California Hawk: 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk

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This 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk is originally from California and then spent some time in North Carolina before relocating to the Midlothian, Virginia area with the seller who has it listed here on craigslist. They’re asking $4,200 or best offer for this solid Hawk. Thanks to Ikey H. for sending in this tip!

What a great looking car! I love this color, Riviera Blue. As is often the case, there aren’t any overall photos other than the one above, unfortunately. Why they didn’t take photos of all sides of it when it was on the trailer we’ll never know. Brooks Stevens had an unenviable task: redesign the stodgy, finned Hawk into a sleek European-look grand touring car in an attempt to save Studebaker from bankruptcy. It almost worked but it was too little too late. The cars are gorgeous but it just wasn’t enough to save the old and once great company.

Speaking of old and once great, this ’62 GT Hawk looks like a really solid car with just a few rust holes in the trunk seal area which the seller provided info for replacement channels. Otherwise, it doesn’t sound like there is any rust other than some heavy surface rust on the floors and trunk floor. Hopefully, those areas can be fixed and treated to prevent any future problems.

The interior will need the usual work on the soft goods and the padded dash should be easy enough for your favorite upholstery shop to make look like new again. New carpets are easy and matching those seats hopefully won’t be a problem, they say that the original vinyl is hard from the sun. Unfortunately, value-and-fun-to-drive-wise, this car doesn’t have a 4-speed on the floor, it’s the Flight-O-Matic automatic transmission with column shift. A four-on-the-floor would have been great, but for a grand touring car sometimes it’s nice to just put it in gear and go.

That’s one huge fan shroud! The engine is Studebaker’s 289 cubic-inch V8 with those famous yellow valve covers. It appears to be pretty clean for having been off the road for a few years. The seller bought a new battery for it and it turns over but they didn’t want to start it with old gas in the tank. I’m pretty sure it’ll fire up without too much work. Hagerty is at $9,900 for a #4 fair condition car so at $4,200 or offer, this is one killer deal! I’m reasonably certain that most Barn Finds readers could get this car working like new again in their own garage while keeping it under that #4 value number. Any thoughts on this GT Hawk? Good buy or good-bye?

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  1. Neil

    As a parts car, it’s worth 3 times the asking price. Not that I’m suggesting chopping it up, it’s way to close to being a runner again. Great buy for someone.

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  2. Tim

    This is a 1962 , not a 1964

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    • Donnie

      Tim, read the entire story.

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    • Dave

      Picky picky!

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      My bad, Tim.

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  3. Bruce

    As an ex owner of one they drive well and are larger then you might think. They will hold four adults in comfort with big trunk. The GT is proper as these are less of a sports car than the Mustang that followed. If they had a problem it would be that they are almost too big to be considered that sporty. But for a drivers car they are very nice. Great visability, seating is good if not great and these cars in general are very solid as well as very good looking.

    I am into smaller cars now and I have a couple undergoing restoration so I am not in the market but the price is excellent. FYI almost everything you need to restore almost any Studebaker is available as new old stock still. With new and far better paint these could last a very very long time.

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    • John Manders

      smaller car ?

      look for the LARK……I love them. This dashboard is all I have left……Long story.
      Anybody to help out for another Lark, be my guest……

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  4. ctmphrs

    Studebaker hadn’t been great since they stopped selling conestoga wagons.

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    • BR

      So a Paxton charged Avanti is chopped liver? Sigh.

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  5. pwtiger

    I bought my first GT back in the 70’s and still have it. I have over the years bought and sold a hand full and have never been able to get much for them. Currently I have been trying to sell a 4 speed project car and can’t get a 2K offer, so I don’t know who is restoring these cars.

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    • Michael t. Miller

      where you located, i’m looking for a 4 speed gt

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    • John Manders

      u 2 ?

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  6. ACZ

    A heck of a lot better deal than the “Sport Yugo”.

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  7. oberjim

    The important thing is that the car is altogether, not in piles of parts that you’ve got to put together like a puzzle, by someone who likes Studes but hasn’t a clue as to what goes where.
    A great buy for someone.

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  8. scottymac

    I admired and lusted after a GT Hawk for quite some time. I’d ridden in a co-worker’s ’62 Hawk at a time in the past, and thought they seemed like great cars. It wasn’t until I sat in the driver’s seat of one I considered buying that the realization of how old the design really is struck home. I mean, the A pillar is RIGHT THERE by the steering wheel; the car was uncomfortable compared to any previous driving experience. I had to sadly walk away.

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  9. jeff

    Its as plain as you can get,,its a 62 hawk not 64

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