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No Reserve Project: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

The term “blank canvas” is one of the most over-used in the classic world, but it perfectly describes this 1969 Mustang Mach 1. It requires total restoration but is an essentially solid classic missing its original engine and transmission. That leaves potential buyers to choose between a faithful refurbishment or creating the pony car of their dreams. Either path could produce stunning results. If you have a clear vision and the ambition to tackle such a build, you will find the Mach 1 listed here on eBay in Tyler, Minnesota. Bidding currently sits at $3,050 in a No Reserve auction.

Ford pulled a rabbit out of the hat for 1969. Previously, the most popular Mustang variant for those seeking factory muscle had been the GT, but the company launched the Mach 1 as part of the significantly restyled 1969 model range. Was it a hit? With 72,458 buyers splashing their cash on a Mach 1 and only 5,396 selecting the GT, I think the answer is pretty obvious. Ford cut its losses by discontinuing the GT badge at the end of 1969, focusing its energy on the new kid in town. The original owner ordered this Mach 1 in stunning Silver Jade Metallic, and many panels retain that shade. It will take more than a weekend’s toil in a workshop to recapture its former glory because the paint is tired, and the panels feature a few repairable bumps and bruises. However, its ace is the lack of significant rust. Externally, there are the typical patchable spots in the lower door corners. However, the rockers and quarter panels are rock-solid. It is a similar story with the trunk pan, drop-offs, rails, and torque box region. The only appreciable steel penetration is in the floors, but with replacement parts surprisingly affordable, returning the entire vehicle to a rust-free state shouldn’t be challenging. The buyer will face a shopping list of small trim pieces, but many visible ones look restorable. The tinted glass looks excellent for its age, and this Mach 1 rolls on a tidy set of Magnum 500 wheels.

The interior retains the bones for a restoration, but general overall deterioration means a total retrim is required. The carpet and headliner are gone, the upholstered surfaces have seen better days, and the rear trims were cut to house aftermarket speakers. A trim kit and the components required to replace those parts beyond salvation will lighten the new owner’s wallet by around $3,000, but alternatives are worth considering. I described this car as a blank canvas, and there are no hard-and-fast rules in such cases. The buyer could forego the factory look for a custom interior that reflects their personality. It is an approach some may find irresistible, and the finished product will only be limited by their imagination and budget.

Many manufacturers are focusing on zero-emission vehicles as the backbone of their model range, and this Mach 1 could be considered such a vehicle. It produces no harmful emissions thanks to the complete lack of an engine and transmission. The Marti Report confirms it rolled off the line powered by the M-Code 351ci V8 that sent 290hp and 385 ft/lbs of torque to the 3.25 rear end via a three-speed manual transmission. There were more potent offerings within the Mach 1 range, but this car’s ability to scorch the ¼-mile in 15 seconds on its way to 131mph demonstrates it was no pushover. It is unclear when the V8 and transmission disappeared, but the winning bidder must choose the appropriate replacements. Sourcing date-correct items shouldn’t be an issue, but plenty of alternatives are worth considering. Lifting the hood to find a 428 Cobra Jet would make any enthusiast smile, but pursuing the restomod path could prove irresistible. The right combination could help retain the Mustang’s inherent character while producing a classic that is civilized and easy to live with. Once again, personal taste, imagination, and budget will be the determining factors.

This 1969 Mustang Mach 1 shows promise as a project candidate. The bidding has been surprisingly subdued, and the price remains modest. Whether that is still the case as the end draws near is impossible to determine, but I suspect the action will intensify. Someone could score a project candidate at a Bargain Basement price if it doesn’t. Is that concept enough to tempt you to monitor the auction closely? You never know, but today might be your lucky day.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    A wise friend once told me, “a hobby is something you like to do which consumes your money.” Most of us are involved with old cars from a hobby perspective, though I realize some are involved as a business to some degree. Here is a car which could be worked on as a hobby which also might make financial sense.

    The 1969 Mach 1 is a highly-desired model which brings good money when restored. This one is very low-optioned but doesn’t look bad and could be a good restoration or restomod candidate. One could even go back with the more mundane 351/3 speed powertrain. I personally really like the Silver Jade paint.

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    • PL

      We’re getting too old to consider a project we may never see finished, but this is certainly a good candidate, if the price stays reasonable…

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      • Fox owner

        Yeah those crazy few. Don’t read news much do you? You won’t be able to sell new cars in Europe and Asia if you can’t reduce emissions and right now electrification is the quickest route. And money talks, and GM and Ford listened. No body is forcing you to drive electric. You can drive your ICE vehicle till the wheels fall off and as long as you’re willing to fix it.

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  2. Greenhorn

    Adam, the mere thought of making this a zero emissions vehicle makes me ill. Shame on you. I think I would go with a heavily warmed over 351, with a 5 speed, but try to make it all look period correct.

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

      As it sits it’s ALREADY a zero emissions vehicle..
      However, to make this once proud pony into a hydrogen or electric special would be akin to having a weekend long party with alcohol zero beer and carb free pizza-it’s just fundamentally WRONG..

