Canadian Six-Banger: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

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Before 1970, Chevrolet called its entry-level Chevelle the 300 Deluxe. After that, it was simply “Chevelle.” The car was a low-frills version of the highly popular Malibu, and you could even get one as a pillarless 2-door Sport Coupe. Such as the seller’s car, which was built in Canada, making it a rare find these days with a six-cylinder engine. That may be why the seller is adamant about his/her asking price of $17,000 in Windsor, Connecticut, and here on Facebook Marketplace. Our thanks go to Barn Finder Mark for this interesting tip.

The mid-size Chevelle received a noticeable facelift in 1970, as did the rest of GM’s intermediates. That year was a banner one with more than 635,000 cars produced in the Chevelle family, which included the El Camino pickup. But a rare commodity was the standard Sport Coupe, which saw just 6,119 copies made with the 250 cubic-inch inline-6. And, of those, only 2,872 were built by GM of Canada. This car is one of them and compares in quantity to the V8 Malibu Sport Coupe which saw nearly 290,000 examples leave the factory from anywhere.

This Chevelle may or may not have 47,000 miles but seems to have weathered the past 53 years, though not without some bruises along the way. From a little overspray on the inner door, the burgundy paint on this car was likely redone at some point. But since then, the rear quarter panels have gained some issues (rust?), and the floorboards at least have some surface rust to eradicate (there is no floor covering; previously vinyl rather than carpet?). The black interior otherwise looks okay unless you count what looks like black duct tape on the front seat.

Under the hood is Chevy’s trusty “Turbo-Thrift” six-banger which will not break any land speed records, even with the addition of some bling on the motor. The car comes with a floor-shifted manual transmission, which may or may not have originally been on the column. This Chevy has only had two prior owners which have no doubt helped in its longevity. You could restore the machine as-is and have a very rare Chevelle on your hands. But we suspect some folks reading this are thinking of a SS 396 clone, which would be kind of a shame.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Some body cancer, no frame pix, the column shift collar is still there, the seats need help, no carpet, questionable mileage..
    And yet it still calls out as a good buy from what is there. This could be another of those project cars that you could have as a DD and when you get bored change it up. That it’s a car built in low numbers is of no consequence if there’s nothing else to make it unique-our ‘64 Chevelle 2 door wagon 3 spd column shift I6 with no power accessories is another. Unique? Yes. Big on crowd appeal? Not really.
    Drive it. Fix it. Enjoy it for what it is or could be at this price (or less).

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    • Rob

      Well, if you ever want to sell that 64 Chevelle, kindly let me know!

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      • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

        One of many cars I like to have had a crystal ball to tell me which to keep-along with the ‘57 2dr 210 Chevy, ‘67 Bonneville (389), ‘72 Charger, ‘72 El Camino as a start not to mention the ‘51 BSA 500, ‘64 Triumph Bonneville, and ‘83 Turbo Seca 650!

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  2. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    A friend years ago had a 69 Nova with the 250, which seemed more than adequate. I recall the I6 as being considered a stump-puller; were they that loaded with torque to make up for the HP?

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    • Junior

      Not even close, these 6 bangers can barely get out there own way, although the manual trans might help a little bit off the line. I have 10 years experience owning one of these.

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  3. bobhess bobhessMember

    Nibble That asking price back a little, clean up the interior problems, put a crate V8 and upgraded transmission in it and go drive it. Someone with an early ’50s truck would love to have that engine.

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  4. jrhmobile

    What’s with the tubes in the passenger floorboard?

    I see the vent knobs … is this some kind of industrial-strength space heater?

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    • Emel

      He was into…..Tubular Bells…..bigtime.

      I had it on 8 track in my Charger…..scare the crap out of dates !

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    • Steve S

      Strengthening ribs pressed into the floorpan.

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  5. Ike Onick

    All of the time I played hockey I had my eye out for a “Canadian Six-Banger, eh?

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  6. Rixx56Member

    Looks to be a ’70 in the garage and perhaps a
    Chevelle/Malibu wagon next to it. This Chevy
    could be fun… at the right price.

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  7. CCFisher

    It was originally a column-shift car. The shift collar is still on the steering column.

