Bumper Filler Needed: 1976 Cadillac Eldorado

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There aren’t many big, luxurious two-door cars being made anymore, but at the time, we didn’t think a thing about a car like this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado being unusual. Out of reach yes, unusual, no. Of course, I wasn’t even of driving age when this car came out. The seller has it posted here on craigslist in Oakley, California and they’re asking $7,500. Here is the original listing, and thanks to numskal for the tip!

You can see that the bumper filler material needs to be replaced both front and rear and that isn’t cheap, but it’s still available from several sources. Matching the color exactly may be the hardest part. Speaking of that, there appears to be a spot on the left quarter panel that was rubbed to a dull finish, and it also looks like the left front fender is a hair darker? I could be wrong

This car also has a sunroof and the seller includes a photo showing the American Sunroof Corporation packet of operating info along with several other papers. The ninth-generation Eldorado was made from 1971 through 1978 and I’ve always wondered what a four-door Eldorado would look like… Just kidding. We’ve seen a few nice ’76 Eldorados here on Barn Finds, but this one sticks in my mind for some reason (cough).

What a beautiful interior! This red leather goes perfectly with the Firethorn red paint. The back seat looks like it has never been sat in and the trunk looks equally nice. It looks nice inside, much nicer than the exterior does and the exterior looks pretty nice for a 48-year-old car that has no rust, according to the seller. The underside photos show what appears to be a solid example.

The engine is Cadillac’s 500-cu.in. OHV V8, which in this case has the optional fuel injection. Fuel injection was an option according to a 1976 Cadillac brochure and it would have upped the horsepower to 215 with 400 lb-ft of torque, a 25 hp boost over the four-barrel version. The seller doesn’t say how it runs but I’m assuming it runs as nice as this car looks otherwise. Any thoughts on this Eldorado?

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  1. Zen

    I’ve never seen one of these with the optional fuel injection. Or in the Devilles, either, until the early 80s. Nice looking car, and the interior is beautiful.

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  2. RICK W

    Now THIS is what Cadillac WAS all about. Last of the Real Eldorados, before downsizing turned it into the El DO OH NO. 🤮. Cadillac still was The Standard of the WORLD. Fortunately Fleetwood Brougham shouldered on until last 96. Now Cadillac builds NOTHING to compare. This red and white beauty is definitely worth the time and money!

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    • RICK W

      BTW, I’d love to find this in my barn! But I don’t have a barn or the wherewithal to take this Beauty on. 😔 Someone Save this MONUMENT to a time when everything was bigger, bolder and a symbol of the greatest era of American automotive elegance! 🇺🇸 8👍

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  3. Robert Levins

    I had the exact same car ! Same everything, including the sun roof ! Except mine was a’74 with the 4-barrel 500. It was 1981, I was 17yrs old and NOBODY wanted these big beautiful gas hogs. I bought mine for $1,600.00! Even then it was a steal, especially since it was only 7 years old. My 1974 Cadillac Eldorado ( with the fire horn red with the same color interior as this car) was also the first year for the NEW DASHBOARD and REAR END, but kept the fender skirts and round headlights along with the SAME ROOFLINE! NO BUMPER FILLERS on the front. I took a couple of friends and drove to San Diego, from THOUSAND OAKS and that 500 just purred. Punch it – it took off like a jet plane. God, I should have kept it but the best it ever got was 12.5 miles per gallon – going down to San Diego. It was thirsty, but I loved it! HOPEFULLY – this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado goes to a great home! Good luck to everyone and keep up the great articles ! Love BARN FINDS !

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    • Crooner

      I have the same car only mine is a convertible with white leather interior, and everything on it works except the clock. Mine only has 45,000 original miles on it and I get 13.8 mpg at 70 on the highway. Also, fuel injected.

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  4. Robert Levins

    Oh ,by the way – I meant to say that my 1974 Cadillac Eldorado kept the same roof line as the 1971- 74. 1975-1978 had the new roof line, plus you COULD get FUEL INJECTION. No fuel injection on’71 – ‘74. Just the good old fashioned ROCHESTER 4- barrel !

