Can’t Be Unseen: Ugly Corvette Sighting!

Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

You just never know what you might spot sitting on the bed of a tow truck. Reader Scott M recently spotted something a bit bizarre and strangely intriguing. Here is what he had to say about it in his email. From Scott – Stopped to get a sandwich and when I came out, this was in the parking lot. Don’t know anything about it, but it looks like it is barn fresh!

Seeing as he doesn’t really know anything about it, he didn’t have much to say. But I want to thank him for sharing his sighting with us! It certainly isn’t the prettiest find, but you have to give who ever built it a little credit for being creative. Not that what they did was a good thing!

Initially, I thought it was a body kit from Eckler, but I’m not so sure. The front looks professional with decent lines and smooth curves. The rear on the other hand, looks to be home made or at least was customized by someone who wasn’t particularly skilled at body work. The tail lights are definitely from a Camaro and that wing is ridiculous. What are your thoughts on this one?

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  1. Anthony R in RI

    Waste of a C3 convertible

    • King Al

      This is actually a rare Vette that was customized personally for head GM stylist Chuck Jordan, the Chrome Cobra himself. It shows the direction Jordan wanted to take Corvette syling. The taillights are the only thing that eventually saw production, but on a Camaro instead.

      • Pa Tina

        King Al- Can you please share how you know this? I don’t think Chuck Jordan had much to do with this.

      • King Al

        This car was considered a followup to the 67 Batmobile Corvette that Chuck Jordan also styled – see link:

        As can be seen, Chuck had a penchant for putting vinyl roofs on his Vettes, and also note the large rear spoiler on both vehicles.

      • Pa Tina

        I see no connection or proof Jordan had anything to do with the car in question. His later years prior to retirement were spent working on the Corvette Indy. I do enjoy your sense of humor though. Cheers.

    • Keith Kiss

      I kinda like it. In a sea of old man Corvettes, it would definitely stick out

  2. Rock On

    Tail lights are from a 1978-81 Camaro. Good luck adjusting the sideview mirrors from inside the car!

    • PRA4SNW Member

      I’m not sure about that. IIRC from my ’81 Camaro, the tail lights didn’t have that much wrap around on the side and they didn’t bend at a 90 degree angle like these ones do.

      Maybe they are off of the next gen (82) Camaro?

  3. Steve R

    Ugly is an understatement. It looks like they started in the 70’s, with the wheels and Can-Am inspired flares up through the 90’s with the rear spoiler similar to that of the last generation of Toyota Supra. I guess you never out grow bad taste.

    Steve R

  4. Mykster

    Ugliest car I’ve ever seen. Corvette bodies are works of art from the factory IMO.

  5. Pfk1106

    My eyes, my eyes…..

  6. KevinR
    • Bobsmyuncle

      The similarities are uncanny.

  7. ccrvtt

    Rules: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks.

    Could we suspend that just this once?

  8. Jaygryph

    Again, I’ll be that guy. I like it.

    Some day, when C3’s are priced out of the reach of everyone but those with the deepest wallets, folks will grow bored of seeing all the restored and identical cars sitting in rows at the car shows. When someone rolls up in this monstrosity, you know what will happen? Folks will flock to it. Kids will love the wild lookin’ creature on wheels, and a lot of bluehairs with embroidered Vette logo jackets will have chest pains and rage induced strokes because how dare someone not restore that car right and no it is totally not about how everyone is flocking to that weird abomination instead of their dusted, polished, ‘fixed with a money gun’ trophy vehicle parked beside it looking just like every other one except for the Better Idea Vette (TM) that someone who clearly didn’t ask them first let into the show.

    It’s funny, the things people get hung up on. I hope someone don’t go and ruin this oddity by returning it to stock. It’d be a shame to crap all over someones absurd vision that they clearly worked so hard at.

    Sheesh man, have a little fun.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      (raises hand) “I’m Jamie, and I’m a liker too.” Growing up in the “Greenwood IMSA flare era” I like it…although the mirrors and wheels have to go.

