Buried Alive! 1965 Ford Mustang

The above picture is the “after” picture of this Mustang. No, obviously not after restoration, but after unearthing it! Evidently, it’s been in the garage it was in for quite a while–30 years to be exact! Now it’s for sale here on eBay, where bidding is up to $1,225 and there’s no reserve. It’s located in Webster, Texas.

So here’s what it looked like before the excavation work! As you can see, a Mustang can store quite a few items.

Here’s another shot. The seller mentions the door and front and rear glass being removed. The door and rear glass still exist, but you’ll need to plan on purchasing a windshield. Thankfully, they are quite easy to find.

Underneath it all, parts of the body appear quite solid. The seller is very frank with his description, states that he just wants the car out of the garage and says expect the worst. They feel sure there is rust on the floorboards.

One of the neat things about early Mustangs is that sites like this one will give you all kinds of information about the car from the data plate. For example, from this plate we can see that the car is a hardtop with standard interior and bucket seats. It’s original (and current) color was Wimbledon White. Trim code 26 means black vinyl interior. It was built February 4, 1965 and was originally sent to the Houston, Texas district. It was made in Dearborn, Michigan and originally (and still, we think) features a 200 cubic inch inline six cylinder engine.

Actually, the seats don’t look half bad. Not only that, but the seller has obtained at least some components for a factory air conditioning system. Ultimately, given the relatively small amount of visible rust (and to be honest, the floors don’t look horrible either). So what do you think? Was this find worth excavating?

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  1. Tom Member

    Above you say “here’s another shot”, take one more shot ….at the owner. Yikes. First, can’t stand when people do this to cars – put crap all over them that is. This one I don’t much care because I am not a fan of the trunk model combined with 6 banger, white, no thanks. I am sure this is someone’s dream car though. They sold enough of them.

    Nice pictures but the most exposed part is the front of the car, the hood….and you couldn’t open it to take 1 picture?

    Car is about $225 over what it is worth. Bury it again.

  2. Dave Member

    Looks like it would clean up decent enough. Six cyl stangs are nothing to get excited about, but it would be worth saving.

    • John T

      I absolutely agree that this First Generation Mustang is definitely worth saving. These mid 60’s Mustangs were incredibly popular when they were new and they are still highly desirable now. Hopefully somebody possesses the Magic FAKTER (Facilities, Ambition, Knowledge, Tools, Equipment, Resource$) to rescue this pony and bring it back to life.

      • John T

        Congrats to the Seller as bidding is currently at $1500 and is likely to go higher as there are several active interested bidders. We will find out how much higher in a couple of days when the auction ends Monday evening.

  3. joeinthousandoaks

    T code= no bueno.

  4. Troy S.

    Sure way to avoid completing a project is to throw numerous pieces of junk all over it.

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