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CadiMax: 1964 Cadillac Duramax 4×4

If an apocalypse ever happens, finding a truck like this 1964 Cadillac will give you a big advantage in creating a MadMax-style survival vehicle. This creation is located Southeast of Phoenix in San Tan Valley, Arizona. According to the seller, it is “a show car it is not a backyard build.” It can be found for sale here on Craigslist with an asking price of $94,000! The chassis is a late-model 4×4 Duramax from GMC, so the car wears “CadiMax” on the license plate. Check out more of this beast and thanks to Pat L. for the tip on this one!

Here you can see the upholstery has been done in a nice black and brown motif. The Duramax dash and steering column appear to have been grafted into the original dash location giving you all the gauges and modern technology that comes with a newer vehicle. These 4-door Caddys feature no post separating the front and rear windows, which allows for an open-air feel when the windows are down.

Here you can see the door panels have been treated to some upgraded tunes. The ad doesn’t have many details other than some drivetrain specifications, but they do mention it was a “no budget build.”

As mentioned before, the chassis was donated by a GMC 4×4 2500 pickup that had about 27,000 miles on the odometer when the project was started. After the marriage of the vintage Cadillac body, the build has seen about 1,200 miles. Overall, this is a really unique build that is sure to be a head-turner wherever it goes. What do you think about classic cars that are transformed into 4x4s? They certainly aren’t for everyone.


  1. Mitchell G. Member

    It’s not the luxury off-roader we need, it’s the luxury off-roader we deserve

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  2. nlpnt

    Less than the sum of its’ parts.

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    • Dawn of the Dread

      Ugh please
      Just put it thru the crusher.

      What a waste of a caddy…0

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  3. Doone

    Other drivers will definitely move over a lane when they see this in their rear view mirror.

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    • 57Chevy

      Hey Doone, I wouldn’t move over. I would get the H*** off the Road!!!

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  4. Terrry

    It’s worth $94,000 if $90,000 is in the glove box.

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  5. SubGothius

    Here’s the mentioned eBay listing if you wanna see more pics, ended yesterday with 0 bids opening at $44k:

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  6. Mike

    I can imagine seeing a funeral motorcade of similar 4×4’s in parade for the ultimate Joe Dirt send off to the promised land!

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  7. BA

    I would drive it like the cultured redneck i must be lol , unfortunately I’m a champagne taste with a beer man’s income type so I must pass but I bet I could pull all sorts of babes cruising the Florida beach in high style!

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  8. Claudio

    The seller writes [in no rush to sell]
    At that price , he doesn’t have to write it ! We ALL understand that it is NOT for sale

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  9. Dave

    So many negative comments. Why bother posting at all?

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    • FrankD Member

      Because at Barn Find we can! Let’s call this vehicle Art. We all have different taste regarding artwork. I personally think he did a pretty good job.

      I sure this is not his first piece of art.

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  10. ClassicCarFan

    not my thing, but you’ve got to take the view “it’s a free country isn’t it…” so whatever makes individual people happy. You have to admire the effort that went into some hybrid mash-up like this to really do it well – though I always have the underlying suspicion of “was it really done well”? because it’s really a skilled job to match up components that were never originally designed to go together, and get them to function well, and safely.

    As for price…I can see this appealing to some buyers…but $94k seems way high? somewhere in the range, 10% – 20% of that maybe?

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  11. RobA

    This is so cool looking. I have to admit the stance is much improved over the stock cadillac. I always wanted to have something like this as a plow rig.

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  12. Dr. E

    If there was a poll for Ugliest Barn Find of the Year, this would certainly be in the top three.

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    • B302

      You may want to increase your knowledge and appreciation of fine southern art, culture, craftsmanship, and engineering. I myself had to take several college courses to understand the Hudson River School landscape paintings.

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      • TheOldRanger

        Hmmm…. I’ve lived on both coasts, the midwest, and Texas and now Arkansas. I can personally vouch that a lot of Texans and even Arkansans would not want this “thing”.
        It looks like someone ate pepperoni pizza at 1 am and woke up at 3am with a bad tummy ache. I don’t see $94K but perhaps it’s a misprint and someone accidently included the 9… and even at $4K, I wouldn’t want this one on my property….. but as I’ve often said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “sometimes there is no accounting for taste” To Dave (above), we are still allowed to express our opinions in this country, and since we aren’t sure how much longer we can, we get our shots in now.

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  13. Big Al

    Well, I really like it ! I think it looks really cool !
    NOT $ 94,000 COOL ! To each his own 👍👍

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  14. ACZ

    Disgusting! Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

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  15. RKS

    This looks like an awesome build and would be fun to drive. It’s funny how vehicles like this get so much hate from people who a) couldn’t build one or b) couldn’t afford it anyway. Some pretty silly comments on here so far.

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  16. Car Nut Tacoma

    That’s a crazy mod! I don’t mind a Duramax V8 in a vintage Cadillac. But 4×4 truck chassis? Hell no! There’s no way I’d buy it.

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  17. Big C

    Pull this baby onto the lawn at Amelia Island. And watch the wine and cheese set clutch their pearls, and their chests. I love it.

