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Buried Goat: 1969 Pontiac GTO

1969 Pontiac Gto Buried

When reader William D sent us his barn find, this was the first picture we saw. We weren’t sure what was under all that debris, we weren’t even sure if it was car under there. We thought he either sent us the wrong photo or he was just messing with us, but then we saw his next photo.

1969 Pontiac Gto Front

Once we saw his next picture we knew exactly what was lying under all that junk. The big GTO lettering made it pretty easy to identify and based on the design of the grill we would say it’s a 1969 Pontiac GTO. This GTO has obviously been parked in this barn for a long time, but thankfully it didn’t get buried  until recently.

1969 Pontiac Gto Rear Tail Light

William has been driving past the property that this car is parked on for the past 10 years. Recently the owner put a for sale sign up on the property, so he stopped to take a look and he ended up discovering this GTO parked in the barn. At the time the barn was still standing, but a few weeks ago a storm hit the area and caused a tree to fall on the barn, collapsing it in on the GTO.

1969 Pontiac Gto Grill

We hope the cave-in didn’t cause any extensive damage to the car, but it’s hard to tell what kind of condition the car is currently in. William says he is going to go back and get the VIN, so he can get more details about the car. It’s sad to see a classic muscle car in this kind of situation, especially considering this one only has 45,000 miles on it. Our special thanks to William for sharing his find. We hope he keeps us updated and we wish him luck on digging it out.


  1. Doug Middlestetter Member

    Why is it that so many times the “last” of a unique make/model to be discovered is in “grandma-and-grandpa-Green” color?!? Why can’t the red ones or silver ones ever be the last to be found?? Great find, anyway!

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  2. Rob Kelley

    My 69 GTO was an ebay purchase out of an old closed up truck stop with a leaking roof and all in the rare expresso brown color. Not red or orange but the I have seen the brown with today’s paint technology look sharp as hell. I am a ways from paint time.

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  3. angel

    wow i would love to go see that car just give me 5 min and i have dug it out green is a great color for all original even if it did receive damage it be great just to fix the dings and drive with whats left of the paint

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  4. Bryan

    Hey-popularity of car colors changes over time. The green color on this GTO was very popular then.

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  5. Michael Orrell

    That would be British Racing Green If Im not mistaken . I would much rather have the BR green or Expresso Brown GTO’s than Red or Yellow . I like the less common color schemes personally . Don’t get it twisted though any goat is a beautiful goat . Just sold my 69 GTO and purchased a 65 GTO. I love Pontiac muscle . Kinda ironic I was’nt born till 1970, and even my daughter at age 11 enjoys turning wrenches with her grandfather and I . Just trying to keep the timeless muscle cars alive and I pray my daughter will too . Keep up the great work Barn Finds and all the Gearheads out their keeping their Musclecar dreams alive .

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  6. jt68

    Clearly not british racing green, more like a medium olive or frost green on the GM side in 68 and 69, what a great color… haven’t seen one that color ever. unique is good.

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  7. Michael Orrell

    I was mistaken its Vedoro Green not British Racing Green , my mistake guys .

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  8. jt68

    No worries, i just knew after working for a kit car company that supplied BR paint, still though another nice car that was not stored correctly. what a fool

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  9. Michael Orrell

    I agree JT dont understand how people can let such beauty just sit and rot away or improperly store classic muscle the way they do . Then again us gearheads get to find and use our weekends to restore them to their former glory . Cannot wait till our 65 goat is complete and get to show off my father , brother , my baby girl and my hard work . Keepin the Muscle Car dream alive .

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  10. Larry G.

    That car appears to be Limelight Green and not Verdoro Green. They are close but this car is a lighter shade compared to my car which is Verdoro Green.I’d be interested in following this car if anyone has any updates as they become available.

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  11. Mark Westphal

    Any updates on the fate of this poor gto? sad to see it in such a state

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