Buy One Now: 1993 GMC Typhoon

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I don’t claim to have a crystal ball, but I have to believe there’s going to be a day when the Typhoon and Cyclone are impossible to buy in decent shape for under $20K. This one here is the kind of truck I’d buy, as it’s not perfect but still pretty nice, and seems like a fair buy at $16,900. History tends to be kind to the limited production vehicles with a big boost in horsepower over the standard model, and these super trucks certainly deliver on those qualities. Find it here on eBay in a classified listing and available in Michigan.

The Typhoon here has been mildly modified, sporting a lower suspension and a battery relocation to the back of the truck. There’s also a shift kit, Garrett intercooler, and a cold air intake added, which are all pretty standard-issue hop-up parts on a truck like this. While I prefer stock vehicles, most of these are easily reversible and likely help keep the value lower for a potential buyer than a completely bone-stock Typhoon. The good news here is you can buy one like this at a discount, revert back to stock condition, and likely see a slight increase in value relatively quickly.

That’s just one man’s uneducated opinion, but I do think you could make this truck more attractive if you reverted to its bone-stock configuration, with possibly the exception of the lowering kit, as it looks pretty damn good sitting closer to the ground. The interior looks decent for the mileage, which is reported to be 84,000. The leather may be getting somewhat stretched on the driver’s seat as it looks pretty billowy here, but that can be fixed with a visit to your local upholstery shop. Other than getting some properly-fitting floormats, I can’t see much to change in the cabin.

Some other areas of concern include the following: “Wheels have some aluminum peeling and 2 small areas with bubbles in paint that is common for these original cars. Needs new air compressor for A/C and cruise control not functional.” So, there’s still some work to be done and could also be justification for a slightly lower price depending on how complex it is to sort the cruise control and the price for a new A/ C compressor. Still, minor faults on a truck that still looks quite nice and will provide heaps of fun for the money.

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  1. Gug Gug Ly

    couldn’t agree more.

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  2. U.K. Paul

    I like these. Being a Brit my knowledge of American cars is a bit limited but I learn all I can over the years and these have always appealed.
    My type of car. Unusual spec and lots of fun.
    I like different

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  3. Jim in FL

    My dad drove one of these for a while in black. They had brutally stiff suspension, but were fun to drive. I won’t be surprised if the value continues to climb. Fun to drive, and solidly built (Dad gave his to my brother who ran it up to 250k before trading it). The second set of these with the rounded corners weren’t as appealing and felt smaller. My wife drove a 1999 Jimmy for five years.

    Parts are still available, I think the price is a bit high, but you won’t see another at cars and coffee and it’s modern enough to daily drive without worry. Two thumbs up.

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  4. xrotaryguy

    My old co-worker had one of these. He had a big turbo but didn’t have it tuned well. I had an 84 Rx7 GSL. We decided to race (not a good idea on his part considering his lack of tune) The race was basically bad tune vs slow Mazda haha.

    On launch, he IMMEDIATELY had more than a full car length on me. I couldn’t believe it! It was pretty even after that. Surely he would have been much, much faster with a tune. I’ll never forget watching that Typhoon launch away from me though!

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