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    • B302

      I am with you. Amelia Island needs a Southern Murican Redneck Craftsmanship and Engineering Award.

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  18. Troy

    I wouldn’t drop $94k on it but I would love to cruise around town in it take it to hot August nights, the other side of me wants to take it wheeling see if it can keep up with the morvair. (Matt’s off-road Recovery on YouTube if you haven’t seen the Morvair)

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  19. Gordie

    Saw a few of these in Arizona when there in the early ’80s. They were apparently pretty good at crossing the border in style !

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  20. Yblocker

    This one wasn’t “hold my beer”, more like “hold my glass of chardonnay”

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  21. Yblocker

    It may not have been done in the backyard, but it still looks like Alabama yard art.
    Hey y’all, let’s go git a little mud on them there tires. Lol

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    • David Michael Carroll

      Looks too wide for the Jeep trails out here but it’s cool AF! Put a gooseneck hitch in the trunk and my wife can pull her horse trailer with it.

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    • Melton Mooney

      Lol. A trailer down the road from my place has an early 60s chevy pulling truck displayed as art in the front yard. Yes, I live in Alabama.

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      • B302

        Mr. Mooney,
        You are a lucky man.

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  22. B302

    They are hidden but pop up when needed. No need to scare the d__n Yankees. Sorry for the impolite language, but I was slapped as a kid if I said Yankee without a proper adjective. There were 3 Black preachers in my small hometown and I was also slapped if I did not address them as Reverend Dr. I asked Dad why I was not slapped when I addressed our church’s white preacher as just Pastor or Mr. He stated that he grew up with all the white preachers in town and that all of them were too d__n dumb to get into college, much less getting a doctor’s degree. I was amazed that all the black preachers were also doctors. About a year later I had a third grade teacher that was very strict but told us that we could ask her anything. During recess one day I asked her why all the black preachers were also doctors. She explained to me that they were not medical doctors, but had went to college for 8 years. The good memories of growing up in a small Kentucky coal mining town in the 50’s. I know, I rambled too much.

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  23. Melton Mooney

    I know it’s off topic, but I didn’t bring it up. My kids were reading Harry Potter in the first grade thanks to Hooked on Phonics and M&Ms. Truth.
    By FAR the best investment I ever made.

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  24. Patrick M Anderson

    I guess ugly is in the eye of the beholder.

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  25. Johnny Calabro

    What does it do in the 1/4 mile?

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    • 57Chevy

      10 Flat………………………………..Minutes!

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  26. '57Chevy

    As the Beach Boys would say…..Put a 409 in it!

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  27. Perry Kleine Member

    Maybe $9400.

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  28. Robt

    Now dropped to $70k.

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  29. yachtsmanbill

    Im luvin’ the blanket rail on the back of the front seat… RAW CLASS!

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  30. Bud Lee

    If Elvis was an off-roader. This would be his car

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  31. Claudio

    Nice insert there , bud

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  32. SubGothius

    For mo’betta photos, the eBay auction (previously) mentioned in the CL ad is item # 204351764663 (tried pasting a direct link here last night but looks like that got auto-modded), ended a couple days ago with 0 bids opening at $44k.

    The work put into this project appears to be well-done to a high standard for what it is, even if what it is may not be your cuppa.

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  33. Captain Breakfast

    C’mon man! we’re all car guys and this fellow is getting WAY too much hate for building an unusual ride that just night be his “dream “ -Anyone who is aware of old caddy prices knows that a great many Sedan DeVilles are out there unwanted and rusting away.. i feel that to suggest he is “wasting “ one is disingenuous !!

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    • Dave

      I agree, way too much hate, and zero sense of humor, or joie de vivre.

      This is very well executed for this type of conversion.

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  34. cmarv Member

    All the folks making negative comments are jealous , they don’t have the skills to build a Revell model kit and trash someone’s dream . The folks that can and do build cars and trucks that are unique don’t do it for anyone but themselves . They don’t give a rats a$$ what anyone thinks about it , they do it for self-satisfaction . When it’s time to sell they know that not everyone will like it but as the old sayin’ goes ‘There’s an a$$ for every seat” , and someone will see the beauty they did . If you don’t like it , OK , but you ain’t gotta be nasty and condemn it . If ya gonna do it , put a picture of your last build up . SMFH .

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    • Yblocker

      Jealous? Not hardly, at 66 years old I don’t have anything to be jealous about, I’ve put together a few “normal classics” in my time. As far as models, I’ve done tons of those too, but not Revells, I do AMTs, Revell parts don’t fit for sh$t. Lol

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    • 57Chevy

      Jealous? Of What? Someone who Ruined one of the classiest cars of the 60’s. Get Real dude! THAT is definitely not something to be jealous about!

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  35. George

    Years ago, behind an old, closed, diner, I was an early 60s Caddy limo set up like this. It was long before lifted trucks and swaps like this were common.

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  36. Chris Cornetto

    Nothing says “Greetings from the Humongous “. Like this rig.

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  37. Rod

    Perfect for rolling down your favorite off road desert trail. Yep

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