Butcher’s 1942 Ford Box Truck

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The patina on this 1942 delivery truck is nearly perfect! While the “shop truck” trend has been popular for quite a while, they are usually pickups, so this box truck is certainly a unique opportunity for a build. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $8,000. Located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. There was a nearly identical truck for sale in 2013 that can be found here on BangShift. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the asking/sale price, but you can imagine it was a lot less than the current bid on this one. Have a closer look at this truck and see if it might be your next project.

A quick Google search of “Chas. B. Rider” turns up a Pennsylvania company that was founded around 1950. I’m not sure what exactly they did, but the ad says, “The business was located in Dilsburg, PA and (this vehicle) was taken off the road in the late 50’s-Early 1960’s when Chas opened a Studebaker dealership.”

There aren’t a lot of photos of the interior. It appears to be mostly original and probably lacks most creature comforts of a passenger vehicle. Notice the twisted metal handle near the dash? This is hooked to a school bell under the hood to let customers know the meat truck had arrived! A truck like this would make a great delivery vehicle for a business, or how about a food truck?

You can see a new fan belt has been installed. The seller says the Flathead V8 runs well and is shifted through a 3-speed transmission. There are a few things that will need to be addressed, but overall it seems to be ready to drive short distances.

Overall, this truck looks to be in good shape and would be a fun project for someone. Have you ever wanted a delivery truck like this one?

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  1. Eric B

    This is Iron Trap Garage’s, a pretty good YouTube channel, into all things vintage Ford. This IS a perfect and unreal survivor, don’t change a thing. A little surprised at the lack of photos and since he’s a youtuber it’d be easy for him to do some detailed videos of it.

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    • jerry z

      Yes I watch his videos all the time. He mentioned awhile back of putting it up for sale.

      I wish he would paint the ’39 though!

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      • fljab

        Great channel; I watch them regularly. They said a while back of having a goal of building a new bigger better shop and were planning on selling/swapping parts to get there. This must be part of the plan.

        I like it and would bid but have too many projects now and not enough room. My spousal unit has been insistent on reducing what’s parked, not add to it lol.

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  2. Chr.B

    It sure looks like the doors on the back are different in the two pics of the rear. 1st shot shows ambulance doors with the hardware at the top. Last pic seems to be some kind of liftgate, maybe folding?

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    • Jack in RI

      Same doors. The trim in the middle of the doors make it look like it has a lift gate.

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  3. Ken VranaMember

    I’d love one!

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  4. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Load all your tools in this, hook a car hauler with your classic or race car on board and travel to all the shows and/or races across the country. You could even put a cot and refrigerator with your favorite beverage in the back. Perhaps a Coleman gas burner for cooking up some hamburgers or hot dogs. No need to be in a hurry if your like me and retired, you just travel at leisure, lay back and enjoy.
    God bless America

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  5. Dudley Price

    Same truck as on Bangshift – and same rear doors both photos – just a body line in there makes it look like a gate. Nice old truck for sure.

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  6. ERIK

    Was I asleep…when did such things such as old delivery vehicles reach such asking prices? Oh…that’s right it was reality TV and YouTubers using “easy” money to buy such things and do “builds” then convince the general public that things should cost that much. Such a sad state of affairs that has affected our beloved hobby and general culture as well. By all means I am only 52 years old but the world is seemingly more and more no longer the one that existed for much of my life. They say when that starts to happen you realize it is time to start to realize it will soon be one’s own time to leave the world behind and start knocking on heaven’s door.

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  7. Gordo

    How do you think it was “refrigerated”?

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    • Ed P

      Ice blocks

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    • Steve Clinton

      A block of ice and a fan?

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  8. Steve Clinton

    What exactly is ‘perfect pantina’?

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  9. Robt

    As mentioned in earlier comment this truck and the bangshift truck are the same truck. Only difference is they hammed out the dents on both front fenders and removed the two red reflectors off the back of the truck below the doors.
    Nice truck. I’d use it for delivering tools and cabinets to site for install from my cabinet shop.
    Would need some road worthy updating though. And a healthy cam in the warmed up flattie.

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  10. Jack in RI

    And it’s ended…
    Bid up to $11,900 before it ended.

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