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Canadian Wedge: 1973 Brooklands Roadster


Does anyone else remember seeing ads for these in the back of British Car many years ago? The idea was sound; take a relatively common and inexpensive sports car, an MGB in this case, and clothe it with a modern body evocative of a Miata, Alfa Spider, or Lotus. Canadian Barry Preston did this in the early 1990’s with his Brooklands and Barn Finds reader Joe P has discovered one for sale on Kijiji in Ontario, Canada for only $1,500!

Image courtesy of MGNuts

I was able to find an image of a similar but not identical Brooklands conversion with a little searching. As most of the body modifications to the MGB shell were made with fiberglass, it’s apparent that each Brooklands could be a little different, and possibly customized to the owners’ desires. Most references to Brooklands on the internet refer to Ford V-6 and Rover V-8 engined versions; I was not able to find any specific ones that kept the MGB drivetrain—maybe our readers can enlighten us? I do remember the old advertisements calling out Ford V-6’s.


Although no powertrain details are given for this car, the fact that it is rolling on MGB wheels, has what look like MGB gauges and an MGB shifter as well as a stock MGB exhaust location lead me to believe that this Brooklands is B powered. Not a bad thing, at least for parts and yes, reliability. I race an MGB-powered car and can attest to the longevity of the stock engine and transmission under stressful conditions. Looking at the rear of this example, I see late Alfa Romeo Spider influence, and maybe a little TVR 280i?


By utilizing the stock MGB door structure, windshield and cowl, the Brooklands was able to bypass some of the major problem areas “kit cars” or “specially assembled vehicles” face. Although the seller states that the car is “all there except for the dead mice”, I have to wonder whether the headlight assemblies and front valence are still around, and why they weren’t pictured.


This looks like a great opportunity to get into a truly unique automobile that no one else will have a clue about for not a lot of money. From all reports, the original Brooklands cars were finished to a high standard, although we have no way of knowing if this is a ‘factory built’ car or a home-assembled kit. In any case, the question is… do you have a spot in your garage for this rare conversion?


  1. jim s

    might be more then the asking price in parts but not enought photos with listing to tell. there is another mgb in background of first photo. great find

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  2. paul

    The rear design, tail lights look pure Aston Martin 80’s era.

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  3. paul

    The rear design /tail lights look pure 80’s Aston Martin.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    I think the most successful rebodys were affordable bodies on a plentiful / cheap chassis like the air cooled VW. I think an example would be the Meyers Manx.

    I’m not sure that a body like this, on a car that already has a decent looking body, is the route to success. Can’t say I’m surprised they didn’t make many. I’d rather have a small V8 in a stock looking MGB because I’ve always liked the sleeper approach. I have been on the lookout for an affordable MGB / GT V8 but those are very scarce at just about any price.

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  5. Robert J

    Wow am I glad that car is not in California as I don’t have room for another project and my impulse control would not be strong enough to pass this one by. Having installed a V8 and a custom front end in an MGB before, I feel like this car could be tons of fun, as fast as anything on the road and good looking too for under 10K finished.

    Someone please buy this car and keep us informed of its progress!

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  6. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    This car is cool, but I found the one I really want! There was also a Brooklands V8 Coupe that was based off the MGB GT. Here’s a link to one: http://www.britishv8.org/Articles/Canadian-Corner-XIV-3.htm

    You have to look very closely to even tell that this was once a humble MGB. The body cladding really changes the appearance and that extra power would be very welcomed. Looks like Berry was a busy guy building his interpretation of what B should be. Thanks for sharing this one Joe and Jamie!

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  7. gunningbar

    I hate to admit it but I never liked the body design of the mg b…this IS an improvement and the price is reasonable (i think!)…cd be a cool project.

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