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Buy in Bulk? Alfa Romeo Collection

Buying in bulk can sometimes make sense when dealing with obsolete or otherwise limited-production models, but the likes of the Alfa Romeo Spider really aren’t that hard to find if you’re looking for a basic project. The seller has acquired a fleet of convertibles and what appears to be a single Alfetta sedan, and he’s offering the whole collection for sale here on craigslist with the option to buy individual cars for $2,500 each. The seller claims he bought them all in one swoop from a collector in Santa Barbara; they now reside in Arizona and appear to be largely rust-free, although the Alfetta has seen better days. Which one would you trailer home?

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Paul G. for the find. This is my preferred Spider of the group, though there’s also a cappuccino brown one that catches my eye. Someone better versed in these than me could likely wax poetic about the differences from year to year, but I simply like these Spiders for having the smaller bumpers. They’re still not as svelte or desirable as the earlier “boattail” roadsters, but this era still had good lines compared to what came later with the massive safety bumpers. That poor Alfetta is saddled with those park bench appendages, but you can likely still source European-market bumpers from overseas to quicky clean up the lines.

The Alfetta represents a conflict for me: these aren’t particularly desirable cars in U.S.-spec form. And really, overseas it was just another entry-level sedan, but because it’s an Alfa and pretty hard to find stateside these days, its allure is enhanced somewhat artificially. Regardless, the number of them on the road is likely approaching double-digits these days, so good ones should certainly be saved. This one looks reasonably solid but does have that odd rot hole between the egde of the hood and the bottom of the windshield glass, which is a tricky place to repair. It’s hard to tell if this was a silver car originally or if the paint is completely baked off – or more than likely, both.

No matter whether it is an economy car, Alfa interiors are always a thing of beauty. Just the badge script on the dash – they didn’t need to add that, or the wood trim. Alfas are driver’s cars through and through, and this approach shines through in almost all of their pre-current day models. I suspect this Alfetta sat in an exposed spot where water was able to pool on the channel between the hood and the glass, while the sun did its best to ravage the dash. Overall, this collection looks like a great way to get into a cheap Italian sports car project without worrying about massive rust problems underneath; would you buy one or the whole stash?


  1. alphasud Member

    There are no pictures of the larger sedan. I’m guessing that’s a Berlina but if it was not so rusty like the Alfetta I would be interested in that one. The Spiders with the Spica injection are a good deal at $2500 provided the floors aren’t gone. I lived in Santa Barbara for several years. That climate is hard on cars. Depending on where in SB ocean spray and several months of damp foggy weather are not good.

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  2. Beyfon

    Missing any pictures of the yellow 2000 Berlina. That would have been the one to get, perhaps it’s already sold off?

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  3. Rw

    Alphaholics ?!!?

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  4. SebastianX1/9

    I would buy an engine from one of those if I wanted an Alfa twin cam from that era – but not the car. These are rusting in real time.

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  5. Rodney - GSM

    A Spider’s nest of problems…

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  6. Elanguy

    An Alfetta an entry level economy sedan? Hardly. It was well up the mid-sized sports sedan with enough luxury aspects to justify it’s comparatively high price.

    Hard to say what would make sense with this trove, however.

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    • Martin Horrocks

      Sorry, hadn´t noticed your post so wrote exactly the same thing….

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  7. Mark Member

    This is either a minefield or a real opportunity. Alfa Spiders are starting to appreciate but I would like to have seen a list. If I was close, I would certainly take a look, a good parts car for $2500 could be a great deal.

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  8. Martin Horrocks

    Alfetta was neither entry level nor economy car. It was a 2 litre sports saloon to compete with BMW. Quite nice but a very preseved example is not expensive, so this car makes little sense.

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  9. Terry

    I’m thinking an Alfa engine/trans and the MGTF would make a nice project.

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  10. Chris Dalambakis

    I was the proud and happy owner of a 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan. Man – talk about a passionate ride. A great driving car and that double overhead cam engine was amazing.

    That being said… That car when it was only 2-4 years old was a maintenance nightmare.

    Not a reliable ride.

    But the biggest challenge was the Soviet sourced steel from that era.

    It was rotten. I would literally move the car on the driveway and sweep away all the rust that fell off it.

    I would recommend somebody really look at the integrity of these bodies before making any commitment.

    OH and the Rubber donut drive shaft connectors also were pricey and had a rather short life.

    But if you get it – pick me up and let’s go for a fun ride!

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  11. Mark Mitchell Member

    I owned these cars briefly and sold them to the current owner. They were part of an incredible 15 Alfa Romeo barn find I purchased here in Santa Barbara. This hoard was assembled by the former president of the Alfa club, who loved these cars and tried to save as many as possible.

    He built a barn to house them on his property. He also collected Alfa factory literature, factory tool sets, NOS parts, used parts, dealer signage, dealer promotional items, and much more. He had bought out more than one dealership’s parts dept. when Alfa pulled the plug (mountains of NOS parts still in Alfa packaging). He devoted entire portions of his house to these collections, and parts were found in almost every room in his 4000 SF house.

    Many years after he passed, his family wanted to sell the house. They had a sealed bid auction for the entire Alfa cars/parts/literature collection. I won the auction and had 2 weeks to move everything out – a monumental task! Moving the cars was actually much easier than all the other items which had to be boxed up and hand carried out of the house (moving an entire room stacked full of books is a chore).

    I did not have enough space to house all the stuff, so I rented a commercial warehouse to store all the literature and parts. The cars were temporarily stored in a yard and I quickly sold this group of 6 to the buyer in AZ.

    The collection of cars also included a rare Montreal, which was sold and restored before being featured in a photo spread in Playboy! There were also a couple of GTV’s and a cream puff low mileage Spider that I later sold on BAT. Most of the cars had been sitting for 20+ years in the barn and were dry but needing restoration.

    I was surprised to see this group of Alfas here on Barn Finds. I have been lucky to have been part of many great barn finds in my life, but this was certainly the largest!

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Great story Mark!

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    • Harry

      I have owned a 1974 ALFA spider since I was 23. I am now 70. I will never sell it. In 1975 I drove the car from mile 0 on the west cost of Canada to mile 0 on the east cost and back. Approx 12 thousand miles with side trips. It now has 140 thousand miles on it. I have loved this car since the day I bought it.

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  13. chrlsful

    thanks for your enthusiasm MM. I hope U did better than
    break even. Wish more took ur approach to the old and dusty
    (esp ’50s/60s Italian- inter vignal, mile milage, 250 GT, inter ghia, etc)

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  14. YankeeTR5

    Nothing more expensive then a clapped out 70’s Alfa project bought cheap….just sayin.

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  15. Bil Hall

    These are noy sight unseen cars. If have an interest you or some trusted and knowledgeable Human will have to look at things top to bottom and go from there.

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  16. V12MECH

    I love these cars! They are not for someone who thinks they are a transportation appliance like a Camry or Civic. Last of something made with a bit of taste you have understand and appreciate.

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