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Can It Be True? 23k Mile Mecury Comet S22!

1963 Mercury Comet S22 Convertible

This ’63 Comet Convertible is believed to have just 23k original miles! It looks to be in amazing shape for a barn find, but then again it had a repaint about 25 years ago. The previous 80 year owner kept it stored in his barn, but drove it occasionally to take his grand kids to car shows and for short drives. Hopefully that means it doesn’t need anything to be driven and enjoyed right away! I’d love to have this little drop top, remember Comets are essentially Ford Falcons. This S-22 (aka Falcon Futura) can be found here on eBay in Wayne, Maine with an opening bid of $200.

1963 Mercury Comet Engine

Now if you don’t know much about the Comet, the ’60 through ’63s are almost identical to the Falcon. They received a few minor cosmetic tweaks to make them standout. Engine options were the same, starting with the 140 cui six up to the 260 V8. This one came with the 170 cui inline 6, which put out 101 horsepower. It won’t tear up the streets, but is plenty of power for a nice drive with the top down!

1963 Mercury Comet S22 Interior

This car was also optioned with the S-22 package, which was as close as you got to a sport package on one of these. It added bucket seats, a center console and S-22 badges. I know none of those things will make it go faster, but it sure will make it more enjoyable to drive.

1963 Mercury Comet Convertible

What would make it faster is a V8! While swapping one in is more work than you’d think, it’s not impossible given that these are essentially Mustangs. Personally, I’d just find some bolt on bits for the inline six, but a V8 swap is always an option. So what do you think this convertible will end up going for?


  1. Mitch

    Two words-keep original.

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  2. RayT Member

    Just me, I guess, but unusual little cuties like this one deserve full restorations! Experience tells me all convertibles feel faster than their hardtop kin, and that’s enough for me, especially since this is one bulletproof engine. Wish it had a manual transmission, but I’d just put the top down and suffer….

    Looks to me as if the opening bid is for more than the owner paid for that paint job!

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  3. JW454

    Well, I’m usually for keeping them original. However, in this case, I’d set the 6 cylinder aside and install a peppy 289/302 while collecting parts for a full restoration. Just a couple years of V8 fun. Once restored, the 6 cylinder would take its place as before.

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  4. AndrewM

    Too rare and too nice to molest with any drivetrain changes. This one begs for restoration.

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  5. Rick

    These aren’t that rare or valuable, if it were mine I’d go for a crate Coyote 5.0 from Ford along with a Tremec 5 or 6 speed and throw a set of disc brakes on the front and a 9 in Ford under the rear. Then it would be a fun cruiser.

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  6. mat

    Why does everyone think you need a huge engine for a car to be fun?!

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  7. Butt4EverySeat

    That 6 cyl rag top will mess you hair up just as good as V8, it would be a cool sleeper with a 289 or 302 though, I would drive her just like she is.

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  8. 68 custom

    I prefer the early Falcon Futuras. but I do agree that it is nice enough to be kept original.

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    , . My Mom and I rolled a 4 dr ’63 Comet in 1966. We went over a guardrail and then rolled downhill 3 times. We suffered minor injuries., but I was told we couldn’t drive that way to town for 2 years. I still remember it vividly, and that was 50 years ago. Tough little car was totalled, but we were ok.

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  10. Joe Muzy

    433 miles a year is possible for a convertible in Maine. Good looking car and would make a great cruiser no matter what engine is in it.

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  11. TdF 83

    I had a hard top 63 1/2 sprint style roof with the same 170 six and the dagenham four speed. I had the 170 rebuilt and my buddy installed a cam with and MGB grind. It wasn’t a rocket but it got up and went, well as fast a 170 one barrel carb could go. With the longer wheelbase then the falcon and softer springs it was a great ride so we nick named it the “Cloud car” Miss that little car but it went to a great home, a girl just out of HS who was very interested in automotive who straightened it out and painted it pearl white.

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  12. stillrunners

    Bad memories here on a S22 covert in my early years….couldn’t find rebuild kits for the dagumun 4 speed and to up grade to a newer auto trans meant an engine up grade….since it had a rebuilt motor an upgrade to a later 200 six was hard….did what I could and passed it back to the owner in about 1981.

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  13. piper62j

    Total restoration including the 6cyl.. Nice driver and if there were any left, a great drive-in movie car.. Until the mosquitos came out..
    I like this one..

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  14. Luke Fitzgerald

    Not rare or valuable compared to what – a shelby mustang? – it’s rare ‘cos it’s old and going and original and its valuble because someone is gunna drop thousands buying it

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  15. Jim L

    I would love to have this car. I had a 1962 4 door sedan the same color. One of my biggest mistakes was letting the car go in June of 93. It was a fantastic car. Incredibly nice ride. Handled great. Had the 3 on the tree and the little 6 under the hood. Actually had plenty of pep. I keep dreaming of replacing it with another one. Some day maybe I will be able to.

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  16. Steve
  17. Daniel Livingston

    “Comets are essentially Ford Falcons”. “…few minor cosmetic tweaks”

    Come on. While they share many parts they are far from the same car. The Comet is 14 inches longer to start with. That’s a pretty big cosmetic tweak. But I guess I’m partial to Comets and I’ve got that one beat. Mine’s a 1962 Comet with 7,000 original miles.

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  18. Trent Casper

    I know this is an old thread but looking for things pertaining to the first Comets. I was lucky enough to just purchase a ‘61 Comet S-22 in all original condition. And that’s not even the best part. The guy has been collecting parts for these cars for over 40 years and they are now mine. Even though I’m a bit of a hoarder of old parts, I want to share with people needing parts to get their Comet back on the road. Btw, these cars are not very similar to a Falcon. Unless you consider a mustang like a Comet because they also have a lot in common!

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    • Tom Wasney

      Hi Trent, considering a 63 s22 convertible just like the one I had at 17. I’m turning 71 in October, thought I’d go full circle on car ownership. Red convertible with 170 and 60k miles… Might need some parts.

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  19. piper62j

    The Mercury Comet was the sister ship to the Ford Falcon. Trim, body contour and interior accents were the only difference between the two. They both shared the same platform, engines, transmissions and suspension.

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    • Daniel Livingston

      Same Platform? Again, with 14 inches more in length, the Comet had its own platform.

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      • piper62j

        Negative Mr. Livingston (I presume). A wheelbase could be changed back then by moving the rear leaf spring concentric.. (Longer or shorter main leaf). Also, sheetmetal from nose to tail changed with design. Remember, the mustang was a Falcon platform.. Hmmmm !!!!!

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  20. Tom Wasney

    The red one kind of needed more underneath than I wanted to get into. I’ll keep cruising in my 99 m3 convertible I guess…

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