Car 54 Where Are You: 1962 Plymouth Savoy

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In the recent week’s events, we at Barn Finds wish to show our support to all of our Law Enforcement brothers and sisters. Here we have an original Chicago Police Department cruiser. This cruiser appears to have been restored and looks fantastic. The seller has not listed a price but is open to offers. Find it here on craigslist out of Largo, Florida.

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This Savoy looks like a time machine more than a police car. The interior looks correct, and we can only imagine the officers who were on the daily grind in this classic. The spotlight and radio are present as well as what appears to be a fire extinguisher. Can you imagine some of the events this car may have lived through in Chicago?

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The exterior of this cruiser looks great. The life of a Police cruiser isn’t easy and surely bumps, bruises, and scratches were picked up along the way in the line of duty. The paint is vibrant and bright and there is no mistaking this for anything other than a police car. The Chicago Police specific graphics look great really lending to the car looking authentic. The Classic gumball light on the roof brings back great memories of many classic Police television shows. “Car 54 Where Are You”, “Adam 12”, “Hawaii Five-Oh” as well as many others.

62 savoy 3

Although, this police cruiser likely didn’t chase down to many fast and reckless citizens with the 225 cubic inch Slant 6 engine. The engine bay is very clean and looks correct. How many times did this guy come through the motor pool to get serviced? We wonder if this Savoy sports its original engine and transmission?

62 savoy 1

It is wonderful to see such a nice condition Police Cruiser. Someone decided that this car deserved to be restored after its term of service to Chicago. What a wonderful way to honor that car and the Chicago PD. Besides, how many of you would rather drive this than a Crown Vic? Granted it may not be the quickest, but it would certainly offer some style. We would love to see the Chicago PD get their hands on this Savoy. It would be fantastic for parades and other public events. Plus the history of the car is rooted in Chicago. Perhaps this Savoy would even be museum worthy? What would you do with this Classic Savoy Police Cruiser? Who is old enough to remember seeing one of these in Chicago, or in other cities they grew up in?

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  1. Racer417

    Great find. I remember seeing these in Chicago as a kid. Someone could always drop in a 413 :-)

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  2. Rock OnMember

    With a cross-ram 2, 4 bbls.

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    Sorry, Car 54 used a ’61 and a ’63, but not a ’62 and they were in NYC. I believe, some NY police cars in the ’70’s did use 6 cylinders, and were just for city patrolling, otherwise, big motors were the rule. Another great tribute, and it’s user friendly to boot.

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  4. JW

    Yes I remember seeing these on the local news in the Chicago area back in the day.

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  5. Skip

    Nice old Plymouth and relatively accurate. When you first mentioned “Car 54” I was going to correct you because that show came out in 1961. The blue beacon is “Chicago correct”; but you mention Hawaii: 5-0, and they used the larger four-lamp “wig-wag” beacons.

    Had to look hard to find it, but the siren was there under the hood: a Federal Model 28, which is not only period correct, but most likely what CPD would’ve used back then. It was a relatively inexpensive siren at the time and adequately loud, as compared to the smaller sirens that some departments and other agencies used that you could holler out the window louder than what the siren was!

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  6. Turretman1st

    Mom and dad purchased one from a Colorado state hyway patrol auction in the 60’s
    It had 413 with cross ram and 2 4 barrels,
    Mom used it for delivering the Greeley tribune papers to the paper boys between Greeley and ft Luton Colorado.
    One day she put a roast in the oven then went on delivery but had a flate and was running late. Mom liked to drive fast my brother and I was in the back seat watching her pass by state patrol cars sitting on the side of the road. They would pull out and just drop behind. They set a road block in Evans she stopped then, they all knew her.
    They called in and a neighbor shut the oven of. The patrolman about 6 wanted to know where she got the car and what was under the hood. Turns out one of them used to drive this one, it was set up as a high speed pursute vehicle.
    She was lucky, they did not ticket her.

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  7. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    You are right Brian, it would be cool to see the Windy City use it for promos. Thing is, Chicago couldn’t afford the down payment.

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  8. Little_Cars Alexander

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen an episode of the original Hawaii 5-0, but I recall Steve Garrett driving Ford Galaxie or LTD in pedestrian dress. Don’t recall a regular appearance by black-and-whites. I’m sure someone will correct me and produce visual evidence in the next post !!!

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  9. tut

    Really? The leaning tower of power?

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