S

    Can’t you buy a new body in the white for around $18k? Or am I not looking at the whole picture, and vin tags are going for $12k? Because IMHO, no drive train, no interior, besides all that rust, the tag’s pretty much the only thing left.

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  5. Avatar photo Mike

    Man, that’s crusty.

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  6. Avatar photo grant

    The world doesn’t need any more Bullit clones, General Lees, American Graffiti ’57s or Herbies. This does look like a good start to a sweet custom Mustang.

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    • Avatar photo AMXBrian

      You’re absolutely right and you forgot Eleanor clones haha

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    • Avatar photo RH

      American Graffiti ’57s? Maybe referring to the black ’55? How about the white ’58?

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    • Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

      Wait Grant….the world doesn’t need General Lees or Bullitt clones, but it does need more custom Mustangs? NOT! It seemed like half of the 3500 cars I saw at Kissimmee on Saturday were Mustangs in every permutation imaginable. I don’t even bother to look at Mustangs at car shows anymore, or Camaros or Corvettes or GTOs or Porsche 911s. All those cars are SO overdone, they’re boring.

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      • Avatar photo Jack Hammer

        Sooooo…….Rex, you’re a Bricklin guy, huh?

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  7. Avatar photo Bill Shields

    I was wondering how soon this was going to start.
    We are going to be seeing every 1968 mustang fastback carcass in existence dragged out and offered as a potential bullitt clone.
    Wanna bet somebody is busy right now digging out that 68 parts car they bought in 1980 for 100 bucks and has been sinking into the ooze since then in the back forty?

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  8. Avatar photo Classic Steel

    Blank canvas right….blank check too.

    Is anyone thinking Prius engine and battery 🔋 transplant too 😂

    Okay seriously no Bullitt but a newer mid 2000s Mustang V6 swap to a manual would be good as they are cranking out nice horsepower compared to back in the day ponies.

    That’s if this guy drops 3-5 grand off his average Rustang missing all interior 😉

    Who knows someone could buy and post
    later his over paid car he is now lost on restoration.

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  9. Avatar photo sir mike

    Just put a bullet in her….sorry had to…

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  10. Avatar photo Will Fox

    I think the whole “bullitt” craze has run it’s course. The car’s been sold for an unGodly sum to whoever, and Lord knows there are enough “bullitt” tributes out there already to fill the Steelers stadium. This would look great in a deep ruby red pearl.

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  11. Avatar photo Arthell64

    I had rather see Bullitt clones than the tacky (IMO) looking mustang shelby Eleanor clones.

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  12. Avatar photo dave Member

    Not to nit-pik, but American Graffiti ’55…

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  13. Avatar photo Del

    Here it is !

    Been sitting in wreckers yard where it was picked apart.

    Now yours for 13 grand.😁😂🤣

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  14. Avatar photo Paul

    I have to say..the person that bought the Bullitt mustang got ripped off badly!!
    This is just a person that has stupid money and is being stupid with it….if you got that kinda of scratch do something better with it.
    I can possibly see one million (and that’s crazy for the condition of this 68 mustang)…. however anything over that is just ludicrous!

    After all this was not the car that actually got wrecked doing the driving in the movie….this is just a body double for that car.

    Wonder how much they would get for the wrecked charger?

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    • Avatar photo Rampone Grampercy

      How much for the Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Charger? Or the locomotive?

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  15. Avatar photo Bob McK

    Time to cash in on the Bullitt clones. Don’t worry the asking prices will be out of this World. In my opinion, the Bullitt was just an old worn car worth a few thousand dollars. I couldn’t care less if it was a movie car or a star owned it. But someone disagreed with me. Call me crazy, but I love too many cars to spend a crazy amount on just one. Maybe I would think differently if I were rich.

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  16. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    The old car hobby has really hit the skids when a crusty shell of a 67 Mustang has a buy it now of 12 G’s. I want to meet the buyer at that price. I’ll pay for a check up from the neck up :)

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  17. Avatar photo TBall

    I bought my similar ’68, with engine, trans, interior for $1,100 in 2000. 12k for this car is criminal

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  18. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Dumb comment Jack. But I do likes me a ’63 Riv and some C-body Chryslers, and just about anything Harley Earl, Bill Mitchell, Virgil Exner, Elwood Engle, or Dick Teague penned. You?

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  19. Avatar photo Harry

    I do Congratulate the folks who owned the Bullit Mustang, not only on their sale but for preserving rather than restoring the car.
    That being said, it’s sale is going to trigger every Billy Bob with a $500 rolling pile of rust to price theirs like this roach.

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    • Avatar photo Jack Hammer

      And Raymond Lowey. Rex I only meant that as a bit of sarcasm to round up the “”vette” and “cuda” guys. I probably over did my comment, but I thought you would get it. Forgive me. The designers you mentioned are the groundwork of American automobile design, and will go down in history as such. Let’s give them the stage.

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  20. Avatar photo Matt Mercer

    “A fool and his money are soon parted….”

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    • Avatar photo Bob McK

      Thank you! I totally agree.

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  21. Avatar photo Rampone Grampercy

    So, re-watching the chase scene from Bullitt…I like how that dark green Volkswagen is able to keep up with them…reappears, what, four times?

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  22. Avatar photo TimM

    I think the seller should give someone $12,500 to take it off his hands!! What a piece!!!

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