California Blue Plate Special: 1972 Dodge Charger SE Brougham

Want to stand out in a sea of red Camaros? Show up at cruise night in a Top Banana Yellow 1972 Charger SE and stand out you will. I know these so-called fuselage bodied Chargers of 1971 through 1974 model years aren’t as popular as the 1968-70’s, but I find them quite attractive. Adding to the attractiveness is the fact that really good ones can be bought at very reasonable prices. This car is a good example of that. Located in Bakersfield CA, this beauty is listed here on Craigslist for $23,500.

Whoever ordered this baby ticked almost every box on the options list. It’s equipped with air conditioning, AM-FM radio, 400-4v engine, automatic transmission, vinyl top, rally wheels, dual sport mirrors, hideaway headlights, bucket seats and console, power steering, power disc brakes and power windows. Even the high impact Top Banana Yellow paint was an extra-cost option. Looking at this car makes my mouth water. I can almost taste a lemon drop in my mouth. Note the nearly perfect gaps around the doors.

There’s no junk in this trunk. I don’t remember ever seeing an unrestored car of this vintage with trunk space that looks this good. From this view, it looks like there’s never been anything in there. There’s not a scratch to be seen. The jacking instructions are still stuck to the spotless underside of the deck lid.

The odometer reading is 64,043 miles and I believe it. In fact, had I been guessing, I would have guessed lower. When I see a car like this, I think one-lady-owner. The color, the options, the exceptionally good unmodified condition point in that direction. Whoever the previous owners were, they certainly took good care of their car. The only thing I’ve seen that needs any attention at all is the headlight doors. They are slightly out of alignment with the grille. Adjusting the bump stops would alleviate that little problem. I’m diggin’ those high back bucket seats. They’re drawing me in.

There are no surprises under the hood. Everything here looks factory original and in outstanding condition. Even the under hood insulation looks good. It’s reported to be a great runner, too. To top it all off, the seller has the original broadcast sheet and some dealer sales albums to go with the car. What do the readers think? Anybody ready to hook up the trailer and head for the streets of Bakersfield?

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  1. Fred W

    Wow. I’m not even a Mopar guy, and I want it!

  2. Boatman Member

    “Unrestored”? I think not.
    (Btw, the ad does not say that.)

  3. Rodent
  4. cold340t

    Cool, this is the third one like this Iv’e seen. There is an original owner one just like it in Oakland but it has the power bulge/400 call outs. Another one used to be by UCBerk. again top banana yellow w/400/auto. Didn’t realize this was such a popular combo. All original owner cars to boot.

  5. Robert Sabatini

    Hood pins and fender-mounted turn indicators too! Not my favorite year Charger, but a very fine specimen.

  6. Miguel

    Bobby, I don’t think the plate should be mentioned if it is not original to the car.

    In this case the car is a 1972 model and the plate is a 1987 model.

    Where was the car for 15 years?

    • jimbunte jimbunte Member

      Yes, early-to-mid-80s plate. They flipped over in early 1980.

      • Miguel

        Specifically 1987. That was the last year the blue plate was issued and the S series was the last letter to be used on the blue plate.

  7. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    Not $23K. maybe $13K. (it is a nice vehicle, but likely restored, look at the trunk.) Third-gens will never be as valuable as Second-gens.

  8. Dan

    I was considering buying one of these about 12 years ago, when I figured it would be the only classic I’d ever be able to afford. Guess I missed the boat!

  9. Curt k.

    I love it .but pic 18 looks like it has over spray on the brake lines to me..i dont care if i had the cash in would be in my garage..and im a blue oval man..

    • tom

      Seller admits it was resprayed in ’92, and is “driver quality”…a very subjective description.

  10. Bruce

    Bought one just like it (only in green with white vinyl roof) brand new. In 77 the dealer had someone who wanted that car so he gave me a good deal on a new Cordoba (no rich Corinthian leather though). The kid that bought the Charger totaled it two weeks later. Kid was ok but sad about the car. Sometimes I wish I could find one like it.

  11. Terry Combs

    I ordered my first car that was very much like this. Dark gold, white vinyl roof, black interior, 400V8, limited slip (or whatever it was called), and much more. Sticker was $5082, I believe. I still have the sticker, both repair manuals, sales brochures and more. Love the appearance and would love to have this one. My 400 was a total dud, even had it replaced and was still a dud. Got 8-10 mpg from it. If this was a dark gold metallic, I would be there but the price is too high. Surprising it doesn’t have the tachometer, sport steering wheel and a few other inexpensive options. If the price is reduced, see me.

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