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    • rmwardMember

      It’s gone…hopefully to a good home!

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  5. Jonathan Green

    How was the fuel injection on this car? I’m thinking nightmares for any electronics from the Big 3 in the 70’s-80’s.

    Which is actually funny, because the other electronics in the Big 3, were actually very good in that era. I remember seeing ads for kits that would replace all of the electronics in E-type Jags with GM parts…

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    • Chris

      The fuel injection is actually really good on these cars. I have the same car only a convertible.Bosch used the system on VWs type3s and the dasher. The big hang up is the ECM will go bad there is one guy in the world that rebuilds the ECMs and he does it a a very good price around $100. He rebuilt mine. The best part is the fuel injected 500s at least mine gets about 16.5-18 mpg on 87 octane gas.

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      • Eric von Kuersteiner

        Hey there. I’m having the same issue with my ecm on a 76 eldo convertible. It only has 15k original miles Where did u get the ecm rebuilt?

        Thanks for responding

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      • Jason V.

        These Cads did not use the Bosch system. They used a Bendix system (same as my ‘75 Cosworth Vega used). That system did have Bosch injectors and MAP sensor, but otherwise all Bendix.

        Fun fact: Bendix did make the original electronic fuel injection known as the Electrojector in the late 1950s. It was actually sold on 35 production Chrysler 300s. My understanding is 34 of them went back to the dealerships to be converted back to carburetors because they could not get the engines to start if the ambient temperature was below 50 degrees F.

        Bendix sold the IP and tooling to Bosch as consequence. Bosch came up with idea to incorporate an air temperature sensor and ended up with a successful D-Jetronic system for the 1968 VW (and then a bunch of European cars after that).

        The Cad’s Bendix system is very similar to the Bosch D-jet however uses a second magnetic pickup in the HEI distributor for the speed sensor rather than a set of points as the D-Jet uses. It is actually a superior system.

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      • Jason V.

        As for the ECM, you are correct in that these can be problematic. These systems (as well as the Bosch system), used an analog computer since these were the only computers at the time that were fast enough to handle the engine dynamics and sequential injection duties required (the pretty much compute at the speed electrons flow through a wire). Analog computers don’t run software. The programming is in the electronics itself, therefore aging components such as capacitors change the programming itself when they change value with age. This is a major practical headache with these systems (hence why I converted my Cossie to Weber carbs).

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  6. Willy

    Just sold 2nd owner bought in 1990 for $1800
    1975 eldo convertable 90,000 miles tlc driver top worked
    Had offer of $5500 took $4400
    My loss..in psp ca.

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  7. Billy

    Craigslist ad has just been pulled.

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  8. Vin_NJ

    The bumper fillers and license plate filler always seem to crack and break off on these cars. I’m surprised no one has thought to bend these up in sheetmetal

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  9. Norman McGill

    Will it drive from Ca. to Fl. without breaking down?

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    • The Cadillac Kid

      Would you rather try driving a little
      “Jap Crap”car,the same year that far instead.???

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      • Norman McGill

        You must be referring to one of the “ricers” of which we have hundreds around here. ,I wouldn’t rather do that as it would tear up my butt dragging along the road. Besides I’d bring my German Shepherd along too and there’s not enough room for us both in a ricer.Pretty good analogy though.
        The Caddy looks nice and the fillers are not a big problem as I’ve done them before. However I was referring to the engine and tranny and the tires and would it overheat on a long trip like that.But I’m not looking for Caddy anyway. I would be interested in a nice, clean 1960 Continental convertible if one came my way.

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      • RICK W

        😠Mitsubishi 🤮 nisssaan😡Hyyuunddaii 😤Tooyoota 😣 Datsoon? 🤮 😠 😡 😤 😣 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮! Want only Catarac or Rincon Continental! LOL 🏆 us 🇺🇸

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