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  8. BA

    Now that 880 AMC solid body highest trim level with 343 sounds like a steal at 3,500 ! 17,000 for a has rust & six banger no options? I’m scratching my head here what are people thinking?

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  9. bone

    I think your referring to the passenger footboard ? They look like the creases they put in the sheet metal floor pans

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  10. Bud Lee

    This car definitely has some party fouls . That column shifter being moved to the floor is the biggest one .

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  11. Robert Levins

    Is this the car you want for 15k-17k? OR – something else? Since this seems to be the “new era “ now to be selling off “anything and everything “ before the economy completely goes recession, there are a lot more cars on the market right now than ever before. Is this one the one that I should buy? OR should I just keep an eye out for the economy and where the prices are going before I spend my hard earned money? It would be a fun car though. Good luck to all who are involved with this car. Nice article too.

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    • Scott Shepard

      Seems that I saw a ’65 Skylark convertible, no rust, for a lower price. Easy choice.

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      • Shawn E Satterlee

        And a nailhead! Which I still say was the best Buick V8’s ever produced! Still remember the the 400 special (401) my dad put in his mid 70’s Chevy truck with 4:10 gears and the rock crusher 4speed. It would smoke the tires doing 55 pulling a camper!

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    • Make up your own mind

      Robert, sounds like you are asking yourself those questions. If in doubt, flip a coin.

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  12. Maggy

    10k obo in my opinion from what I can see is what I’d put it up for. Needs a LOT more pics. at that asking price.I’d dump a 396 , muncie 4 speed and a 12 bolt in it.

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  13. Stephen Shean

    With one million dollar Buicks, what’s 17K for a near basket case stripper Chevelle. Sure, why not. Back in the day, this was a 500 dollar beater, still is.

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  14. T. MannMember

    EFI 383 stroker belongs in this Chevelle.

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  15. David Nelson

    I THINK regular 70 Chevelles made in the US all had a chrome strip that was on top of the front fenders.

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    • willyD

      Malibu had the strip… 300 cars and SS cars did not..

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  16. Pete Phillips

    $17,000? You’ve got to be kidding! No floor covering; duct tape on the seats; engine bay needs paint & detailing; cobbled-up shifter; no power accessories that I can see, and a straight six? One too many zeros in the price.

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  17. willyD

    I had an all original 1970 Chevelle 300 Deluxe.. 2 door hardtop, tinted windshield, 14 x 6 rallye wheels, front disc brakes, 350 – 300 hp, M21 4 speed, 3:55 post rear rear, dual exhaust with resonators… The car actually had the original exhaust, tabs on rear drums, original paint and more. If it is a Canadian car, they still badged and called em a 300 Deluxe in 1970. It would not have wheel opening mouldings, and had a different, narrower rocker moulding. It had rubber floor mat, not carpet and a waffle texture seat upholstery, the latter two are impossible to recreate, as are the original 300 badges.

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  18. James

    Looks like heater core was by passed maybe heater core no good

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  19. 433jeff

    Malibu had the good looking strip on door fender and rear window.

    None of my ss cars had it.

    For this kinda cash the body should be perfect.

    Someone will end up grafting a cowl from a big nimber Ss car onto this if its goid enough.

    Or Kloans are very popular now, And smarter than cracking up a trailer queen, not restricted to 454 inches.

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  20. Ron

    Stock restored- boring
    396 clone- coma inducing

    Put something strong and modern in it that IS NOT an ls and have fun

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  21. Dana Humbert

    I had a 72 Chevelle 4 door. 250 I6. Couldn’t kill that motor. Even after it was rolled, the motor kept on going. I miss that car.

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  22. DGMinGA

    I’m not a clone guy, but I’d consider this an ideal candidate for a restomod, whether with a period correct motor & tranny, or more modern drivetrain, LS or otherwise. I can’t see any logic or fun in spending money to pretty up or tune up a snail.

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  23. 'George.Birth

    For $ 17K this should be in perfect condition. Asking price double to triple actual value.

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  24. Jim Kallay

    Is this Chevy still for sale?

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    • DGMinGA

      Follow the link in the write up to the actual ad.

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