      OK, Jaygryph, we’re going to catch it for this one, but at least we’ll have company…

      • Mike H Member

        Hey! What’s wrong with the Keystone Classics? They’re 100% period correct and super awesome examples of the day. I can’t say I’ve ever seen them in a gold colour like that, although it could actually be just a fine rusty patina.

        Wonder if they make those to fit my Civic. . .

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        No, great big mesh wheels like BBS modulars would be more appropriate (to me). However, obviously each to their own!!

      • Mike H Member

        Oh, I love something like the BBS wheels you mention for all of my 80’s customs (especially the imports), but for these 70’s vintage slightly-over-the-top cars you just can’t go wrong with Keystone’s, although a nice set of Rader (Radir?) wheels would also suffice.

        We can agree to disagree on this, it’s cool.

      • Jaygryph

        About half the vehicles I’ve ever owned were strange as hell. My machine gun laden mad max lookin’ 78 Cougar Brougham sedan also got taken to car shows so I speak from a place of first hand experience.

        Don’t get me wrong, I totally (mostly) respect restored and super nice cars and love talking to enthusiastic owners, but there are a *lot* of people out there who get bent out of shape faster than a lead crankshaft when they feel their (usually expensive) efforts aren’t having enough praise lavished upon them.

        But ya know what, kids love that stuff, regardless of how it looks or how much you spent. They learn their reactions from their parents and others around them. You go to a show where every car has a “PlEaSe LoOk BuT DoNt ToUcH” sign hanging on it, that’s not fun for kids. It’s like being in a department store with their hands behind their backs.

        You want to see a kids face light up, let em sit in the driver seat and play with the steering wheel and knobs. Let em stand on the running board (or in the case of the mad max car the hood, lol) and get a picture with their folks.

        When they’re older, they’ll look back on it and remember that they had a great time, and that maybe, just maybe, that started part of their fascination with a hobby much older than them. I’d bet that many of us can trace our fondness, or at least aspects of it, back to someone that didn’t run us out of the shop, or from being curious about something at a car show.

        Parents letting their kids run wild are a different matter, but as owners of weird old wheeled things it should be, and is I feel, our responsibility to encourage and engage younger generations if we actually do give a rodents behind about this automotive fandom.

        I know I want someone to give a damn about my cars when I’m old and sell em off. I want someone to care about what I held dear, rather than being that guy that is so self centric that they get buried in their prized car so nobody else can enjoy it.

        If people want to pitch a fit about how the car hobby is dying, fine, you do that, but don’t pretend that vitriolic and offputting behavior like this isn’t part of what drives younger generations with shorter attention spans away.

        You want someone to care about what you care about? Then give them a reason to.

      • Rob S

        Jayhryph, you make an awesome piont! Kids are the future of our hobby. I let interested kids sit in, play with the siren and emergency lights of my mustang SSP. I let certain people get into my 67 shelby and get the feel of a very cool American dream car. Parents take pictures and videos of their kids doing it. It fuels the imagination and desire to own a classic car. I’ve had two grown up kids who have dreamed of shelby’s their entire life break into tears when they sit in my 67. You know that seed has been planted and they have to have one in their future!

  9. Adam Clarke Adam T45 Staff

    I can only assume that someone somewhere has a really bad substance abuse issue.

    • Nova Scotian

      Yes, it came from model glue…LOL! This is the real life creation from when 2 Revell model kits got put together, with a few extras from the spare box of parts. No question. This is 100% where the inspiration for this full size “‘wild-Frankenstein Vette ” came from. Don’t ask how I know…just a premonition…and I think it’s kinda 70’s funky. With some wild paint graphics…best in show?

      • DavidL

        Oh, you did that too. Ah the smell of model glue in the morning. It smell like … I forget now. Something or another.

  10. allen adamson

    looks to be a 1968 roadster from there it’s all down hill !

  11. KO

    That wing is 100% bondo.

  12. Big Al

    I was gonna say something, I forget

  13. Rich Tague

    Oh great now I have to gouge out my eyes ………..That rear …like ruining a piccaso!!!!

