Buried Alive! 1965 Ford Galaxie 500

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In the 1960s, the Galaxie 500 was to Ford as the Impala was to Chevrolet. And, by all accounts, it finished second in the sales game every time, especially in 1965 when Chevy sold more than one million full-size automobiles. This ’65 Galaxie sedan is a stalled project that appears to have morphed into a storage shelf over the years. There’s a spare engine there somewhere, but it’s in pieces. The car is available here on craigslist for $2,500, but it will have to be dug out of a garage in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Thanks for the buried tip, T.J.!

Ford redesigned its full-size autos in 1965, with their most noticeable new features being stacked headlights and square taillights. The big news was that the LTD joined the line-up as a luxury option on the Galaxie 500, which was popular enough to become a series of its own in 1966 and motivate Chevy to come up with a similar car, the Caprice. The LTD advertised quiet riding skills (better than a Rolls-Royce?) which was no doubt due to a three-link system with coil springs replacing the former leaf-spring rear suspension.

The seller bought this ’65 Galaxie 500 4-door sedan several years ago. It was one of more than 181,000 built, and yet you don’t see one very often anymore. He/she has done some work on it, but a lot more remains though other things require the seller’s time and attention. The 352 cubic-inch V8 is seized, so the seller acquired a 390 to replace it. It’s been disassembled and the parts are (hopefully) scattered around this busy (messy) garage. The seller has gotten around to redoing part of the brake system, but it still needs a new master cylinder.

There is no indication of how good the body and paint are, though the seller says there is little rust (except in the rear quarters) due to its heritage in North Dakota. The paint may be faded, there is at least one scrape on the passenger side, and there’s a matching vinyl top of unknown condition. The interior may be okay, but dirty, so a thorough cleaning will be needed there at the least. Unfortunately, the photos provided don’t help much and the seller would be better served by digging out the car before taking pics and putting it up for sale.

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  1. shelbyGT500Member

    Why sell it, just keep it there.

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  2. KC JohnMember

    And the award for least effort put into selling your car goes to…..

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    • Mike

      65 ford galaxy hands down for the laziest seller on here.I wouldn’t buy it just for the principal of it. Anyone that lazy doesn’t deserve to sell his car.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      I think we’re way past ‘Least Effort” award territory………….movin into DSM-5-TR territory.

      Maybe he can hook up with the seller of the Imperial and offer a two fer.

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    This might be a decent project for the budget-minded hobbyist, but the seller’s presentation leaves a lot to be desired to say the least. Could be a decent three season daily driver though a 390 is a fairly thirsty beast. You have to hope you find all the bits and pieces for the engine as well as anything else the seller removed from the engine compartment. If I was somewhat interested, I’d offer the seller a thousand bucks, no more. Otherwise, I’d look for a car that wasn’t in so many pieces.

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  4. Harvey HarveyMember

    What Forrest Gump said about a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!

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  5. CadmanlsMember

    There’s a 4 door 65 Ford in there? Wow talk about lazy.

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  6. Todd J. Todd J.Member

    The seller’s no dummy, you pay him $2500 for the privilege of cleaning out his garage while he sits in the den watching football and drinking a beer.

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  7. Robert White

    Ma & Pa Kettle selling the family Ford?

    Did Pa say it was okay?


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  8. Dave

    At least he’s doing the right thing by selling the car to a more capable person. If I was the buyer I’d tell him to keep the dismantled motor and ask for a discount, but I’m not going to be the buyer.

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  9. art

    “Some assembly required.”

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  10. Geoff C

    A pile of Ford for sale…floors and frame condition unknown.

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  11. Ken VranaMember

    I had the exact same car and color and loved it.

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    • Kevin S Phlegar

      That’s the two door, far mor desirable.

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  12. Troy

    Not long ago BF email profiled one in really nice condition with the price to match $500 would be the best I can do because with poor pictures there is to many unknown issues

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  13. Ford Fan

    Had one in college in upper Michigan. Frame rusted out & broke. And this one came from North Dakota? Hmmmm…….

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  14. Toypartman

    65 Fords are known for their frame rust. My first car was a 65 Galaxie back in ’76 and the frame was shot then. That car was driven in NY. This car, being from Minnesota, would have to be closely inspected for frame rot before being bought. My suspicion is both engines are junk.

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  15. KevinW La

    My first car was a 1965 Ford Galaxy 500 in 1971. Drove it for a couple of years and gave it to a friend to help him out. One year later the frame rusted out and the car was hauled away. That car was my first love.

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  16. Piper62j

    I’ve restored worse cars than this one.. I’ts a love of the hobby and when the car is finished, the satisfaction to bring one of these back on the road is nice. Any of these old cars can be brought back if the motivation is there.

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  17. Big C

    Lazy grandkids and an aged owner?

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  18. karl

    Apparently he bought the few parts he installed on the car from Rock Auto – the complimentary magnets are stuck haphazardly on the fenders .

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