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Caribou Conversion: 1973 Cadillac Pickup

This restored and slightly modified (isn’t every Cadillac pickup modified?) 1973 Cadillac Deville Caribou conversion pickup could be a screaming bargain given what some other examples sell for. The seller has this custom listed here on eBay in Woodland Hills, California. They have a $13,500 buy it now listed or you can make an offer. This is a lot of car and a lot of custom for thirteen-grand!

I love the color and just about everything about this conversion, inside and out, but I could do without the oversized wire wheels. It’s just a personal preference but if I were going with wires on this car I would much rather have the regular Cadillac wire wheel covers. Again, that’s nothing against the car at all, just a personal preference. The car itself looks like it’s in amazing condition and it has been repainted, had new weather stripping and just overall looks fantastic. The top is albino alligator leather, according to the seller. Real alligator skin? I’m guessing embossed leather, I hope.

Evil Knievel had a Cadillac pickup but it was a Deville-based Mirage made by Traditional Coach Works, this is a Caribou made by Caribou Motor Corporation out of the San Francisco area. The Mirage had a more formal roofline with rear quarter opera windows which looked into the bed, which I personally don’t care for. I think that if the Mirage actually had a bit of a rear seat or at least an enclosed storage area behind the front seats so the side windows weren’t just hanging out there in the bed, which is a little weird, I would like it more than the Caribou. Any thoughts between the two designs?

Whichever Cadillac pickup that you’re going for – and I never thought I’d say that – it’s hard to argue with the fact that the pickup bed isn’t really made for a lot of heavy hauling. Mr. Knievel hauled a couple of motorcycles in the back of his Mirage, though. You can see that the oak wood in the bed may need to be replaced, or maybe it can be bleached, stained, and sealed? Those dark areas may be tricky to bring back. Kudos to the seller for including so many good photos, even a few that show some areas that could use work, like the wood bed and some closeup detail photos showing either paint chips or parts that maybe could have been taped off before the paintwork. The only thing they don’t show is the underside, but they say that it’s a rust-free 1973 Cadillac.

The interior is pretty custom as you can see. Again, a personal preference, but the steering wheel and fuzzy dice shift lever would go instantly under my watch, but I can appreciate that someone likes them. The rest is pretty cool, although a standard Cadillac Coupe Deville interior would be my preference. The headliner is pure Las Vegas gone wild, very cool and creative. You have to click on the eBay link and check out the ton of photos that the seller has provided, it’s a great looking car. Everything works, including the cold AC.

The monster engine would normally be a 472 V8 but in this case, they say that it’s a 501 cubic-inch V8 with a 700 R automatic transmission. It has headers, dual exhaust, an Edelbrock intake, and electronic ignition. There is a very cool hood-mounted tach but it would have been nice to have taken it apart and replaced the Pontiac name with Cadillac for an extra custom touch – the next owner can do that. This car drives very well, stops great, and runs as cool as you would be driving this Caddy pickup. You’d also be busy answering questions every time you stopped in this ’73 Deville Caribou pickup. Have any of you owned a Cadillac pickup?


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Needs a couple more axles,,really tho, pretty nice car/truck, whatever it is.

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    • Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      HA! Zinnnnnng, excellent.

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  2. Avatar photo JACKinNWPA Member

    Yep very nice and not a bad price but it does need a little help ,like Scotty said loose the steering wheel and shifter and it wouldn’t take me long to replace that carpet with gray.

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  3. Avatar photo Kenneth Carney

    Now THAT’S a pickup! Too pretty to use
    though. Might use it for a trip to the market or two. Would make a great
    subject for a painting as I’ve never seen a
    Caribou conversion before. This truck is drop-dead gorgeous! Time to wipe the
    drool off my screen and turn green with

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  4. Avatar photo KevinR

    It looks like a former funeral home flower car to me.

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    • Avatar photo Jerry Brentnell

      i’ll lay money on it ,thats exatly what this car was! and this was not cheap to build when new either

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      • Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

        No, the ad states it was made by Caribou conversions. Google them, they didn’t make flower cars. All flower cars I have ever seen had a stainless steel liner for a bed. Some of the custom stuff was added later as an update.