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      He wasn’t suggesting anyone go that route and neither would we. He was merely joking that it’s a zero-emissions car right now because there is no engine in it!

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      • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

        I didn’t see anything that Adam wrote as a sincere suggestion to electrify it, hence my opening sentence reiterating him. But we have seen some BF readers previously respond to do so, which is why I went on to voice my opinion in advance.
        IMO, I think we know and appreciate what Adam is all about and if ever saw him seriously suggest something like that for a classic like this we’d all know someone ghosted his keyboard-or whatever you call it.

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  3. Claudio

    Let me add this to;
    Many manufacturers are focusing on zero-emission vehicles as the backbone of their model range .
    They are not focusing , they are forced into it by a crazy few , while the majority does nothing …
    I personally save as much electricity as possible and fill up my cars with gas regularly

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  4. H Siegel

    Well now some of you might not like this but if I bought this Mustang I would source a 289 and a 4 speed. I’m a Ford man but not a purist. I would do the body work and paint it the same red as my 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis daily driver. I would do the interior in black. Then I would drive it and enjoy it. GLWTA

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  5. Walter

    I own a modern Mustang GT and the Coyote engine is very impressive. I understand fitting them and the required electronics into vintage iron is no small issue. That and since it’s a DOHC engine physical space could be an issue too. Still, I’d have to think about it.

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  6. Mr Pontiac

    Finally a fastback that isn’t a total pile of rust that is severely overpriced(so,far).This would make a really nice Homegrown cruiser if you’re not too particular about numbers matching builds.

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  7. Dana Fayette

    I have a 69 convertible I restored and am currently restoring a 69 Coupe. At the right price I would take this car and complete my 69 garage. It looks like an easy restoration, and I already have parts to use. But it’s already over $7k and will rise quickly in the next 6 days. But I’ll watch it.

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  8. RacerDave

    Looks like a nice Project, my friend has a 351 Cleveland we could install. Already at 8k+ now, 1k+ miles from the house. Looks great though!

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  9. JohnfromSC

    If this car stays under $10K, it will likely go the resto route. Crate Coyote engine will fit right in after front suspension is modernized. Coil overs, modern disc brakes, 5 speed tremec, rack and pinion, new interior, add A/C, and $20K – $25K body work. All in likely $65K – $70K in “parts”, then add labor. That’s why these are worth $100K+ when built properly.

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    • Claudio

      Its crazy , i stopped working full time at 55 , if i want a 100k car , i will have to back to work full time …
      Not gonna happen , had too many cars that had too much time and money invested that stayed in the garage ,i always find s nice affordable convertible that i can drive around without breaking the bank !

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  10. Azfordnukeguy

    This might work as a restomod candidate with a Godzilla transplant with a 6 or 10spd AT.

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  11. Piros1

    Over $10,000 and with 5 days and 19 hours to go I think it is a pipe dream thinking it is going to sell cheap. I have seen a lot worse go for serious money. This a very sought for vehicle even when incomplete.
    When I first seen this I thought it would be a great candidate for my 428CJ but I’m thinking it will be extremely over priced at the drop of the hammer at least for my pocket book.

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  12. Andrew Hyatt Masset III

    Drove a 69′ Mach I 429 with Ram jet hood induction in college. Picked it up brand new from the dealer in Stocton, CA in 69′. It was the most awesome machine I had ever driven. This one would cost around 75 -100K to restore. Sell for 250K or more. Literally laid rubber at 80mph..Got a speeding ticket in KS for 120mph. Banned from ever driving thru Kansas again.

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      I believe that you meant to say a 69 Mach I with a 428 as the 429 was not available in a Mustang until the 1971 model year.

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      • Torino Cobra

        Unless it was a Boss 429.

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  13. HC Member

    The bidding has already gone past $10K to $11k, so it’s beyond what I would want to pay. But for a Minnesota car, it doesn’t look as rusted out as I would have thought. And we’ve seen 69 Mach1s with more serious rust issues asking for more money It sounds like some guys on this site have a spare 351 and maybe trans to transplant in this 69 Mustang. For those guys I could understand wanting to still jump on this project.

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  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    This car was originally painted Silver Jade – a really nice color. Here is a picture of what it looks like.

    I looked at a ’69 Mustang Coupe in non-rusted, super low miles, disassembled condition about a year ago. The original color was Silver Jade and would have been a great car to put back together, but my realistic offer was too low.

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  15. Davey Boy

    $12,600.00 with 4 days left. Definitely getting up there in the high range now. Too far to be able to really make any money on it now is my guess with it not being numbers matching anything and needing as much as it does still even though it really is a sharp car for a 69 and something that obviously hasn’t been running for a while unless of course they just took the motor and transmission out of it because they felt they could make money somewhere else on it. Unfortunately that’s one question that just won’t be answered. I certainly hope somebody puts this back together the right way. Big gasoline engine and a standard transmission.

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  16. chrlsful

    best way to purchase in my world. Start by building a 351W, suspension from 20 yrs later, etc…
    However I like the 1st 2+2 looks better and have no uses for either (cept sales)
    8^ )

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  17. Torino Cobra

    Unless it was a Boss 429.

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