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BYOSCJ: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1


If the Boss 429 from the other day was a little rich for your blood, then you may want to take a look at this 1970 Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet. Sure it has a little less power and isn’t as rare, but it’s going to go cheaper. Grabber Blue, close ratio four-speed, Drag Pack, what more could you ask? Well… maybe for the original 428. Someone pulled it out and stuck a 390 in there. A Cobra Jet block and some heads are included though. Take a look at the eBay auction where bidding is currently at $18k. Just remember to Bring Your Own Super Cobra Jet.


  1. Jesse Mortensen

    So, do any of you know the difference between a CJ and a SCJ?

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    • Mike B.

      Hey Jesse,

      Was browsing around and read your question. Didn’t seem that you got a straight answer, so I thought I would post.

      The 428SCJ used beefier internal components, as well as an external balancer, and engine oil cooler. The 428CJ and SCJ, and 429CJ all used hydraulic cams, while the 429SCJ used solid lifters.

      Details can be found here: http://www.428cobrajet.org/cj-vs-scj

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  2. Jeff

    In HS I had a 70′ Torino 429CJ with the “shaker” hood scoop. Back then all I really knew was the difference between the two was hydraulic cams (CJ) vs. solid lift (SCJ). Here is a more complete description- The 429 SCJ featured a block with 4-bolt mains at the first four positions, forged pistons, heads with larger valves and ports, spot faced rod bolt seats, solid lifters, screw-in rocker studs and pushrod guide plates. The 429 CJ is similar but with a hydraulic cam. 2-bolt mains were used in 1970, 4-bolt in 1971. Pre-1972 429s use the more Ford-traditional 18mm spark plugs, while the CJ and SCJ used 14mm plugs presumably to make more room for larger exhaust ports. In 1972 all went to the 14mm plugs.

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  3. Jeff

    It gets into more detail on this link including the inacurate HP ratings in Chiltons


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  4. jim

    crankshaft,connecting rods,pistons,and balancing were different

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  5. rancho bella

    The know the ’70 Mustang pretty well (one mach1 and three B2’s). I don’t like big blocks, their cornering ability is like pushing a brick around a corner…..with a string.

    This Mustang is loaded with rust. All the parts are available but in this case……..who cares.
    Unless you can do it all………….underwater comes to mind. The big dollar cars have matching everything……so don’t fool yourself into thinking about big bucks. You’ll be bucking yourself.

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  6. FRED


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  7. paul

    18,300, well I guess if the guy with the very ratty 57 Chevy Convt.from a few weeks ago, can get 10,000 big one’s for that mess.

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  8. SoCal Car Guy

    Jeff, the 428s (Cobra Jet, SCJ and others) and the 429s (also CJs, SCJs and others) are two entirely different engines and engine families. The 428 is an FE, which also includes 332s, 352s, 390s, 406s and 427s (wedges and SOHCs), and the first FEs were introduced around 1958 (plus or minus a year). The 429 is part of the 385-series which also includes 460s and, which entirely different cylinder heads, the Boss 429, The 429, which featured staggered valves a la the Chevy “rat” motors, was phased in during the late ’60s but did not appear in a Mustang (other than the Boss 429) until 1971. The FE engines were offered in Mustangs as 390s and 428s from 1967 through M.Y. 1970.

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    • Jeff

      SoCal, I did know about the dif blocks, my very first car was a 67′ Mustang GT390 fastback w/C6. The reason I was commenting on the 429 was through my own experience and also I didnt know they made a 428 SCJ thought only a CJ.

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  9. harrell caines jr

    good job socal, you said what I was gonna say. I don’t believe it will sell with the reserve. seller is dreaming too much.

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  10. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    This Mach 1 did not meet reserve at $23,800 – no sale.

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  11. Jesse A

    I did some research on the price on the current values on 1970 Mach 1’s and Hagarty classic auto insurance stated that if they are freshly painted provided correct color, or in good condition start at $35500. in fair condition $25000.00 and concourse is $45,000.00. If it is poor and that is not running and has serious rust issues…well that is easy to figure out…under $20,000.

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  12. HHH

    In 1970 there was 852 scj mustangs produced. So it probably still has the oil cooler ? The 3:91 or the 4:30 rearend. Top loader ? The ad says comes with block and heads ? Has the complete shaker ? This was a steal ? Really. R- Code 70 Mach 1. The day will come when you will say should have bought it? The prices will only go UP ?

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