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California Shorty! 1977 Dodge B200 Van

About the only thing groovier than locating a vintage party van is finding one that’s been in a forgiving climate for decades, such as this 1977 Dodge B200 Tradesman here on eBay residing in The Golden State since at least 1990.  Even though we don’t get any information about its prior ownership before then, the seller does mention that he purchased it from the gentleman who called it his since the turn of the 90s, and from the looks of things it appears the last time the van was registered was in 1997, so this one’s not seen much travel lately.  It’s located in Moreno Valley, California, just a few miles south of Santa Barbara, with bidding only up to $5,750 at the moment, so if the competition doesn’t get way out of hand perhaps this short van may end up a reasonably priced commodity for the next thrill seeker.

The two words making me really optimistic here are rust and free, together plus in that particular order, and the seller also says the paint has recently undergone detailing that has brought back some of its shine.  No word if this is actually still the factory finish, but even if it’s had a respray at some point it must have been eons ago as there’s now some robust patina going on.  We also get a shot of the outside before it was revitalized, but whether or not that’s the current or previous owner is not specified.  The body is claimed to be straight, with not a whole lot I’m seeing to make me believe otherwise, and I’m kind of digging the exterior just the way it is.  Sure, a fresh paint job would be snazzier, but this one just brings me back to the good old days of yore.

Things are pretty cool on the inside too, and fairly well preserved.  There’s no shortage of shag and paneling, plus that side and roof upholstery is just screaming 70s party van.  The side windows pop out from inside, and the functional rear seat folds out into a bed with matching covers on the captain’s chairs, although the front units are a little ripe for wear, however, they do swivel.  An overhead console above the windshield houses a vintage cassette Stereo, and I think that’s a Jensen amp next to it, so this van was probably rockin’ pretty good back in the early days of Van Halen and Cheap Trick.

A 318 cubic inch V8 provides power, with some good news and bad here.  It is running, but the fuel in the tank is old so a gas can inside the van has to be connected to the fuel pump to get the motor started.  Don’t try this at home, folks.  But we do get a video of it idling, and the small block sounds smooth and reasonably healthy when revved, so maybe there’s some decent life left once the fuel system is cleaned out.  What are your thoughts on this 1977 Dodge Van?


  1. Moparmaniac

    Cool van! Love the 60’s & 70’s Dodge stubbies!

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  2. Steve

    Hard to overstate how popular the custom Dodge vans were in the late 70’s. What much of Gen Z doesn’t realize is if their grandfather hadn’t owned one, they wouldn’t exist.

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  3. Chris

    Had several stubbies they were awesome

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  4. Chris

    Had several stubbies they were awesome

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  5. Azzura Member


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  6. Patrick

    Moreno Valley is no where near Santa Barbara.
    It’s Southeast of Los Angeles closer to Ontario.

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    • Truth

      Moreno Valley to Santa Barbara is 157 miles

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    • T. Mann Member

      Either the seller does not know where he is,
      or doesn’t know where the van is.

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  7. Jeff

    Cool van. I belonged to a van club in the 70’s and even though I drove a GMC, Dodge out numbered most. The only issue I remember about them is most Dodge owners kept an extra isolator in the glove box, I think it was an
    Ignition isolator that was mounted on the fire wall near the top, if it rained and got wet the only way of starting it was to replace it with a new dry one. Keep On Truck’n !!!!!!

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    • Moparmaniac

      The good old ballast resistor! One of the most infamous Mopar killers! I always carry one or two in my Mopars, as you never know when one will go out! Have had to change them out a few times. Good memories…thanks!

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  8. Kevin

    Brings back memories of my childhood, my older brother had 2,a 72 he got around 78 or 79,slant 6,3 on the column, short wb, tradesman 200, then in the 80s,he had a78, 318 auto, that was the better van, had power steering too!, Unlike the 72,but had some fond memories from both, my only dodge van was an 88 conversion with 318,was a nice van, I liked it, but ended up selling it

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  9. T. Mann Member

    Why are there two retractions already?

    Current bid: $6,600.00
    Item number: 195740936523

    Bids:28 Bidders:12 Retractions:2

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  10. T. Mann Member

    Something bad going with this listing.
    Can’t figure it…

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  11. T. Mann Member

    May 08, 2023 , 9:38PM
    Winning bid: US $8,692.00

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