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  5. Avatar photo mainlymuscle

    I have one like Evil’s based on an 84 Coupe DeVille.I dunno whether its all the guys with Escalade pick ups or what,but EVERYONE wants to buy it .Long ways to go before I tire of it though.I think Cadaminos are cool as hell.

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  6. Avatar photo Miguel

    Those wheels have to go.

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  7. Avatar photo Wayne

    I like the color combo and the body lines, but not the padded monstrosity on this thing. If it was mine and it needed new paint the alligator would have to go. I agree with the stock interior, steering wheel and shifter to get the heave ho. The wheels don’t do it for me either. But I am not sure what else I would go with.

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      It wold look great with the original steel wheels and the 1973 hub wheel covers.

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  8. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    Well looks like we all agree……….lose the wheels and most of the interior and the top….somebody pass me another beer. By the end of this case we’ll have the color changed! :)

    Some oxalic acid on the wood and maybe some filler then stain and varithane and the bed might be good to go,

    Throw the Valiant thats for sale in with the deal. matching paint!

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  9. Avatar photo Greg M.

    Salvage title due to theft! Wonder how much damage was done to consider it salvage

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    • Avatar photo Tom S.

      @Greg M. At least in the state where I live, a salvage title is usually issued if the car is recovered after the insurance company pays for its loss, regardless of the amount of damage.

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    • Avatar photo Rich

      Insurance companies total almost everything that’s more than 5 years old

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      Greg, the salvage title doesn’t always mean damage. Some state differentiate salvage from theft but most just say salvage.

      If the insurance company pays a claim on a car, they will salvage the title. Then if the car is recovered after that, it is sold on that salvage title even if the car had no damage at all.

      It is not really a fair system, but it is what it is.

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  10. Avatar photo JACKinNWPA Member

    I guess it’s time I chime back in with an in progress pic of my 1979 Town Coupe Lincoln “Town Truck” conversion. It’s far from done but I’m hopping for this summer.

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  11. Avatar photo Wayne

    JACKinNWPA, that looks great!
    I had always wanted to do a town car ute. More pictures please!

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    • Avatar photo Supreme commander of the army of one

      The gm engine code for cadilla Engines ifrom 1969-1976 was 501 for both motors…the 500was available as an option on Fleetwood but standard on devilles…the engine in this car would be a 472…

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      • Avatar photo r s

        Oh, so smaller and more economical. :)

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  12. Avatar photo Tony T

    Those skinny braces w/ the flattened ends really strong in compression, ya think?

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  13. Avatar photo Dave Rhodes

    you just knew it was from California

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  14. Avatar photo Tom S.

    I like this one better than the red six-wheel ’68 in the other posting. This would look good with a couple of dirt bikes in the back.

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    • Avatar photo Johnmloghry

      In January 1964 while I was working on a farm in Sumner, Washington There was a nearby farmer who owned several 50’s Cadillac pickup conversions. This rig reminds me of those not so glamourouse days. I do like this one though.

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  15. Avatar photo Kenneth Carney

    Hey Miguel! Make ’em factory wire wheelcovers, and you’ve got my vote! Jack, I really like your your truck! More picks please! Let’s not forget the Vogue tires and a complete resto of the interior too. Might even use them to make a painting of it. Awesome truck though.

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  16. Avatar photo JACKinNWPA Member

    I have the sides leveled and ready for black paint, the top side is completely painted Ford code YY off white. The interior will be black and off white to match, just working on the rear window trim today. Roof was shortened 14 inches and the rear glass is power as is the bed floor for “trunk” access.

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    • Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      That’s outstanding, Jack! We definitely want to see this beauty when it’s done!

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  17. Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

    I really like the concept and could consider this as an option. It would need some attention as several have pointed out. It seems strange to me how the AC compressor is wrapped by the return line to the radiator almost like heating in intentionally.

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  18. Avatar photo Richard Hines

    I don’t need this.

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  19. Avatar photo r s

    Hate that robin’s egg blue color. Really really hate it.

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