    • jcs

      Rich, that looks like it was done by Piccaso! (Sorry Pablo)

  14. LAB3

    According to the gospel of St William (Mitchell) “And those that bring scorn unto the body shall be cast out to the wilderness to fend for themselves amongst the serpents and shall endure the sting of every vexation known to man”

    • Jaygryph

      St. Williams Corvette sounds like a rousing sea shanty.

  15. RP

    Well, I think I was going to say something, but I suddenly felt nauseous and had to go somewhere to……………….. where was I? Oh right. Uh, this thing is, in only a few words, a terrible example of things to do with or to an American Classic. The person who is responsible for this treachery should be denied access to crayons, coloring books, and the published biography of the late great George Barris.

  16. Joe Howell

    If this car was a horse I would have to shoot it.

    • Kevin Reid

      Agreed;just the rear end. . .

  17. Sam

    Go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer goooooooo!

    Lets all sing along…

    Fix the rear end and you have a bad interpretation of the Mach V….maybe drive it to Comicon and start a new sub-genre

    • Sam

      I still have a soft spot for Lincoln Town Car-ranchero with side mounts and the Coupe DeVille camino.

  18. Marty

    Ugly as a Corvette, but not ugly compared to what else is out there. It is savable with a lot of plastic surgery.

  19. Mark Lawson

    Thank GOD it’s chained down. Imagine if that thing got loose. Better kill it with fire before it tries to mate with a mid sixties T-Bird.

    • LAB3

      Let’s hope someone has a camera handy if that happens!

  20. Dan

    Back in 1977 most of you naysayers would have thought this was cool…

  21. jeff6599

    Someone out there has to recognize this as a Greenwood Corvette. Basically built this way for a smooth body to cover the very wide tires in SCCA racing. Paint it, buff it and polish it and like any other car, it will look as great as intended. A rare car which will likely command more money than a stock one in equal condition.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi jeff, close, but no cigar.
      Perhaps someone’s rendition of a Greenwood Corvette. I don’t care for any Corvette’s, except the early ones, but cleaned up and painted ( not silver or black, please), I bet this car would look pretty cool.

      • Jaygryph

        I think this thing is just asking for a weird lace and panel paint job. Something with a lot of speed boat metal flake.

  22. Jeffro

    Looks like a Corvette Summer! If that’s the case, I sure hope winter will hurry up and get here.

  23. Jamie P

    Like. Love. Don’t be a hater. Work of art that will have everyone at your booth at the car show. Haters gonna hate but diamonds are forever.


    It looks like it was made for much wider wheels. When this came out those tail lights weren’t around. It looks like a kit to me.

  25. Pappy2d

    Painfully unattractive.

  26. Scott Smith

    Just in case you are trying to figure out what that car was in that movie? The site is a little quirky sometimes about finding movies.

  27. Keith

    I’d take those Keystone rims. That’s about it

  28. S Ryan

    I just lost mine Looking at it!

  29. Steve H.

    This for some reason or reasons remind me of the movie the “Wraith”.

  30. ACZ

    Botox gone bad

  31. Rolf Poncho 455

    No no no u all this corvette build whas done by
    a gentleman ho tride his best and dit not succeed
    yes the front look good but then it all went wrong

  32. Clay Byant

    This was someone trying to be different 40 years ago. Wait 20 years and see how people look back at cars now with their hayrack wheels. My great uncle had choice wheels on his hayrack 60 years ago. His rack could really haul hay and he only had 2 horsepower. Incidentally, whatever happened to the “neat” hubcaps that kept spinnin’ when you stopped? Or the neat wings on front wheel drive cars………..?

  33. Jeff

    That thing is so cool. Growing up in the 1970’s and seeing the Greenwoods and the Vette Wagons I still so want one.

  34. Mike H Member

    And lest we forget Luke Skywalker and the chick from “Designing Women”. . .

    • Jeff

      So sexy

  35. Mike H Member


  36. ChrisH

    I almost get a MACH3 Speed Racer vibe.

  37. Addi

    I think the personalization on these cars rock! What the original designs of these cars lacked, the owners put in many hours and lots of $$$$ to have a unique, one of a kind ride. As most enthusiasts say, stock sucks!

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